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10 Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat | Quick Weight Loss Tips & Tricks, Healthy Foods

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let me guess you have some unwanted but stubborn belly fat that you would love to get rid of in this video I’m sharing 10 simple ways to cut that belly fat and keep it off we’re also going to be sharing a lot of other tips and workouts on our social media so I hope that you will follow us there as well so that you can tackle that belly fat once and for all the most important thing to understand about belly fat is that it’s really rooted in stress and this is why you can have a situation where you’re pretty regular weight in the rest of your body but then for some reason you accumulate fat around the belly so because stress and belly fat really go hand-in-hand handling and managing your stress is going to be a really important factor to helping your body let go of that extra fat so understand that the whole reason your body holds on to fat in the first place is for survival to help protect you from starvation and the more that you are stressing yourself out the more you’re actually tricking your body into holding on to that belly fat even more so while it’s not exactly easy to live a stress-free lifestyle one thing you can do is actively make time to do things that are relaxing and stress relieving going out for a long walk in nature is a wonderful way to not only reduce your stress levels but also incorporate that physical exercise that would also help you get rid of that belly fat getting more sleep is another wonderful way to reduce the levels of cortisol or stress hormone that cause belly fat and just consider that everything you do in your life that helps you live a more relaxed and happy life is literally helping you get rid of belly fat the second way to lose belly fat is actually to stop do doing situps or at least to stop only doing situps so here’s what I mean first of all you can’t spot reduce so the idea that if you just do sit-ups all the time you’re going to just burn fat from your belly is really completely false so if you actually want to be burning fat right getting rid of excess fat err on the belly you need to be making a big energetic demand on the body and so the best way to do this is actually by working out the bigger muscle groups so consider that your abdominal muscles are actually quite small compared to your leg muscles or your glute muscles and those bigger muscle groups actually burn a lot more fat when you’re working them so you want to make sure number one that you’re getting a good variety of different types of exercise you’re not just doing crunches you want to be working out those larger muscle groups and doing full body cardio because that’s actually going to help your body to burn off that unwanted fat and then thirdly understand that if you’re overworking your abdominal muscles and you’re not giving them a chance to recover in between those workouts you’re actually creating a bigger problem in your abdomen and even if you can get rid of the belly fat those muscles are not going to have the definition that most of us are looking for number three stop skipping meals a lot of us who are trying to lose weight kind of have this feeling that if we just ate less or if we just skipped a meal here and there that we would actually end up eating fewer calories and losing more weight but in fact the opposite is true so when we talk about weight loss we often hear people talk about metabolism that’s basically how quickly and how efficiently your body burns fat for fuel so actually the best way to boost your metabolism is to eat regularly scheduled meals now I know it’s difficult to actually eat at the same time every day but minimally you don’t want to skip meals you don’t want to calorie restrict again remember that the whole reason your body is holding on to that belly fat so stubbornly is because it’s in this kind of stressed-out almost starvation mode so the more that you calorie restrict the more that your body is going to really cling on to that excess fat because it’s trying to prevent you from starving to death so eat regularly don’t skip your meals make sure that you’re getting an adequate amount of nutrients not only the number of calories but the quality of those nutrients you want to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet and eating regularly in order to help create that environment where your body is going to burn fat rather than hold on to it for dear life so on the other side of that metabolism coin and this is tip number four you’ve got to be getting some physical exercise every day and you probably didn’t need me to tell you that but here’s what you maybe didn’t know the low intensity exercise like going for a walk or doing relaxing yoga is actually still really really effective for helping you burn fat and if we also consider that first tip about stress again we can see where low intensity exercise can actually be a double bonus because it’s not going to be as stressful on the system as a more high intensity type workout so a lot of people out there are they dread going to the gym they dread havin to sweat and do some crazy workout so what I want you to know is that it’s totally fine to do lower intensity stuff and the thing you want to remember is that if you do low intensity you just need to do a longer duration so the first 25 minutes of a low intensity workout like walking is really just burning off the sugar that’s in your bloodstream and it’s anything after 25 minutes where you really start burning fat so taking long walks doing yoga classes these are really really effective ways of helping you burn belly fat at being more active on a regular basis it’s also going to help you literally burn fat while you sleep not only because most of our fat burning occurs while we sleep but because when you are being physically active on a regular basis your body is just burning more energy even when you’re being sedentary and who doesn’t want that also the more muscle mass that you have the more fat that all of those muscles are going to be burning so simply creating a more active lifestyle doing whatever it is you want to do that gets you active is going to be really really crucial and then tip number five would be incorporating high intensity interval training wherever you can so basically doing little bursts of very high intensity exercise in the midst of your workouts it’s a really great way to just help push you up to that next level so tip number six and this is a really important one it’s about protein one of the biggest mistakes that people make who are trying to lose weight is actually eating too much protein rather than too little so it’s recommended that you only need three to six ounces of protein at a single meal and consider that most people are eating significantly more protein than that so it’s very important that you do have protein at every meal okay it’s very important but it’s also important that you don’t exceed that six ounces because over that amount protein actually starts becoming toxic when it breaks down in your body so make sure it’s at every meal make sure it’s not too much and make sure it’s high-quality because most of those protein powders out there with soy protein isolate and whey protein this is just trash in terms of quality so I have a couple videos on sources of protein that you can reference to find those good quality sources but man oh man this is such an important tip another important thing to do is try to eat vegetables with every meal or at least as close to it as you can so not only because vets Stables have all these important nutrients that help your body do the functions it needs to do like burning fat but also because when you eat vegetables with your meal it actually creates almost like a coating around that food as it moves through your digestive tract it actually improves your body’s ability to digest the meal you just ate it improves your body’s ability to break down that protein that you ate and it kind of slows the process of that meal moving through your digestive tract so that meal will keep you feeling fuller longer the ninth way to bust that belly fat is simply to eat your meals more slowly when you chew your food more thoroughly you’re actually going to release more digestive enzymes into the food so literally you digest the food better the more that you chew it also understand that when we’re eating really fast or eating while we’re doing something else it’s a stressful condition for the body so thinking back to tip number one about reducing stress a great way to do that is simply to have a slower meal where you’re being more conscious and just paying more attention to your eating rather than eating on the go my last tip is to try and keep your insulin levels low and to avoid spiking your blood sugar levels constantly throughout the day now I’ve talked about this in a lot of different videos that you can reference for more information but the bottom line here is this not only does sugar spike your insulin but refined carbohydrates like white bread and potato chips are just as bad so trying to avoid those foods as much as possible especially when you’re snacking okay things like healthy sources of fat all right nuts and avocados are good examples they’re going to have a minimal spike on your insulin so using healthy fats for your snacks is a great way to keep those insulin levels low between meals so I actually have dozens of other tips about weight loss and belly fat if you would like to see more videos on this topic please let me now definitely let me know if you have any questions about anything that I’ve shared here today and I hope that you’ll subscribe to psyche truth so you can come back and join me again in my next video you can learn more about me at Carina Rachel calm and till next time guys thank you so much for watching you


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healthy living it’s a lifestyle choice and sometimes I do take a little break from that lifestyle to eat you know cake ice cream pizza speed and cheese burritos every day and on top of it all kind of stopped working out for a little bit – and then when summertime rolls around I wonder what my little shorts don’t fit anymore so I figured since it is little shorts weather and a lot of us are trying to meet those summer body goals right now I’m going to show you guys my own personal tips tricks hacks little changes that you can make daily to meet those body goals and to just feel better mentally and physically which is what we all really want right and you’ll do it without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out so if you like this video give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and on to the video [Music] so being active obviously you’re going to meet your goals faster but I mean sometimes you just don’t want to be active sometimes you don’t want to go to the gym sometimes you don’t want to be around people don’t trip two words bed exercises google them there’s so many that you can do literally from the comfort of your own bedroom and you don’t have to get dressed you don’t got to see nobody while you’re watching your favorite TV show do your bed exercises when a commercial break comes on do your exercises you can do butt naked if you want to so ok you know when you go to put on your shorts that you love and like they just aren’t fitting anymore even though you want to burn them and cry a little bit save those shorts because you want to use those to measure yourself instead of the scale because I know the scale isn’t really an accurate picture of your progress you know so save those shorts and try to fit back in those shorts instead of just weighing yourself all the time so if you’re the type to like be on the phone for hours maybe your best friend is calling she has some tea for you your boyfriend is calling your girlfriend is calling put the call on hold if you know it’s going to be a long one put on your tennis shoes and go outside because about time you hang up the phone after the conversation is done you realize that you just worked out without even knowing it that was like an hour long walk and it didn’t even feel like it and you got privacy with your phone call if you’re in school and you’re busy or you work a lot and you’re busy or you just don’t really feel like cooking whenever like you’re hungry oh just press if this is going to be the best thing that you ever did if you are not already doing this basically you want to spend at the beginning of the week spend like an hour or two making one big giant healthy meal then you want to split that big giant healthy meal into a bunch of small healthy meals then you just put them in the fridge like you would leftovers you can make enough for two days you can make enough for five days you can make enough for seven days it’s up to you then the next time that you’re at school or work or you’re just feeling really lazy you won’t be tempted to order Chipotle because your food will be ready for you to eat if you’re trying to make healthier food options you’re going to have cravings yeah you’re going to want that pizza you’re going to want that that’s spaghetti but you don’t have to deprive yourself completely just try to choose a healthier version for instance if you want pizza maybe make like a portobello mushroom pizza instead it’s actually pretty bomb instead of making a big giant bowl of processed pasta with sauce you can make a big giant bowl of zucchini noodles with sauce and by replacing your favorite like unhealthy foods with a healthy option it’ll keep you sane if you plan to go to the gym it’s easy to bail on yourself because you don’t got to answer to yourself if you make plans with a friend you’re going to be like seventy percent less likely to bail I kind of just made that number up but it sounds right so just try to find someone to make plans with sometimes this way like you’re more motivated to actually go out and it’s more fun honestly when you are on this healthy lifestyle journey you’re gonna cheat it’s okay yeah you don’t got to be perfect but one thing you can do is take your notebook or whatever you’re going to use and write down how you felt after you cheated did you feel sluggish did you feel yucky did you feel tired as you regret it do you feel guilty do you feel great how did you feel this way next time you’re trying to be good and you really want to cheat you can refer back to that letter you wrote yourself and see if it’s really worth it we’re putting our short shorts sometimes we’re going to get a little insecure about the dimples and imperfections although they are totally normal if you are feeling like this try and at-home spray tan this is honestly well my favorite things in the entire world because they create to the illusion of a more toned leg or more toned abs without actually doing anything to get it and it’s not makeup so it doesn’t get all over the place I like the at-home spray tans now a lot of times we overeat because we think that we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty so a cool trick to do it’s kind of an old one but worth repeating is drinking a large glass of water 20 minutes before you eat because as it settles in your stomach you start to feel a lot less hungry usually you were also thirsty as well just didn’t know it until you drink the water alright friends if you’re trying to meet some goals but you don’t want to be like you know miserable the entire time hopefully these tips and I like to do help you if so give this video a thumbs up and also comment down below if you have any tips that you want to share with us because I definitely want to read those personally thanks for watching I love you guys so much I’ll see you soon bye Oh [Music] [Music] oh good so you’re mostly stuff can everybody shot ah that’s really [Music]


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10 Secrets To Lose Weight Without Exercise! Healthy Eating Tips

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what’s up guys is Caitlin B and welcome back to motivation Monday oh hi I’ve got so many questions from you guys ever since I think I first started going to you so I thought I would narrow it down to my top 10 ways that you can eat healthier and in turn lose weight disclaimer of course I’m not a nutritionist this is just the tips that have been working for me and that I’ve seen the most results from I’m also not guaranteeing that you are going to lose weight I’ve been eating healthy for the past like year and a half or so I still haven’t seen like extra results in the past at least month especially by doing most of these things so even I’ve seen results and you guys will too but if you are someone who is coming from like a college diet pretty much and just eating a lot of processed foods and fast foods then you are probably going to see like extra results if you do all these things but even if you just do a couple of them my first tip of course if you watched my last motivation Monday video is to swap processed foods or Whole Foods not the restaurant but I do love me some Whole Foods you guys want to know everything about how to do this reset if you want to try it out for yourselves and I will put the video right up here the info bar bub you can check it out after this video but basically you are just omitting processed foods dairy added sugar lutein and alcohol from your diet for 30 days now set seems like super undoable for you then just try to do it like even two to three days a week I talked about in that video but I’m just going to reiterate that you can definitely alter it to your needs by all means you do not have to give up gluten but it’s just something that keeps you bloated and that’s something that may make you feel like intolerance so that’s why bro meaning it but the main thing here is just to get rid of eating processed foods packaged foods and try to eat more Whole Foods into your diet my next tip is to eat in season knowing what produce is in season is gonna make it so much more tasty and you’re gonna actually crave those kind of foods as opposed to dreading them I cannot tell you like how many times I’ve had like a fruit that is not in season and it tastes so disgusting to me that I just don’t even want to eat it also when it’s in season it’s also widely available and oftentimes it’s cheaper so it’s a win-win cranberries spinach kale leeks Brussels sprouts all of these foods right here I’m gonna put a list of them right here are all in season in February I know not everyone is going to like this one but this is to add hot sauce to foods hot sauce is a condiment that has virtually no calories no fat and it’s pretty much no other ingredients besides chili now you do have to be careful and be sure to look at labels I know Tabasco is like my favorite i just think tastes the best and it doesn’t have many other ingredients in it and I know a lot of other hot sauces tend to have edit ingredients xanthan gum salts unnecessary ingredients so make sure it’s healthy and that you’re not just like putting into your body got hot sauce is great because it actually revs up your metabolism and it keeps you from scarfing down your foods because it is obviously hot and when I add it to my foods I notice that I eat a little bit slower and obviously the slower you eat the more your brain actually has time to tell you that you’re full and to stop eating so you tend to not overeat when you add that to your foods so it’s definitely helpful upgrade your foods now this can be super super easy especially with some breakfast staples oatmeal is one of my absolute favorite breakfasts because it’s super filling and it’s super tasty and it’s quick to make you can easily upgrade your oatmeal by first swapping out your package instant oatmeal for actual steel-cut oatmeal I’m telling you guys the packaged stuff even if it’s from Trader Joe’s it often has a bunch of added sugars to it and other ingredients that are so unnecessary once I stopped doing that I felt so much more full from my actual oatmeal when I get steel-cut oats and you can get this at the Whole Foods Trader Joe’s pretty much any kind of grocery store it’s just in a can when I’m making steel-cut oatmeal it does not taste good on its own because there’s no sweetener and I don’t want to add like artificial sugar to it so instead what I like to do is just chop up a banana and also a handful of blueberries and I’ll put that in when there’s still about like a minute a minute and a half left of the cooking time for my oatmeal and that way it just like melt and it’s super gooey and warm and honestly the banana adds the most sweetness to it ever they don’t even need any other sugar and then I top it off with some cinnamon which is a metabolism booster and sometimes I’ll add a spoonful of crunchy no salt almond butter so I’m going to work out after we’re just add a little bit protein it’s such an easy switch just to go from packaged oatmeal to like actually making your oatmeal it does not take that much longer but you’re gonna feel so much more full so much more satisfied and you’re not gonna have those cravings cut back on your condiments or swap them for healthier alternatives I will admit ketchup is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine I’ve always loved ketchup and just like dousing it on all of my foods but it is so highly processed so many added sugars and like Heinz is the worst for you because there’s so much corn syrup and it’s disgusting but honestly Heinz ketchup does not taste good to me anymore ever since I switched to a Trader Joe’s ketchup if you’re someone who cannot give up on ketchup make the switch from your super unhealthy ketchup they are probably eating to a healthier alternative and you can find those most likely at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or any kind of more natural food grocery store that you have around you the Trader Joe’s won I believe does have added sugars but it’s more like natural sugars as opposed to corn syrup and it just tastes a lot better still not like good for you but it’s definitely just those easy switches are going to make difference but if you can cut it out that is even better trust me it gets easier like I loved ketchup and like so much of it on all my foods but ever since I started this 30-day reset it’s got so much easier to the point where like I don’t even crave it anymore and I started swapping my condiments for healthier things now I know this is probably still processed but again I’m kind of tweaking this to like my own meat but I will go for a healthy Dijon mustard that doesn’t have any added ingredients to it and there’s no like sugars or anything put hot sauce on there sometimes that’s all you need to train yourself to live without the ketchup and once you stop having so much sugars your body starts craving what you’re actually eating so instead of like what I used to crave is more unhealthy foods I start craving healthier foods my next tip is to swap your sweet tooth mostly just after dinner I like to just like have like a snack and I used to go for cookies or ice cream packaged foods but my favorites are apples and peanut butter or even bananas and peanut butter acai bowls are my jam I ate so many of them in Hawaii I think I have every single day while I was in Hawaii well you can also make them at home a banana an ice cream is great like you shouldn’t deprive yourself you shouldn’t feel deprived but you should still allow yourself to have those little unhealthy things here and there obviously but easy swaps like this are just going to make a big difference because I definitely add up my next tip is to meal prep when you don’t know where you’re going to be making that week in your foods you’re gonna most likely make bad decisions oftentimes I find when I used to do this like especially in college I would eat snack foods while my food was in the microwave or cooking like whatever because I’d be so hungry at that point and let myself get to that breaking point where I’m like shaking I need food so then I just make really bad decisions that’s a super bad habit to break but it’s super easy if you meal prep especially like on a Sunday just set aside like an hour to to just like cut up your foods for the week put them in Tupperware and then you know what what foods to expect that week and you always have it on hand because if it’s on hand you’re gonna want to reach for it when it’s all washed and ready for you we are all about convenience and that is like the most convenient thing that you can do for yourself it’s also not bad to make like big batches of things especially like soups and stews and stir fries it’s also a really good idea to have some recipe staples it’s not bad to eat like the same foods all the time if you know that you’re satisfied when you eat them you feel good why not make them all the time like you don’t have to have like the super fancy recipe every single meal my next tip is to keep a staple grocery list one that you can always go back to for me I always have fresh produce spinach onion garlic brown rice potatoes avocados and bananas and blueberries those are always on my staple grocery list and I go grocery shopping more often and just get less foods because I like to get produce when you have that staple grocery list you’re going to be less likely to go in the middle of the aisles which is the most unhealthy sections of the grocery aisle then your groceries are going to be more expensive because you’re just grabbing anything that you find appealing at the time and also when you do that you’re gonna pick things that oftentimes don’t go into a recipe whatever I do that I just spend so much money and I don’t even use half the stuff like it goes bad my next tip is something that you probably heard non-stop but I’m just gonna say it because why not stop the sugary drinks I know it could be difficult you are someone who’s addicted to coke but that’s really bad but you can switch to something really disgusting like Lacroix honestly if you’re addicted to soft drinks so try to limit it you have to wean yourself off that I feel like it’s not something that you can just stop but maybe do it every other day for a while and then starch and maybe just do it twice a week three times a week and then eventually once a week or zero times a week would be the best because those are just so many aimless calories and sugar that your body does not need and that’s easily the culprit of gaining weight for a lot of people I honestly don’t love these by any means but I also don’t love Papa Lacroix is great because it’s just carbonated water and natural flavor but definitely something to look into if you are looking for an alternative my last tip is to eat less sodium honestly probably the hardest for me because I grew up just loving salt and I would eat fast foods all the time and I would just ask so much sold to all my foods it was honestly kind of disgusting but I’ve gotten a lot better lately but you know it’s still something I’m working on a really easy fix to do if you love salt is to just omit it from your cooking so when you’re like making a stir fry for example a lot of recipes call for putting salt in your recipe but it’s really unnecessary like you do not need to do that at all this often times when you’re serving the food when you’re eating it you’re gonna add salt to it anyway like just on top of it it’s gonna be a lot more satisfying when it’s on top right where your tastebuds are and you’re gonna taste the salt so if you are doing microwavable meals why’d you omit those but if you are doing them really look for low sodium or like no added salt sodium makes you bloated it retains your water and also you just look super super tired I know for me I have really bad under-eye bags whenever I eat salt or like dehydrate myself it just gets so bad and that is the biggest culprit of it all so alcohol just makes those like super crazy okay guys so those are my tips I believe that was ten if it wasn’t I apologize but I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want more motivation Monday videos definitely give this video a thumbs up to let me know I’m also going to be doing an update on my 30-day reset my results from it if I’m gonna keep going with it that will probably be the next motivation Monday so stay tuned for that if you guys want to see my last motivation 1-day video again I will put that in the info bar above as well as some other what I eat a day videos just to get you guys inspired but I hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you guys very soon


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Tremendous Weight Loss In 8 Days || No Exercise || High Metabolism – Muskaan Hamad

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Guaranteed Weight Loss in 8 days – No Exercise. You will lose weight while Sleeping as these remedies will increase metabolism.
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Power Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Beginners 20 Minute Workout at Home, Total Body Routine


Audio Text:
hello everyone and welcome to psyche truth my name is nella and today I have two of my dear friends join the float today with me this is Myra and of course we all know beautiful joy we’re going to be doing a beginner power yoga so here go come with me take your time and let’s begin so we’re going to start in a downward facing dog here just allowing ourselves to stretch out the back body here maybe rotating your legs here placing your all foot to your to the ground breathe allow yourself to come here now take your time deep breath here let’s take three more deep breaths here one more time deep inhale and then exhale both legs are straight here then from here let’s come into that high plank right here and when you ready you’re gonna place your knees all the way down and we’re going to do eight push-ups so here you go you can stay right here for your beginner if you a little bit more advanced you can follow Myra and four five six seven eight and hold five four three two one and nice and slow coming all the way down take a nice deep inhale let’s move into that Cobra shoulders are back and down heart is lifted and coming back down nice and slow take a deep breath let’s move into that up dog then move downward facing dog breathe here then we’re gonna lift that right leg up you can do take your time here and just follow your own body here and then slowly place it back down place your knees and then let’s bring that right foot forward let’s move into that dragonfly twist here hi take a nice deep breath and coming back down to Center downward facing dog here lifting left leg all the way off take a nice breath and place a bag down bringing your knees down and let’s bring that left foot forward and let’s twist into that dragon fly right here and coming back down to Center downward facing dog here and then go ahead look at your hands and take your time walk towards your hands here forward fold and then inhale deep flat back here exhale forward fold let’s Bend those knees drop your hips lifting into a chair here we’re going to hold here for five four three two one forward fold take a nice deep breath here and then reverse swan dive all the way up palms together bring it to your heart take a one more deep breath here forward fold plant your hands and let’s walk back into that high plank bend your knees bring them down and eight push-ups and one two three four breathe five and six almost there seven eight and hold five four three two one and exhale nice and slow coming all the way down inhale deep Cobra here exhale come back down to Center inhale updog downward facing dog nice take a deep breath here let’s lift that right leg up hold it here one breath bring it back down and let’s come into that dragonfly twist again same thing here take your time listen to your body here and come back down to the santur downward-facing dog left leg up hold it for one breath here place it back down bring you through dragonfly twist ah maybe smile a little bit if you need to stop drink some water rest pause I’ll be right here waiting for you and downward-facing dog good job take a nice deep breath look at our hands and stop walking towards our hands nice and slow take your time here forward fold inhale flat back here push those shoulders back exhale forward fold bend your knees drop your hips lifting all the way up you can stay right here if you want to challenge yourself come a little bit deeper into that chair activating those quads here five four three two and one forward fold good job take a nice deep breath reverse swan dive all the way up palms together bring it to your heart take a deep breath forward fold plant your hands walk back high plank bend your knees bring them down eight push-ups and one two three four five six seven eight and five four three two one exhale nice and slow all the way down inhale deep cold right here exhale Center Donna I’ve talked here downward-facing dog nice deep breath lifting right leg up hold it this is your three-legged dog a lot of power here using your arms your shoulders keep your core tight and engaged here and then place the back down bend your knees bring that right foot forward here’s your twist here hold it here as long as you need to but if you follow along with us that’s really when you’re going to start to see the improvement in your strength hey go take a nice deep breath here again lifting your left leg up hold it for one breath place the bag down bend those knees bring him down left foot forward twisting to that beautiful dragonfly here stretching the spine releasing the tension huh and let’s come back down divert facing doc good job look at those hands and stop walking towards them forward fold yes feel good inhale flat back here forward fold bend those knees drop the hips here’s your chair look at asana ah good job you guys how you feeling good good they go forward fold reverse swan dive nice and slow palms together bring it to your heart good job nice breath here and in forward fold nice and slow here plant your hands walk back high plank bend those knees eight push-ups one two three four five he goes six seven eight and hole five four three two and one exhale down inhale deep Cobra here heart is lifted push those shoulders back and down releasing that tension exhale coming back down inhale updog good job exhale downward facing dog here take a nice deep breath inhale deep ah lifting the right leg up again three-legged dog here a lot of power even if you hold it right here guys that is okay you know don’t don’t judge yourself do the best you can and exhale place it back down and then twist here this is a chance where you can just a little bit catch up on your breath and rest a little bit if you need to again hold it as long as you want yeah coming back down to Center downward facing dog good job and let’s lift that left leg up hold it for one breath ah and then place it back down good bring those knees down and left foot forward twist into a beautiful dragonfly here be gentle with yourself here take care of your body take care of your mind here you go and coming back down Power Yoga is a great way to tone the body and and lose the weight all right look at our hands and start walking towards the hands again forward fold inhale flat back forward fold then those knees drop the hips chair pose whew how you guys doing are you feeling that burn good try to focus on keeping that heart lifted towards the ceiling here yeah push those hips back make sure you don’t come too forward with your knees so less tension on your knees good job as to a forward fold nice deep inhale everywhere swan dive all the way up bounce together bring it to your heart forward fold get your plant your hints walk back high plank good job bend the knees bring him down eight push-ups again one two three four five six almost there seven eight and hold five four three two and one exhale down nice and slow inhale deep cold right here exhale Center I don’t know about you guys but I’m sweaty nobody of dog downward facing dog yes nice deep breath lifting that right leg good three-legged dog and make sure that your weight is equal in both arms here and then bring it back down bend the knees bring him down hey go dragon fly twist here good job whew I am feeling good even though I’m feeling the burn in my arms but you know what I like it I like it a lot I come back down downward-facing dog good job all right take a nice breath here let’s lift good hey God whoa bring it down and dragonfly twist here and the more you push that left shoulder back the more you will feel that nice stretch in your spine here coming back down to Center you downward-facing dog good maybe move your head a little bit saying your yes or no releasing some tension from the neck here we go and look at your hands and start walking forward forward fold here and then inhale flat back exhale forward fold bend your knees drop your hips here’s your chair pose again good job ah butwe’re fold there you go reverse swan dive all the way up palms together bring it to your heart huh I could just stay here a little bit longer but no we’re gonna keep going forward fold in order to see the results we gotta keep going less breaks we take the better results we will see and then bend those knees eight push-ups aim one two three four five six over thirty seven and eight hold five four three two and one exhale down good job inhale deep Cobra here exhale enter and hell up doc boo boo yes downward-facing dog nice deep breath here lifting your right leg up good again stay where it feels the most comfortable for you listen to your body here oh yes and bring it back down good job then bring that leg forward and twist here I can push that right shoulder back if you want to go deeper into that spine stretch here Sandra downward facing dog good job you guys here we go lift in your left leg up breathe here if you’re feeling the burn that’s a good sign that means it’s working bring it back down bend your knees bring that left foot forward twist here whoa can I just stay here oh there you go and coming back down to Center downward-facing dog good job whew look at the hands and stop walking forward forward fold here even if you have to bend your knees in your forward fold do so again like I said listen to your body here and then take a nice deep inhale flat back exhale forward fold don’t rush yourself do what you can with what you got right now all right let’s Bend those knees drop the hips chair pose forward fold take a nice deep breath reverse swan dive all the way up palms together and bring it to your heart Stanny and forward fold and I plank perfect drop those knees and eight push-ups one two three four five six seven and eight good job hold here five four three two and one as you can see you guys look I am sweating so I’m telling you this will work out all right let’s come all the way down and inhale dpa Cobra good job keep that heart lifted shoulders are back and down exhale Center up dog downward facing dog almost there let’s lift that right leg up hold it three legged dog here place it back down bring it through dragon for a twist here hey God santur downward facing dog yes nice breath here lift your left leg up good here we go bring it back down good job bring it through drag a flat twist yes sector done were facing dog and here go look at their hands and start walking forward nice forward fold here and inhale flat back forward fold ban those knees drop the hips look at asana we are almost done good job forward fold take a nice deep reverse swan dive all the way up palms together bring it to your heart good job you guys thank you so much make sure you favorite this video if you want to see more of my videos please subscribe to psyche truth thank you so much and namaste you you


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12 FAST WEIGHT Loss Life Hacks: How I Lost 10lbs / 5kgs in 1 WEEK! | Get A FLAT Stomach FAST & EASY!


Audio Text:
losing weight is something a lot of us struggle with including me so these are the hacks I used on a daily basis that helped me to lose 10 pounds in one week so this is my before and after weight loss photos and as you can see before I looked almost pregnant bloated and really chubby from all the salty junk food and fat that I was consuming so after implementing all of these hacks I was able to lose over ten pounds and my after photos prove it I swear if you follow all of the tips in the hacks that I show you in this video you are definitely going to see results another resource I used was an app called life sum which hey they sponsored this video thank you so much you guys I highly recommend you download it because life some is a free fitness and weight loss app which documents your daily food intake your exercise and it also explains how you can lose weight based on your personal preferences so to download for free the link is at the top of the description below I find that walking really helps you to lose those pounds and I know you may think running helps but walking is just as good as running I like to put on my music and my headphones and just take a little walk I first fell in love with walking when I lived in Moscow for about 6 weeks and I’d always walk through the city I would do it just for fun but in reality I was losing weight and it was a great workout so if you’re confused as to what to eat life some actually has this amazing quiz and it’s a test called the life score test and it helps you to find out how you can get healthier and you get tailored feedback from the experts at life some as to what to eat and it’s structured around your own personal preferences my results stated that I should do classic dieting so it told me exactly what things to eat what not to eat as far as classic dieting goes and there aren’t any off limit foods just focus on how much you eat that’s what I really love about that particular diet eating ice has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to dieting somehow this tricks my brain into thinking that I’m eating a delicious crunchy snack and I can easily make it to my next meal sometimes I’ll just sit at my desk and crunch on ice and this way I won’t go and binge on junk food so if you don’t find regular ice appealing to chew on you can always make flavored ice cubes using your favorite sugar-free drink mix like Crystal Light or even smoothies or low sugar juice to get a little bit more fitness into your everyday routine take the stairs no matter where you’re at whether at school or the mall all calories that you can burn count trust me based on the life’s core test my results say that I should focus on eating healthy to reach my daily calorie goal it tells me how much my calorie goal is get rid of bad foods stack up on healthy things plan your meals and exercises in writing start carrying snacks with you these are all life hacks all by themselves and it also gives you a detailed look at the calories you need to lose speaking of putting things in writing make a list of why you want to lose weight this is really important because if you ever have a weekday where you want to go and eat at McDonald’s take a look at this list and remember why you’re doing this making it to my next meal can sometimes be challenging so to do so I like to sometimes have a cup of coffee or green tea just remember when you do have a cup of coffee or tea that you’re using artificial sweeteners like Splenda or stevia because you don’t want those calories to come with it to reduce high blood pressure as well as bloating and swelling in your body you got to cut down on the salt not only our carbonated drinks filled with sugar that will definitely make you gain weight but they’re also filled with bubbles that are gonna pop in your stomach and they’re going to bloat you stay away from coke life some has this excellent source of information especially when it comes to recipes so if you’re craving chicken you can just search for chicken and it will show you so many delicious recipes featuring chicken that is within your diet plan drinking lots of fiber especially Metamucil is something that I always love to do in order to let that waste come out of me a lot quicker than usual and the less waste in your body the better because that’s going to flatten your stomach and you’re gonna have a lot more energy and I’m pretty sure you can guess exactly what type of waste I’m talking about if you go out somewhere and you don’t want to bring a full meal along with you that you can eat bring sugar free gum with you it’ll definitely help you to make it to your next meal without binging speaking of your daily meals life some has this excellent meal recorder here all you do is you just click on breakfast lunch dinner snacks and then you can either add the food manually or you can scan the barcode of whatever snack or whatever food that you had that day it automatically counts the calories and the exact food that you had it does all the work for you I love it a lot of us who are adults like to have the occasional drink every now and then or maybe even drink socially if so remember these drinks are packed with calories and that’s the reason why you see so many beer bellies walking around just be aware of this because you may want to have a skinny margarita every now and then being on a diet and hanging out with your friends at McDonald’s or Taco Bell can be an issue so if you do happen to go to these places and you want to go out with your friends just have a cup of coffee this will definitely keep you from cheating on your diet let me know in the comments what you usually struggle with when it comes to losing weight I have to say it definitely has to do with my lack of knowledge and what I should and shouldn’t eat so that’s why I downloaded life’s um and they’re the ones who really did help me to lose weight if you would like to download it it’s absolutely free the link to downloads at the top of the description below best of luck in your weight loss journey and if you have lost a lot of weight let me know in the comments below thanks for watching and have a glitter full day


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hey guys welcome back to my channel
thank you so much for tuning in again I thank you thank you thank you thank you so today in the video we have weight loss stuff I know you guys love this stuff I love this stuff I’m like why not bring more of it so basically you know how in the summer you’re going on vacation but you kind of forget to do exercises and lose weight throughout the whole year so you’re like down to like five days one week maybe two weeks it’s your lucky three weeks if you’re real lucky three weeks or say it’s not vacation say you’re coming on up on a wedding and you want to look good you just want to forget look good and it’s last minute you need to lose extra five pounds ten pounds like whatever or cut out the beginning of school I know everybody starting school and you want to like look so snatched you want to look so lit for the beginning of school well this is what you’re gonna need to do okay so I’m just going to give you three of my top things right now for you to lose weight like right now like emergency like overnight and over the next like three days just lose weight and right now now disclaimer I don’t really believe in diet this is not for a long term they’re not going to do this for a week and then be skinny for your whole entire life okay you’re going to have to do this it’s going to have to be a lifestyle change okay so just understand that I know that and I want you to know that this is not for a lifestyle change this is for my people they need to lose weight right now for like a specific reason or like for a specific evening okay no that’s okay so now over here in the light way so the first thing to do is you need to lose weight right right now is ditch all of your drinks okay all your carbonated drinks so that means all your sodas all your juices or your energy drinks all your anything that is not water digit digital okay digital because that’s sugar and with too much sugar you get insulin resistance with insulin Reserve ticket can you keep it hungry you just keep on eating and you keep on getting better so throw those out right now okay throw those out all you need to be drinking for these next couple of days to lose all the way the chanita lose is water okay just water right now that’s it don’t worry about anything else just water right now if you have to juice throw it out okay or let somebody owes drink it because right now it’s not for you okay okay so for the next one you’re going to need to eat clean okay so no meat okay nobody and it’s going to be hard no meat no dairy that’s the hardest one for me I think dairy is the hardest one no different okay cut that out cut it no meat no dairy what else pretty much just first two just vegetables and nuts and berries like literally that’s it that’s all you need this are you going to eat these in a couple of days if you want to lose all this weight I know it’s going to be hard but if we want to drop it right now and I mean right now drop all that stuff and eat clean so for the next one you’re going to need to move around okay you’re going to need to move around you’re going to need to do some type of exercise or something okay I’m not a big fan of exercise but actually I have a big F something coming up but I’m going to be doing exercise okay you’re going to need to do this if you want to drop that weight right now you’re going to have to move your body around so you’re burning those calories you’re burning the fat okay I suggest doing something that is not going to waste your time so I am NOT going to sit around and do push-ups and sit-ups and crunches okay do a full body workout okay you need to do your low on time so do something that you’re going to do it right now and you’re going to workout your entire body alright so something like running okay you’re working out your arm because you’re pumping you’re working out with your foot you’re working out your legs and your thighs okay I have to pick up summer she still looks sick she’s so sad so my guys she’s almost one look in her shoe boom okay so anyway so back to exercise okay so you’re going to want to do something that is going to work out your entire body looking for something like running and then maybe bare but very cold I want to put that in your life bear crawl if you haven’t heard of it go ahead and Google that okay that’s going to be like a full-body workout okay if you do climbing like rock climb and stuff like that I would not suggest walking okay a break walk isn’t going to get it for you a little walk that’s not going to drop anything for you if you’re doing like a little baby if you’re doing speed walking maybe they’re right did it for you but that’s just a meet I don’t know but those are my three things if you have anything else that you feel it’s going to help you for a life minute weight loss let me know write it down below and I’ll do another video but these things I assure you 100% you’re going to see a difference in 24 hours for short but if you do like a whole week’s you definitely have to see a difference don’t expect to be 10 pounds lighter overnight okay don’t expect that but you’ll see a difference okay look again have a wonderful wonderful beautiful day I saw my baby and I’m excited


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How to do Intermittent Fasting for Serious Weight Loss


Audio Text:
hey guys dr. Burke here in this video we’re going to share with you the power of intermittent fasting okay now intermittent fasting is a tool it’s not a diet it doesn’t tell you what to eat it’s a pattern of eating okay it’s a pattern of eating and not eating that you it’s not about cutting calories it’s just changing when you eat and when you don’t eat okay so let’s we’re going to talk about so why would you want to do this anyway because it is one if not the most important factors in weight loss okay let’s talk about why because it triggers two main hormones in your body the most powerful ones one is growth hormone which is anti-aging and the most powerful fat burning hormone there’s six fat burning hormones growth hormone is the most powerful fat burning hormone to protect your muscles to build mut lean body mass and also just to lose actual fat okay and then you have insulin incident is also a very powerful hormone in that it actually will help you store fat if you want to gain weight which you don’t want to do that you want to lose weight but here’s the thing and the presence of insulin you cannot lose weight it’s such a dominating hormone it will block growth on them so it’s the hormone that makes you fat it’s the hormone that gives you the gut if you see someone with a fat gut they have too much influence so these are the two powerful hormones that you’re going to influence now let’s look at what’s happening this tool for technique can really heal insulin resistance where you have the pancreas pumping out way more insulin then you need five to seven times because what happens when you have too much insulin the cells start blocking it and then your body doesn’t get the return communication so it’s like talking your child and they have ear plugs you’re going to increase your volume because the person is ignoring you there’s no two-way communication so if the pancreas doesn’t get the feedback that the insulin is connecting sends more influence through the channel so you have a situation where you have resistance of insulin it’s not working low insulin in the cell low glucose but then you have high amounts of insulin in other places which is very destructive causes pre-diabetes create a lot of problems okay so what we want to do is we want to start where you’re at and then graduate this way over time it’s kind of like there’s different levels of intermittent fasting from not intermittent fasting to some serious fat burning over here so let’s see you start with five meals a day or six meals at six meals a day yeah breakfast lunch snack some people do breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack right that’s a lot of people that do that the principle of intermittent fasting hormone only is that every time you eat you spike insulin see people have thought that only when you eat carbohydrates you spike insulin no no eating in general will increase in some that regardless of what you eat even a snack eat if it’s healthy so we have a situation where this person is spiking insulin all day long our bodies are not designed to eat and graze all day long so we want to switch to three meals a day with no snacks okay so that’s the first step three meals a day no snacking the ability to go from one meal to the next without being hungry involve eating more fat okay so you have to add more fat to that meal I’m going to put some links down what to eat but this is this videos not about what to eat it’s about the pattern so you get three meals here and then if you want to take it to the next level and burn even more fat you want to do a pattern of 16 to 8 16 hours of fasting an eight-hour window of eating okay so let’s say you get up in the morning and you’re not hungry well don’t eat wait until you’re hungry the ideal situation is to go for hours when you wake up for at least four hours before you eat the first meal so let’s say you’re you get you eat at 10 o’clock okay in the morning so and you got up at 6 so that means that your last meal is going to be at 6 o’clock at night so the 8 hour window where this you might get up and eat at 8 and you might eat at 8:00 at night so you really haven’t given enough fasting a little bit in between but not the real power of intermittent fasting is through the night and in the morning and that actually at like at night time when you’re sleeping and then in the morning that’s when you really have the uninterrupted serious fat burning not necessarily as much between the meals but it is the factor so that’s why we want 16 hours of fasting with this so we try to keep that window and you have your three meals okay that make sense now if we want to take it even further and really turn on the fat-burning we want to go to two meals but we want a window of 20 hours of fasted you know what that would do to your your waistline your stomach so we go for 20 hours fasting and only four-hour window of eating so we want you want to get up and wait until let’s say 12 o’clock or one have the first meal and then have the next meal four hours later so let’s say you get you eat at wine then your next meal is at five okay so you have four hours there where you basically you ate but then you have 20 hours of serious fat burning if we then add in a minute fat exercise to that high-intensity interval training then it’s it’s over that would be the icing on the cake will relation sizing the game that’s going to be the meeting metate owes no don’t don’t listen to me but the point is that it’s going to take some time to transition over to these different levels okay don’t think it happens in a minute if you’ve destroyed your metabolism through dieting or the HCG diet which is 500 calories or some other stress event then what’s going to happen it’s going to take some time to gradually kind of move over to the next but you’ll get comfortable we don’t want you to be headachy and have a lot of side effects between the meals so you want to overtime and this this transition from here to here could take you know three weeks but this one could take a month or two or even three months before you get to this point go taking them longer but then you’re really burning fat okay so I just wanted to cover what the powerful the power of this what it is and how you would do it starting here and gradually over here all right put your comments below thanks for watching you know just wanted to take a moment out to thank you for your amazing feedback that you guys are giving me it’s just mind-blowing the successes the winds I created a link down below so you can actually type out your full success story and if you have a before-and-after with weight loss that would be awesome if you don’t have a success with weight but other things just put an image of yourself and your personal success story and I would love to read it and also share it with others so I want to just thank you in advance for doing that but there’s a link down below fill it out I can’t wait to read it


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Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine

>>Read My Full Review Yoga Burn Here<<

Audio Text:
hello everyone and welcome to psyche truth its Anela here today the flow is going to be beginners for weight loss it’s one of the best exercises to do to build string to overall get to know the body and the movement and everything that comes along in this flow it’s going to really help you drop the belly fat and build a strength in the body so go ahead and let’s begin so the first one is going to be we’re going to come all fours here in here in your all fours make sure that your arms come directly down from your shoulders just like that and then have your knees open hip apart so it’s not everything is stacked on top of each other here and then from here we’re going to take a deep inhale and then you’re going to talk your tail bone in as your suck your stomach in towards your spine and the last thing is tuck your chin in this is your cat keep your core really tight here just bringing all that fire in there and then gently release into your cat here again your tailbone is going towards the ceiling push your shoulders back and then look towards the ceiling here – we’re going to do five of these inhale deep cat here hold and then gently exhale Enel cat exhale maybe wiggle your tailbone in here just a little bit one more time deep inhale cat really keep that stomach really tight and suck it in as hard as you can in here tuck your chin in exhale good job all right from here maybe move your arms just a little bit just to kind of move it around and release some tension if you have a wrist issues here perfect now from here we’re going to move into what’s called final balance now you can hold it right here and you’re going to extend your right hand in front of your left leg is going to go back just like that you’re going to take one deep breath exhale release and we’re going to switch the sides we’re going to do six of these take a deep breath exhale go in your own pace here keeping your core tight everything is engaged here breathe let go switch switch just like that nice one more time good job now from here you’re going to come all the way down onto your elbows just like this then you can extend that left leg back and then from here we’re just going to do five pulses here so just like this one keep your glutes engaged two three breathe here four five good job switch sides here same thing extend that right leg take your time be gentle with your body listen to your body here and let’s go ahead and begin one two breathe three four almost there and by good coming back down go ahead and move into Child’s Pose here take one deep breath here nice and from here we’re going to go ahead and lay all the way down on our back gently coming down all right now from here what are we going to be doing we’re going to be focusing on your lower abdominals so what you’re going to do you’re going to lift your tailbone up as you suck your stomach in your bellybutton is going to be going towards your spine here just like this really keep it tight and then release it back down let’s do five of those just like this this is going to really help you strengthen your lower back and your abdominal going pretty much your entire core here it’s going to really help you advance your practice and it’s going to help you be able to handle most stress especially when we are trying to lose weight it’s really important to keep the body moving and sweaty sweat you have to sweat in order for you to lose the way you have to sweat a little bit so push yourself I know you can do this so from here we’re going to lift your tailbone off the ground just a little bit as you as your belly button goes towards your spine here really keeping your lower abdominals nice and strong and engaged and then release it back down just like that and then do it again so this is going to really help you strengthen your lower abdominals and pretty much your entire core and bring that awareness and what it really means to tuck your tailbone in here we work in the pelvis area as well here so don’t be afraid if it’s a little bit challenging but really squeeze your core really feel that activation in your abdominals here to bring that fire in there and exhale release it back down and let’s do two more here sit down one more last one and let’s hold here 5 4 3 2 1 release it back down good job now from here let’s get back up again nice and gently again going your own pace here and I know that this is a definitely a beginner’s flow alright let’s come back up cat and cow again again make sure those arms come directly down really be engaged with your body and really notice in each muscle activation and really noticing what’s happening with your body right now go ahead tuck your tailbone and suck your stomach in tuck your chin and hold here and exhale release inhale deep exhale and this is what I mean tucking your tailbone in right here noticing that activation here as I suck my stomach here and tuck my stomach in push it my belly towards my spine here and exhale release having no judgment just being here now and just knowing that no you already on your way to lose weight to achieve your goal and just overall be healthy feel good about yourself and stay consistent with these practices in order for us to see results we have to stay consistent don’t give up all right okay let’s move into that spinal balance here just like this and hold here and switch sides again move with your breath here we’re going to speed it up just a little bit to bring that in intensity here one more time on each side here switch nice alright let’s come down onto our elbows here and extend that left leg and let’s kick it one nice and gentle to go as high as you can here three Reed four five nice and gentle coming back down switch sides here here goes right side and one two three good job four and five and we’re coming back to Center go ahead and move into that Child’s Pose here take a nice deep breath you nice let’s come back all the way down again don’t hold your breath here really allow yourself to let it go don’t hold it express yourself through your breath allow your muscles to relax and breathe breath here it goes you’re gonna again are you gonna trust those hips up as you tuck your stomach in and release it back down nice and gently and breathe you can really feel how strong my stomach is right now and yours should be just as hard as mine is here just like that so you can really feel that activation in your abdominals again let’s do two more here last one let’s hold here smile is you feeling tension in your lower abdominals don’t give up hold hold five four three two one exhale you can notice the difference right you can feel when you release that you were really activating those abdominals and you work in your pelvis area as well and you’re strengthening that midsection the midsection is really important to have it nice and strong because it’s going to really help you advance your practice and be able to handle more stress and things like that when you are trying to go a little bit harder with your training or your yoga practice and things like that alright let’s go back into that cat and cow here exhale maybe just quieting your thoughts here and just really listening to your own breath here one we time dbl Thanks good job alright again shake your hands a little bit this is some pressure off of your wrists nice and then go ahead lets you into that spine your balance here just like that if you feel like you want to push yourself a little bit further lift that left leg up just like that and then switch sides you can do this you can do it together let’s do it lift your right leg up nice little breath here and switch again listen to your body if it feels comfortable for you to hold it right they do it so if you want to push yourself a little bit challenge yourself a little bit less bad leg up and switch sides I really like the spinal balance here because you are working on you know she’s not making the spine nice and strong you working those arms you work in your core your entire body is engaged here so you’re definitely going to feel a little tension here and you’re feel each muscle activation here that’s going to really allow the body to start burning the calories and being more activated here and switch sides last one here I’m definitely feeling it in my arms here so all right coming down to our elbows stand on left leg here and kick if you can go a little bit higher in this one to challenge yourself a little bit go ahead do it with me one more all right let’s switch sides here same thing extending that right leg and then go as high as you can here again to really feel the activation in your glutes that’s one of your biggest muscles in your body so it’s definitely going to force the body to start using more energy start burning more calories here by doing so Haga and you’re working your lower back here too so like I said overall this flow is really good to give you a nice kick to begin your journey to losing weight or getting stronger getting more toner body this floor is definitely for you so go ahead take a deep breath here I just want to stay here now but you’re going to go ahead and go back down and I keep working that midsection here especially for us women we have a really hard time dropping that belly fat so it’s really important to get that midsection stronger nice and strong so that way when we really want to go to the next level it starts wetting and pushing ourselves to the limits past our comfort zone the body is going to be strong and it be able to handle more stress and more pressure it’s like that alright go ahead thank you tailbone and lift it off your mouth here suck your stomach in and gently place it back down I did something out of my comfort zone this weekend I did kickboxing boxing and it was awesome I’m definitely feeling my body really sore but it’s well worth it I’m always looking a new way to challenge myself and push myself you know it really helps to not only that you get physically strong but you also get yourself mentally prepared for this journey because you’re constantly pushing yourself past limits let’s do one more here nice let’s turn around and go back all right let’s get back to cat and cow all right and tuck your tailbone in suck your stomach in here exhale release into cow and sometimes these flows look kind of easy but really they’re pretty hard and intense and same time very effective I like this one too because it stretches the upper back as well and stretches the spine cat and cow really drop in your belly down towards your mat here and you got I mean in your cow let’s do two more here one more nice shake those arms a little bit alright let’s move into that final balance right here again push your shoulders back so the spine is nice and long and let’s go ahead lift your left leg here a little bit more advanced but even if you just lift it off the ground even if it’s one inch do so challenge yourself push yourself get out of the comfort zone switch sides here let’s speed it up just a little bit bring more intensity here keep your core tight if you’re really ready to change your life and and get stronger and healthier take yourself seriously bring this to your make this part of your lifestyle and I promise you you’re going to start to see difference in your life physically mentally spiritually whatever it is that you are trying to achieve go for it and let nothing stop you from that let’s do one more time on each side here switch and I’m feeling that burn in my arms what about you whoo here he goes right here and let’s beat it up right here and one two kick it as hard as high as you can here push yourself here there you go working the glutes here I said and working your lower back here let’s do one more here nice and gently switch sides here and he goes you I can feel my heart rate is going up as well last one woohoo alright let’s move into that Child’s Pose here I get in your child’s pose have your big toes touch each other and then placing your your glute all the way down onto a feat he extending those arms nice and long in front of you here take a deep breath and exhale all right let’s turn around here man my body is definitely starting to feel a little more stickier and sweaty err from this flow so that’s a really good sign you know when you are feeling the burn and you are starting to sweat you know the exercises are being effective if you’re not sweating you’re not feeling the burn hmm maybe try a little bit harder alright he goes this is one of my favorites because it really allows me to work my lower abdominals here and as I type in my tailbone as you can see all my core here is engaged so it’s really working this whole midsection and building a lot of strengths here strengthen your midsection like I said it’s really important to have that midsection nice and strong because you can it will be able to handle more attention when you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone let’s do two more here sometimes I even curve my like that like just to kind of notice how this whole posture works this movement just like that if you want a little bit see it oh my gosh this feels good one more I’m starting to shake exhale all right good night just get it all right let’s come back up all right that was awesome I feel good I feel strong I feel I broke a little sweat here it’s really nice again guys if you want to see the difference in your body stay consistent with this flow eat good eat healthy be active you know take a charge of your life take a charge of the things that you want to achieve and being and just go for don’t let nothing stop you again thank you so much for doing this challenge with me and for more videos subscribe to psyche truth make sure to favor this video and thank you again and we’ll see you in the next video namaste


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5 Critical Ketosis Tips

>>Read My Full Review On The Keto Beginning<<

Audio Text:
hey guys I’m back in this video we’re gonna talk about the five critical ketosis tips now I’ve done a lot of videos in ketosis and some of you are new some of you have been to my channel for a long time so I’m going to put some more links down below so you can get caught up but these are like really important tips there’s a lot of ways to do it incorrectly and there is a right way to do it these are the the correct ways okay so what happens when you do a ketosis diet it’s like taking a diuretic you’re gonna dump a lot of fluid through the body because when you’ve been you were burning sugar fuel you were retaining fluid and now we’re cutting up the sugar you’re going to dump a lot of food this is why some people can lose like 10 pounds in a week that’s not fat that’s fluid and with the fluid comes the elimination of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium so we must put that back and a lot of times people need to add more electrolytes with more fluid so I’m not against drinking more water especially if you don’t overdo it but we need to put that fluid back make mental note of this one right here now waste elimination if you get constipated on this program you have to handle that because what happens is the toxins in the fat cell that’s stored in there are also released when you burn this fat so if you don’t have a good elimination system the gallbladder is working the liver and your get constipated that is it’s going to back up to the thyroid you know you get the keto rash create a lot of problems so there’s two situations one if you were constipated before doing this program and you’re still constipated it’s okay to take an herbal laxative in the meantime just to get things going that’s more important than thinking you’re going to be addicted to a laxative or if you became constipated on this program that means that either you’re you can’t digest the kale or the types of vegetables or the fibers and the vegetables so switch it up go back to so maybe some romaine lettuce as compared to some of the cruciferous and add fermented vegetables and if you even need maybe a mild laxative tea like a slippery elm bark smooth move tea go ahead and do it very very important to get that elimination going good and I also like to use symptoms that indication to see what wrong like for example when you switch from sugar burning to fat burning a lot of times you might get tired in the transition that means that your body is utilizing more B vitamins it’s using more sodium so you better start putting back in the B vitamins if you get tired or flu-like symptoms and some sea salt I like to use nutritional yeast okay so that’s a that’s very very important now the other thing is you want to watch watch your fat you know some people they get this oh they get this program oh I can start eating tons and tons of fat they start overdoing it their livers not up to digesting that their gallbladder is getting blown out they get right shoulder pain they get the keto rash all these issues because they’re not used to digesting all this fat and if that happens you need some gall bladder like purified bile salts but I would go a little lighter with the fats to see if you can digest them so your gall bladder can adapt to that we need sunsets but we don’t want to overdo it okay okay then we get to number five which is the quality food you just realize that every single calorie of food that you put in your body is replacing your body parts okay so the last thing you want to end up is looking like a crackhead right yeah so to avoid that to avoid looking very unhealthy as you lose weight you want to have grass-fed foods like grass-fed animal meats things like that you want organic Wow caught fish pasture-raised eggs okay so if you want to avoid looking like a crackhead and you want to look healthy go ahead and put the quality back in and put your comments below I’ll talk to you soon