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another video so the other day on my Instagram I asked you guys to ask me questions for a Q&A video which I’m going to get to after this video or I’ll film it tomorrow or something but every time I ask you guys to ask me questions I like 90% of them are always weight loss related so I figured that I would just make a video about my top 10 weight loss tips because I am pretty much like at the very end of my weight loss journey like at this point I’ve lost like 70 pounds and my journey is coming to an end so I just wanted to share some of the most important things that I think we’re helpful for me on my journey so the number one thing that you’re probably gonna know that I’m gonna say is to eat whole plant foods so that means Whole Foods a lot of people think like oh well it’s flour a whole food is sugar a whole food is you know like all these other things whole foods no they’re not whole foods whole foods are like potatoes rice lentils vegetables fruits in their whole form so focus your diet as much as you possibly can around Whole Foods and don’t forget to include whole plant fats because I think along my journey that was one of the big mistakes that I made was not including fat in my diet because I was so afraid of like the fat that you eat is the fat you wear and it’s it’s a different story with whole plant fats and if you’re a woman and you’re restricting your fat intake a lot you can develop a lot of issues like hair loss scariet issues hormonal imbalances which can lead to thyroid imbalances which can make it really impossible to lose weight and you can also just not be as satisfied with the food that you’re eating because you’re eating so little fat so I would say it along my entire journey I probably ate about 15% fat and I feel like that’s a good healthy amount of fat where you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals and amino acids and fatty acids and nutrients that you need but it’s also enough to lose weight and enough to keep everything in balance so don’t forget about whole plant fats like avocados Heaney hemp seeds so going along with eating Whole Foods the number two tip that I’m going to give you is to eat intuitively so what that means is to eat when you are hungry stop eating when you are satisfied or when you are full don’t starve yourself don’t restrict your calories don’t stuff yourself don’t try and eat as much as you possibly can because you think that it’s going to get you somewhere if you’re hungry for a smoothie have a smoothie and you know put in that smoothie as many bananas as you would normally be able to eat without them being in a smoothie so if you sat down and you ate four bananas for a meal put four bananas in a smoothie don’t put like 15 bananas in a smoothie and think that this like magical smoothie is gonna make you lose weight because calories in and calories out still does matter plant foods aren’t like some magical food that doesn’t count like it does count but you need to eat until you’re full until you’re satisfied because if you’re restricting your calories and you’re trying to starve yourself to lose weight that’s not going to work either because that’s just gonna lead to you binging on fatty junk foods and things you don’t need so definitely just eat when you are hungry a normal amount of food that you would normally eat and stop eating when you’re full and know that like if you’re coming from a restrictive diet or a calorie restriction or anything like that it’s going to take some time for you to get back in tune with your hunger signals but it will happen just keep at it and keep trying to really check in with yourself while you’re eating so my next tip is to focus on getting daily movement so 90% of your weight loss is going to come from your diet and what you’re putting into your body a lot of the plant-based doctors recommend weight loss for overall health but it’s not going to help you in some crazy measurable degree where you’re just going to shed a bunch of weight because you started exercising every single day even exercising for like an hour really hard core workout isn’t gonna burn enough calories really to make a huge impact on your weight loss if you’re obviously trying to like cycle up a mountain every single day or run a marathon or something like that and yes that can make a dramatic difference but it’s not something that is sustainable so we want to focus on is just getting daily movements that you enjoy that you like to go outside and like go for a walk or go for a run or walk your dogs or even if you do like bodyweight exercises or hit or something that you really love and just focus on getting that movement every single day and enjoying it because the biggest thing about exercise is actually improving your confidence your self-esteem and it it just makes us feel better it releases endorphins it can help a lot with just getting your health on track and getting your eating on track because when we exercise we just feel better about ourselves we feel like we’re taking care of ourselves we’re taking you know we’re creating time in our day for us to just do something that feels good and that is what matters the most the next big thing that I think is really important is to cut down significantly depending on where you’re starting at on sugar and on salt so a lot of our food has so much added sodium in it and so much added sugar and especially when we’re buying like processed packaged foods and all that really does is overstimulates our appetites to eat a natural amount of food so if like you’re really obsessed with like eating potato chips and eating candy and things like that that may be vegan but not especially healthy you can really start to readjust your taste buds when you start cutting down on these things so stop adding like tons and I’m not saying that you can’t add salt or sugar to your food is just adding it in a different way so instead of like cooking food with a bunch of salt in it and putting like tons of bullion in it or what ever um just cook your food without salt completely and then just add a tiny bit on to the very top of the surface because that’s where you taste it the most and you’re not going to be adding like tons of excess sodium into your food to over Cemile your appetite so now pretty much everything that we cook in our house is salt free except for on like if I make something special for Derrick or we eat some like processed vegan food but we just add a tiny bit of salt to the surface of our food or like I don’t add salt at all and it really reaches your taste buds to crave more healthy whole natural foods without lots of added flavorings and things like that which can help regulate your appetite help you intuitively eat better and help you shed excess weight especially excess bloating or water weight and another thing that I noticed when I cut down on salt drastically was it really improved my digestion so just keep that in mind but kind of going along with that know that like you can always have vegan junk food and you can always go out to eat with your friends and one meal or two meals a week isn’t going to screw up your progress or anything like that so don’t get so into like oh I have to only hold foods and I can’t pasta and I can’t go with my friends and I can’t have any salt I can’t have any of this or any of that um reserve like one or two or even three meals per week where you’re like I’m gonna go out with my friends and I have a good time and I’m just gonna get like some sushi rolls or I’m gonna get whatever and just try to make the best decisions that you can but it’s like you want to eat some vegan chips or you want to eat like a Boca burger or something like totally let yourself have something like that because those meals aren’t going to screw up everything and completely get you off track what’s going to screw up everything and get you completely off track is if you’re isolating yourself from your friends if you’re not having like a normal routine if you’re not going out with people just because you think that you have to eat perfectly because then what happens is you say like no I don’t want to go out tonight I’m trying to like eat really clean you feel deprived and you feel socially isolated and you end up just going out and buying a bunch of vegan junk food and just binging on it and you end up starting over again the next day so find a routine where you can eat 90% healthy where you get daily movement where you can still have a normal social life and go with your friends and have fun and find a routine that works for you and that works for your life because this all-or-nothing attitude doesn’t work and it’s not sustainable and it’s not going to get you to your weight loss goals any quicker than trying to be perfect so my next few tips are going to be kind of obvious but you want to create a sleep routine so a lot of people have struggles with just their overall energy and health their hormones things like that because they do not get proper sleep every day and sleeping is so important for our bodies rejuvenation process for our energy for all kinds of things and when we think about the body we have to think about the body like in its whole form we need all of these things to be working in sync most of the time to get to our optimal health and to get to our optimal body weight so creating a sleep routine is very important and you kind of want to create like a sleep sanctuary so make your bedroom as comfortable as you possibly can get like very good sheets of very good like mattress topper amazing pillows I’ll link some below that like I found when I was in Vegas and they were actually um synthetic like down pillows so they’re not animal based and they’re the most comfortable pillows in the world but I like them oh because I’m obsessed with them but just make your make your bed in a way where you want like it’s just very relaxing it’s very cozy and there’s not a lot of distractions so try to get into bed every night at the same time whatever time works for you and go to bed like 30 minutes early and just lay there and relax and think about all the good things that happen that day and just think about positive things and try and fall asleep that way instead of falling asleep like scrolling through Instagram or scrolling through your phone or scrolling your computer whatever it is first of all thinking about all the positive things that happen to that day is going to like impress your subconscious mind in a way work you start to manifest these things in your life which is like a whole another video in other videos I’ve talked about on my channel but thinking about positive things and I know a lot of us especially myself like my mind tends to wander a lot when I try to calm it when I try to go to bed and I start just like thinking about everything that happened that day and things that went wrong and things that worrying about things in the future and all these things but as I’ve tried to call my mind and just think about positive things and the things that I want to achieve in my life and kind of visualize like how I want my life to look how I want my body to look I want everything to be in my life um it really has helped me a lot and it does sound kind of like hippie-ish whatever but try it so the last two tips that I have aren’t um so you know holistic well they are kind of holistic but it’s more about just keeping an eye on your body so you want to keep an eye on your digestion especially when you’re first coming to this lifestyle if you have been eating like a standard American diet or a Paleo diet or a low fiber diet for a very long time when you come to eating a very high carb low fat Whole Foods plant-based vegan diet so it happens when we eat like a low fiber diet for a long time and then we come to a very high fiber diet is our body isn’t used to digesting so much fiber and we can get really bloated we can get really backed up we don’t have the proper amount of probiotics and gut flora in us to digest the new foods that are coming in and our stomach acid just really isn’t up to par yet so thing I highly suggest to most people is to take a probiotic this is the one I still take this to this day just because I feel like you can you know get all the help that you need but it doesn’t affect me any way negatively and I really do feel like it helps but if you’re having problems with digestion and bloating and just feeling really not very good I do suggest supplementation and a lot of vegans don’t actually do that because they think like the body can heal itself which it can over time but I think that it’s important to recognize problems before they become bigger and to help the body in any way that we naturally can so this is something that I highly recommend for people who have problems with um even people who have problems with acne this is help Derek a lot with his acne just being able to digest food properly and because what happens then when you when your digestion is on par your insulin and your hormones and all that stuff starts to work properly and you’re not getting like these crazy sugar spikes or sugar crashes and things like that so it can really help with skin issues as well but don’t be afraid to try supplementation if you feel like you need it and the last thing that I wanted to talk about is something that I’m actually kind of struggled with when I first went on a high carb low fat vegan diet and it was the fact that I had very very low thyroid function and I think that that was just due to you know doing restrictive diets in the past taking adderall drinking a ton of alcohol smoking cigarettes drinking tons of coffee just doing all kinds of bad stuff to my adrenals into my hormone system and all that kind of stuff so I never actually got diagnosed by doctor or anything for hypothyroid or anything like that but my symptoms were basically just my hands and my feet were always freezing I had very low energy I was depressed my hair was like falling out of clumps I felt like just generally overall fatigue my periods were very irregular and heavy and terrible cramps even worse than I have now and I just had all the symptoms of it and I would never actually take like a thyroid medication even if I was um prescribed it because generally it’s from like pig pigs um it’s not vegan there’s something that literally like saved me and helped my weight loss tremendously was realizing that my thyroid wasn’t functioning up to par and it can have a huge impact on your overall health because I rode is basically like the gas to our metabolism so if it’s not functioning properly we can you know gain weight really easily we can have lots of the issues that I just said and all of that kind of stuff so when I started supplementing it with when I first went on the starch solution back in July of 2014 was I used in this vitamin by now foods and basically there’s a few books that are done on thyroid supplementation and thyroid energy and what the thyroid needs to to properly function and this supplement is like one of the only ones that actually has everything that your thyroid needs to be healthy and to function properly day in and day out and if you go and you read the reviews on this which I’ll post the link below a lot of people have been able to actually get off their thyroid medication or significantly reduce it by supplementing with this so I would highly suggest going to your doctor if you feel like you might have thyroid issues and getting tested but a lot of people do get tested and they fall within the normal range but they still have all the symptoms and they still feel sluggish and they still feel depressed and their hair is still falling out they’re still gaining weight they still just cannot get their health on track because this is such a huge part of our bodies our thyroid health so I would highly suggest supplementing with something like this that is going to give your body everything that it needs so that your thyroid can function properly and I know a lot of people don’t talk about using supplementation like I said when I was talking about the probiotics but I do think that it is you know very important to be in tune with your body and to just be like hey I feel like something is wrong and I want to fix it in the most natural way that I can this supplement like both of these are all vegan they aren’t like anything that’s going to have crazy side effects I feel like problems are much better solved when you can stop them in their tracks before they get much worse so I hope video is helpful for you guys and I’m not trying to like give any medical advice or anything like that it’s just things that I’ve encountered along the way on my weight-loss journey and supplements that I took because of you know my damaged past to aid my body in the best health that it could have so that it can naturally release weight in a normal way and get me to where I want it to go so I hope you guys learn something let me know about your comments below Derek and I are probably going to film a tiny house Q&A tonight at the tiny house and then I will get to your other Q&A questions either tomorrow or the next day but thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you very nice [Music]

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