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hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today’s video I’m going to be giving you my top tips to lose weight and be healthy these to me seem really basic but you know I do realize that some people are just starting out their journey or they haven’t done any research or they’re just so overwhelmed with so many programs and experts and youtubers and instagramers and personal trainers everywhere I know because I was once there it’s just like whoa where do I begin so I’m going to try and break it down today so you guys can just go okay these are simple steps that I can do and I can achieve and I can put in place it’s not too overwhelming you don’t have to cut out everything and just eat chicken and broccoli and you know run 22 kilometres a day that’s not what I’m about I just want to give you some basic steps to kickstart you and give you a little bit of energy and a little bit of motivation to maybe take the next step after that so here’s a couple of my favourite just basic tips that will really help you I think if you’re just beginning in your journey or you fell off the bandwagon you’re like oh I just don’t know where to start so here goes number one go into your cupboard get a big garbage bag and get rid of the crap I know that you’re like what I’m going to do with it just throw it out take it to a women’s shelter or a homeless shelter but get rid of your process crap if it’s not in your house and you’re starving you’ve only got fresh healthy ingredients you’re going to settle for that well unless you go and driving a takeout but overall if it’s not in your cupboard you don’t think about it I know myself if there’s chocolate or something sweet unhealthy in my cupboard I don’t know it’s there I eat it there’s leftover birthday cake I eat it it’s it’s there it’s screaming at me but if it’s not a new cupboard or your fridge then it’s a lot less likely that you’re going to actually consume it so do a big clean-out and start fresh number two start walking and no walking doesn’t feel like you’re doing a lot but it has so many benefits and it’s so good for your body on in the morning on an empty sky is the best time of day to do it to burn fat okay so if you can do this five to seven times a week you will notice massive changes in your bodies within a couple of weeks plus getting out in the fresh air it just doesn’t into your mind for me if I don’t start my day with a walk I just find I’m a little bit more stressing or not anxious but a bit more on edge let’s start the day with a walk moving my body moving energy and being in the fresh air I’m so much more happier I’m so much more motivated to eat well I’m so much more clearer with my thinking honestly trust me on this and it’s low-impact if you haven’t exercised in years or you’ve just had a baby or you’ve got a lot of weight to lose and you’re not quite ready to start an intense program or go into a gym just get walking I recommend minimum four to five minutes but the longer you walk the better obviously don’t go walking five hours you know what I mean if you can walk for an hour a day honestly one of the best tips I can do and it’s so easy it’s no pressure on your joints you can put music in you can put a podcast in or you can just enjoy the chirping birds get on it number three as soon as you get up always have a big glass of water personally I like to have warm want warm water with a wedge of lemon squeezed into it when you’ve been sleeping at night your body is so dehydrated so this just helps to one hydrate you get rid of some toxins and get things moving for the day if you know what I mean yeah I’m talking about it works it just helps to get things you know flushed out and moving right it also sets up if it’s warm it helps to set up your digest it I could never say that word your digestive system okay so I have five hundred mils that actually bought a glass that is five hundred mils so every single morning without a doubt I have that if you just have a cup that’s fine just have water in the morning and pop a bit of lemon in there number four have some type of plan it doesn’t need to be strict it doesn’t need to be too detailed but you need some sort of plan and goals in place have short term goals and long term so the short term ones are really there for you so each week that you can kind of fist palm them be like yes I would something and that kind of helps keep you motivated to keep going because weight loss in general is most the time it’s a long hard emotional journey and if you just set one long-term goal and it’s over here and here’s your starting position you take a little step it’s like oh it feels like it’s so far away to reach but if you’ve got those little goals that you’re achieving along the way that really helps you and motivates you to keep going and without a plan you’re kind of just like winging it and you need to have some sort of idea of what you’re doing and when you’re doing it so whether it’s committing to three or four walks a week it’s committing to your water and it’s committing to making sure that you have at least one meal with a whole plate of vegetable I don’t know whatever you want to do just make sure you have some sort of plan and direction to help you get towards your goal number five this one is really important I find especially working with females I’m guessing most of you following are females grab a buddy an accountability buddy someone to do with you so I want to support you if you don’t have someone that’s where a program comes in really handy if you can get face-to-face that’s awesome when you have classes you get to chat with trainers and other girls going through the same thing if you don’t have a gym if you’re in a remote area or you can’t afford a gym get an online program but an online program that provides support and obviously that’s something that we provide in all of my programs so we have forums where you get to speak with trainers that I put in there I’m in all of them as well so I touch base with everyone and just find having someone to talk to and understand what you’re going through with it with girls that just pose like I’ve having such a hard day I feel like giving up and all of a sudden there’s like 20 girls jumping on there giving them reasons not to giving them tips and just showing them a bit of love I find that is so important because I don’t know we all just have days we want to give up we all have days where it’s a bit harder and to have like a backbone of support that just can pick you up again it’s it’s just key number six I find this one and you can speak with another health professional or someone at a health food store or a naturopath but I would say most people have not done a full core of probiotics in a long time we get prescribed antibiotics and so many medications and pills and things that totally destroy our gut lining and good health starts with good gut health and getting doing a full course on probiotic just puts that good bacteria back in our gut and that helps our food to digest it helps our widens to be absorbed it helps our skin it helps our energy there’s so many reasons to have good gut health and doing a full a full course of probiotics is something I feel most people need to do every now and again so if you haven’t done it before go and speak to a health professional at the health food store most of the fineries on the gold crows have naturopaths in there or go and spoke in with an itch path and do a bit of research into it but I advise and I feel like most people would need it that’s something that you know really helps number 7 they say it takes three weeks to break a habit I say for a good solid month you’re going to be a little bit unbalanced but commit to this no alcohol no deep-fried takeaway foods so McDonald’s KFC Hungry Jack’s Pizza Hut all that kind of stuff and refined sugars really try to cut all three of those out pros like white breads and passes and candies and cakes and soft drinks all the obvious things that you know an awkward for you just commit to a month I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but you will feel the biggest difference in your body your bloat will go your skin will feel and look better you’ll just have more energy or have my motivation you’ll honestly feel like a new person you won’t have a hangover you ain’t just constantly feeling like I think some people forget how good they can feel because they’re so used to feeling like crap so for a month just promise me now from today commit that no alcohol no deep fried takeaway foods and refined processed sugars okay you got this number eight this one’s kind of optional but I find it’s the best way to track your progress is to take before-and-after photos they can be pretty confronting when you see a photo of yourself in a brown undies or bikinis you’re like oh my god like I didn’t realize where I am now like how did that happen it can be confronting but it’s also like a good kick like hard truth in your face like exactly where you’re at scales are really good like numbers but I find girls get really fixated on numbers and your body shape can be changing and things can be changing and someone’s the numbers don’t reflect that and then that can be really do motivating with taking photos the camera doesn’t lie you can physically see what’s changing what needs improving and I just think it’s the best way to track your progress that’s optional but I find it really helpful and really motivating number nine my last and final tip but definitely not the least don’t give up you’re going to have days where you’re like stuff this this is too hard I could do it I feel I just don’t want to do it like there’s going to be days like that I’m not going to lie to you but don’t give up or if you have a meal and it wasn’t on your plan or you felt bloated and crap after because it was a plate that wasn’t very good for you just move on you get straight back on the bandwagon get straight back on the horse and start again we’re not even starting again just continuing on one bad meal is not gonna undo all think it’s a plan undo all of your hard work just like one good meal is not going to get you in shape it’s your consistent actions that gives you a result if you’re consistently eating like crap and consistently not moving and consistently talking to yourself in a tone and language that pushes up put you down you’re consistently going to feel down and depressed and sad and crap if you consistently choose healthy meals if you consistently speech yourself like you do your best friend which is most likely really nicely and with a lot of love you consistently move your body you’re going to consistently feel good and look good okay so keep that in mind so really hope these tips have helped it’s just little things that and get you going if it did help please give me a thumbs up and give me some feedback below if you think someone could benefit from this video if you know someone that’s struggling and they’re like so overwhelmed they just don’t know where to begin share this video and hopefully it could help them as well I live and I love love love love helping all of you and I just love hearing feedback from you because your feedback motivates and inspires me to give more be more and do more for all of you I love you guys all so much to give it a thumbs up subscribe and until next time I will talk to you all on Instagram and snapchat Wow bye you


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My Healthy Diet Tips

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HOW I LOST WEIGHT FAST (23 POUNDS) | Easy Weight Loss Tips Without Exercise that Actually WORKS!

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Be patient with your weight loss journey
Diet is ~70% of the weight loss journey
3:41 ‣ ‣ Tip #1 for Weight Loss
How to calculate your recommended daily water intake:
1500 mL + 20 ( your weight in kg – 20 kg) = x
4:29 ‣ How to increase your water intake
5:38 ‣ ‣ Tip #2 for Weight Loss
6:38 ‣ Overeating vs Being Full
7:23 ‣ ‣ Tip #3 for Weight Loss
8:25 ‣ Estimating portions on the fly
A fist = 1 cup, a palm = 3 ounces, a thumb = 1 ounce
1 meat/protein choice = 0 grams of carbs = a deck of cards
1 starch choice = 15 grams of carbs = size of a computer mouse (potato – boiled 1/2 cup, pasta 1/3 cup, rice 1/3 cup, bread 1 slice – 1oz, corn 1/2 cup)
1 dairy choice = 12 grams of carbs, ex: milk, plain yogurt (1 cup)
1 fruit choice = 15 grams of carbs, size of a tennis ball
‣ Noncarbohydrates, aim for lean options.
Meat/protein do not raise the blood sugar significantly, prepare meats without batter. Bake, grill or broil. 3 oz cooked meat = 1 deck of cards Examples – Beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork, sandwich meats, sausage, shellfish, veal.
‣ Fats do not raise blood sugar significantly, but use sparingly.
‣ Unsaturated fats (monosaturated) – avocado, nut butters, nuts (almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pistachios,), oil: canola, olive, peanut. Olives,
‣ Polyunsaturated fats: Margarine, mayo, oil: corn, cottonseed, flaxseed, grape seed, safflower, soybean, sunflower. Salad dressing, seeds (flaxseed, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, walnuts)
‣ Saturated fat: Bacon, butter, cream, cream cheese, lard, oil (coonut, palm, palm kernel), shortening, sour cream.
8:53 ‣ Do I have to cut out certain things completely?
9:27 ‣ What I’ve minimized in my diet / food I avoid
10:13 ‣ Should I count calories?
10:49 ‣ Why to avoid sugars and starch / carbs
11:14 , 12:32 ‣ Why high protein diets are beneficial
‣ Nonstarchy Vegetables – 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked = 5 grams of carbohydrates. ex: Artichoke hearts, asparagus, baby corn, bean sprouts, beans (green, wax, Italian), broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage (bok choy, chinese), carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, eggplant, leeks, mixed veggies without corn, peas or pasta, mushrooms, okra, onions, pea pods, peppers, radishes, sauerkraut, soybean sprouts, spinach, squash, tomato, turnips, water chestnuts.
11:58 ‣ Apps to count calories
12:05 ‣ Do I have to eat meat to get protein?
12:15 ‣ What else has protein?
12:39 ‣ Should I have to go with a completely Nonfat diet?
‣ Starving myself / skipping meals
12:57 ‣ Cooking and healthy fats / oils
13:23 ‣ Cheat day / Carb Re-feed day
13:55 ‣ ‣ ‣ Tip #4 for Weight Loss
Do I have to exercise to lose weight?
14:16 ‣ How often should I exercise each week?
14:26 ‣ Weight / Strength training / Exercises I recommend
15:00 ‣ Final tips on Weight loss
Drinking alcohol, what to watch out for.
15:24 ‣ Juices: are they actually healthy? Why to avoid them!
15:42 ‣ High Protein breakfast benefits
15:55 ‣ Why you shouldn’t stay up late

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HOW TO SLIM DOWN AS A VEGAN | plant-based diet tips

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Audio Text:
how about my friends welcome to my channel if you’re new here my name is ELISA and today we are talking about plant-based slimmed-down secrets I get a lot of questions from you guys about losing weight on a plant-based diet so today I thought I would do a little video and kind of talk through my five best tips and really they’re more of Secrets for slimming down on a plant-based diet I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in my videos before but I actually am a certified holistic nutritionist I got my certification last year and the basis of the program was plant-based eating so I’ve done a lot of reading about plant-based eating and today I want to share some of my best secrets so the first one is to up your fiber intake to support your gut I’m sure many of you have heard that having optimal gut health or having a healthy gut is really important for a healthy kind of overall system a lot of stuff happens in our gut and it impacts a lot of the other processes that happen in our bodies and when our digestive system is on track we’re able to absorb more nutrients from our food and we’re able to eliminate toxins so that’s basically the main point of our digestive system is to get nutrients from our food and then eliminate what we don’t need so one of the best ways that we can support our digestive system is by eating fiber luckily if you’re already following a primarily plant-based diet you’re probably eating a lot of fiber already but fiber rich foods are things like fruits vegetables whole grains legumes a lot of naturally plant-based foods in general and the benefit of having fiber in our diet is that it not only stimulates digestive juices so that’s like getting the digestive enzymes going and helping our food break down but it also adds bulk to our bowel movements which means that we are able to better eliminate the toxins from our body so two of the other things that I love about fiber rich foods are that they take longer to chew in general so that means that once they hit our stomachs are already more broken down meaning that it’s easier for our belly to put that through to our intestines and then fiber rich foods also take longer to digest so that means that when we’re eating a diet and fiber and fibrous foods we are able to stay fuller for longer we’re getting more energy and again it’s helping keeping our digestive system more regular so really fiber is amazing and what I’ve done with today’s video is that I’ve actually put together a free guide that you guys can download but talks about all of these different tips in a little bit more detail so click the link in the description box below to download that guy because I’m going to talk about some of my favorite fiber rich foods in that guy and instead of just kind of making this a huge long video like a 30-minute video we’re going to try to keep it a little bit more short so download that guide and let’s move on to secret number two secret number two is that raw food isn’t always better and I know that this is going to be a little bit controversial especially on YouTube because there are a lot of raw vegans on YouTube but it’s my personal belief that you need to have a balance of both raw foods and cooked foods in your diet so the benefit of raw food is that the food has not been heated and it retains all of the nutrients but the downside of raw food is that it is a little bit harder on our digestive system and it is harder to kind of move through our system in general however what’s interesting and I was reading this in a lot of my nutrition information is that there are some vegetables in particular that actually you get more nutrients from when you cut when you cook them so that’s because the cooking process or the heating process is breaking down at the plant wall and that ends up releasing the nutrients and it’s able to help us and our digestive systems absorb those nutrients because they’ve been released from the plant cells walls and they’re just easily ready they’re for absorption another question I’m sure you guys are going to ask about cooking is that what cooking method is best so I don’t want to go through all the different cooking methods right now but if you do download that guide I have my favorite cooking methods in in the order listed that I recommend but basically what I want to give you an example of is the sweet potato so think about a sweet potato a whole raw sweet potato usually you’re not going to eat a soup potato raw but super those are amazing they’re high in fiber they’re high in vitamin A and vitamin K everybody knows that sooo potatoes are healthy for you but look at sweet potato fries versus a baked potato so the super tato fries have been deep-fried in a most likely low-quality oil and then the baked sweet potato is just a whole two potato that’s been cooked and is soft and you are going to be getting a lot more nutrition and nutrients from that baked sweet potato than you would from the fries so it does matter the methods that you’re using to cook and again if you want to see my list click the link in description box below and download that guy’s secret number three is just because it’s vegan it doesn’t mean it’s healthy I think a lot of us get caught up in labels on foods and we assume that if something is gluten-free or something is low-fat or something is beacon that it means it’s healthy and that is not the case the prime example and one of the best examples that I like to give is an Oreo so Oreos are vegan but our Oreo is healthy like no no no no no you’re not going to lose weight eating a sleeve of Oreos so what I want to encourage you guys to do is read your label you’re going to the supermarket and you’re picking up plant-based foods just look at the box and look at the ingredients that are used in that food if you recognize everything on the list and they are whole food sources that is fine by me I would say buy it if there are things in there like additives and preservatives or other things that you don’t recognize I would say put that back and move on to another products that might be a little bit more whole so really the goal here is to incorporate as many whole foods into your diet as possible and you want them to be as close to the source as possible so of course when you’re buying a cracker for example it’s already been cooked but it’s just flowers that are derived in that cracker are from whole brown rice or whole quinoa or millet whatever it is you know that you’re getting more nutrients than something that is highly processed and how does that relate to slimming down basically when you have a diet rich in Whole Foods your digestion is easier we’re talking a lot about digestion today but it’s important because when your digestion is good you’re getting rid of the toxins but when you’re eating a lot of processed food and junk those toxins are swirling around in your body and you just aren’t able to get rid of the weight because your body is just kind of holding on to these toxins are going into your fat cells and it’s just not remedy for success and I know I keep mentioning this guys but I have included more information in the guide and one of the things with this secret that I included is the 5 things that I always avoid on nutrition labels so if you want to see that make sure to download it from the link below secret number four is that portion control still matters even if we’re eating an incredibly healthy diet we’re eating a lot of fiber rich foods reading fruits vegetables legumes it still matters the quantity that we’re eating so there I’m sure you know there is this concept of calories in versus calories out and there is truth to that if we’re consuming more calories than our bodies are naturally using up whether the exercise or just our daily like life then we’re going to be gaining weight because our body has an excess amount of calories what I think is interesting about calories is that every person is different and the amount of calories that you’re going to need depends on a variety of factors including your gender your height your weight your age your activity level and if you think of that in terms of a person so a man who is 6-3 and as a pro athlete he is going to need way more daily calories than somebody like me who’s by 3 and even though I exercise I still fit into depth and work on my computer a lot so you do have to kind of adjust the amount of calories that you need every single day and that’s where a food journal can really help so I recommend that you guys just start by writing down it quantity of food that you’re eating you don’t necessarily have to put a calorie like number next to that really just the idea is that you’re going to learn how much you’re eating and you might learn something interesting I think a lot of times we especially in terms of snacks or maybe like our meals we think that we’re eating less than we actually are smoothies are a really great example of that a lot of times we use smoothies as a snack and sometimes smoothies are really high in calories because a lot goes into them if you have bananas do a fruit you have avocado you have nut butter your protein the amount of calories that is in that snack size smoothie that might be more of a meal size smoothie for you so really the goals of food journal is just to give you an idea of how much quantity of food you’re eating and then you can potentially adjust based on where you’re at and the extra stuff that’s in the guide for this one is that I am giving you a formula for how I build my plant-based plate so if you want to see that click link in description box below and then secret number 5 is to meal prep like a bond you guys know that I talk a lot about meal prep and a lot of you really enjoy meal prepping I’ve done a few meal prep videos if you want to see that entire series I also linked that in the description box below but what’s great about meal prep is that it sets you up for success for the entire week when your meal prepping you’re much more likely to reach for those healthy foods you kind of have your set meal so you don’t need to worry about what you’re going to eat for lunch and then end up reaching for something that isn’t as nutritious for you in terms of the timing for meal prep really that’s based on your schedule a lot of people it works over the weekend but if you work on the weekends you can adjust sometimes you don’t even have to meal prep for the entire week you could just meal prep a few days at a time and really the best thing about meal prep is that it’s ultimately going to help you get to that goal weight because you’re reaching for those foods that are healthy and those foods that are supporting your healthy goal so I get a lot of questions about if you need anything special for meal prep and the answer is no do you have containers at home you have plastic bags or you have tin foil you can totally start meal prepping I do recommend that at some point in your meal prepping journey you transition over to glass containers just because they are more non-toxic and they are also heat proof so you can heat them up when you get to the office or you can heat up leftovers when you get home from the office or school whatever you do and then the other question I get a lot about meal prep is how long the food lasts and what’s great about meal prepping on a plant-based diet is that plant-based foods last longer in the fridge than animal-based products so you don’t really have to worry about spoilage as much with plant-based foods my general rule of thumb is that if you are storing stuff in the fridge it will last up to five days sometimes you can go to six and then if you’re storing stuff in the freezer it lasts up to six months and you can even go longer than that sometimes so if your meal prepping for a plant-based diet that food is going to last you a lot longer and again it’s just setting you up for success and it’s going to help you reach your healthy goal or your goal weight if weight-loss is one of your goals much more quickly because you have all of that food in front of you you know exactly what you’re going to eat and you can plan for your week so I hope you guys found these tips helpful again I put together a free guide it’s 100% free that outlines these in more detail it talks a little bit more about some of the best ways you can slim down on a plant-based diet so if that is one of your goals if you’re interested in that I linked that in the description box below you can just tap that link enter your email and I will send you the guide and if you guys have any specific questions about plant-based eating definitely leave them in the comments below I do get a lot of questions about it so I want to make sure that I’m covering topics that you guys are curious about and if you have specific questions or you want to learn more about my personal plant-based journey I did a video on that like a year ago maybe now and I will put that link in the description box below so you can watch that if you want and other than that if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already I would love for you to join us here on YouTube there’s a red button that says subscribe right below this video you can just click that button and automatically subscribe yourself and other than that I hope you have a really lovely rest of your day bye guys [Music] you [Music]


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Healthy Summer Diet Tips!

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Audio Text:
hi there hope you’re having a good week can you believe here we are in the middle of July summer is halfway over I don’t know where this season has gone but it is escaping us the kids are already stressing out thinking that school starts at the end of August I don’t know about you but I am still enjoying the summer months wanting to make the most of it and based on your comments and your feedback a lot of you have been asking about summertime exercise summer nutrition so I thought I would do a tutorial today on healthy summer eating that’ll have you both looking and feeling great and for me the key about summer is color I don’t know about you but when I go into a grocery store I get so joyful when I see just produce and color everywhere it is beautiful the color of the season is healthy it’s coming from the ground it is full of nutrients so my encouragement to you is to take advantage of the seasonal fruits and veggies and really incorporate them in your diet to live a very healthy lifestyle provide your body with the fiber that it needs the vitamins that it needs and really enjoy the beautiful taste of the season so what I’m going to lay out for you today really is a slice of life a day in the life of my diet the types of things that I normally eat and as I begin I will tell you that everything is very high fiber lean protein and healthy fats those to me are the ideal combinations for healthful living and it really accompanies a fitness lifestyle as well to be able to see the results that you’re working so hard for whether it’s in the gym for a run a bike ride whatever I have learned that diet and I don’t mean being on a diet I just mean healthy living and healthy food is about 90 percent of the equation when it comes to how everything is going to look on the outside so here we go my breakfast is an easy kiyul muffin I love the Ezekiel product line because it is sprouted grain there’s no flour in this and I enjoy the taste so much I always have it with an organic egg either easy over or sometimes hard-boiled on the muffin I’ll use Earth Balance spread which is a non GMO vegan product and again very high in taste I’m embarrassed to say I have this literally every day at 11 o’clock in the morning I am such a creature of habit it’s ridiculous but I enjoy the taste of this breakfast so much I just don’t deviate to me it has the right balance and the protein in the carbs and the fat and it just makes me happy so I think that’s the key as well stick with what makes you happy and what feels good when it comes to my morning snack again this is when I tap into that fabulous produce so enjoy all of the fruit and the things that you see in your grocery store for instance cherries are in right now so I always have a handful of cherries here in the house or blueberries or raspberries these are wonderful healthy snacks I try to have my sugar my fruit sugar in the morning because it gives me enough time throughout the day to be able to burn it off when I hit lunchtime again this is when I’m seeing lots of color in my food we always have a salad here in the house and it come it is comprised of romaine lettuce cherry tomatoes cilantro scallions bell pepper cucumber and we make our own vinaigrette dressing so we’ll do a combination of a balsamic vinaigrette with an oil and then I’ll throw in some stevia to sweeten the dressing instead of using sugar so this salad is a staple you can eat it by yourself or you can add some protein to it pop in some chicken or some grilled shrimp and shrimp and make that a meal but this particular week what I did was and I know this doesn’t seem like a typical summer meal but it helped my summer cold so I made a chicken soup and I boiled organic chicken with the bone because that’s where all the flavor and the good health comes from and I literally threw in every vegetable that lived in the refrigerator so take a look at this soup I mean this chicken soup has zucchini green beans carrots celery corn potato and even Brussels sprouts I threw it all in there and look at this what a high fiber chock full of vitamins soup this became so it made me feel better with my cold it gave me something more to open up my head and at the same time it provided me with tons of fiber and vitamins so that was a win-win in my book and what I love about a soup is it lasts for a long time in the refrigerator and then you can throw it in Tupperware bring it with you to work and heat it up in the microwave so this became a lunch a dinner and it lasted for a good four to five days my snack in the afternoon two things really and I bring both of these to the station I always have a stash in my drawer first of all I love roasted unsalted almonds these are from Whole Foods and what’s so nice about these is it’s a great healthy fat I love nuts nuts or a wonderful way to kind of tie you over between lunch and dinner it fills you with the right type of health that you’re looking for I sometimes I need that crunchy satisfaction so roasting the nut makes it even crunchy err and I will also throw in there my personal favorite popcorn its skinny pop and it is a full of fiber snack and what I love about this it’s non-gmo and gluten free so the skinny pop line they really care about the quality of the popcorn it’s a GMO free corn which is a biggie in my book and it is delicioso so one of my favorite snacks and that helps me until dinnertime and here we go I took a picture of my absolute favorite dinner during the summer I’m a huge fish lover and so I gravitate toward baked grilled or broiled fish this is a shot of a wonderfully herbed salmon with market vegetables again more produce more color and it’s healthy and it’s light and fish is just so great during the summertime and it’s that right balance you know at night time you want to minimize your simple carbohydrates and I don’t do the potatoes or any starch on the side and so this combination to me is very filling you can eat as many vegetables as you want so pile on those veggies enjoy a nice piece of fish and then throughout the day very importantly during the summer months don’t forget to hydrate drink lots and lots of water it’s hot out there here in Houston it has been 96 97 degrees every day feels like temperature is a hundred and two sure it’s exhausting so make sure you’re drinking a lot of water especially if you’re exercising and my little secret here at the very end if you really want to get those results I always say I’ve said this before in one of my videos minimize the whites and I mean the sugar the flour the dairy and the sodium if you can minimize that you will see profound changes in your physical self which is what you want as you work out hard and you try to make those fitness goals you want to look the part as well so those things really have a way of whittling you down quickly and helping you get the results that you’re looking for so as we enjoy our fabulous summer produce I adore cherries that’s my favorite snack I’m going to have some right now I encourage you to share with me what you would like to see next we’re such a great community and I love your comments and responses and I do try to reply to each and every one of you because I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the time and an input that you give me means a lot please continue to follow me on social social media so we can keep that community growing and KPRC channel 2 at 6 and 10 as well as the station’s website click2houston.com if you want to see a newscast see what I do for a living you can check me out at 6 and 10 they do stream our newscasts live so with your healthy meal ideas I hope you go out there this week be bold and be blessed and I will see you next time adios


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How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

>>Read My Full Review On The Keto Beginning<<

Audio Text:

hi I’m Jen this is the video where I tell you guys how I lost ten pounds first off I want to say that I am NOT a dietician everybody is idiosyncratic which means that every body is unique what techniques work for me may not particularly work for you we always have different body types and this is just how I lost ten pounds so let me start off with the general stats of my body late 2011 I was around 115 to 113 pounds my way is always fluctuating most bodies do and now in 2013 I am 100 pounds or 98 200 pounds before you freak out this is quite normal for my height I’m 5 1 and my BMI is 18.5 I’m not underweight and I’m actually a lot healthier now this took me over a year to lose this weight and maintain my weight right now so it’s not going to happen overnight so don’t expect it to number one take a picture of everything you eat I know it sounds ridiculous this is actually really important because just the conscious effort of taking a picture of your food stopping and hold your appetite for five seconds it makes it it makes a big difference every week you kind of can see what your diet was like I personally use an iPhone app called Adri it’s super super slow because the people created it have kind of left it on the back burner but it’s still functioning and it’s something that I use religiously I took over a thousand meals on that thing and it’s been helping me a lot to moderate what I eat and so if I eat a doughnut on Monday I’ll remember that I that doughnut until Friday where I can eat another doughnut you know you’ll start gathering data about yourself and just truly learning what it is take pictures of the good meals that you eat and the really crappy foods that you’re eating I found that documenting my food really makes me excited for my meals because I kind of I view food as a treat if you don’t have an iPhone just take a picture with your cell phone I’ll blow that into your laptop maybe every month and just kind of see what you ate it’s no different than writing down the food but I just think that taking a picture with your cell phone is a lot easier number two carbs for me are the devil I’m quite aware that there are good carbs aka complex carbohydrates that are good for you and break down slower in your body and there’s also bad carbs like refined carbohydrates that’s smooth that’s the really soft Wonderbread carbs that are freakin delicious I personally just try to avoid carbs as best as I can because I person would just rather use my calories on proteins veggies um fiber you know just other things that aren’t carbs if I really think about it I probably eat carbs maybe once or twice a meal I always try to make one meal in my day just completely carb list there is addicting components in carbs I just try my best not to fall into the cravings I found that I gradually weaned off carbs I stopped Oran fries at a restaurants get a side salad instead you’re already treating yourself out cuz you’re doing that freakin yummy burger there’s really no need to over indulge and get that pile of garlic fries even though they’re really good your body’s gonna thank you after when I’m eating pizza I won’t eat the crust even though it’s my favorite part especially if there’s like a garlic dipping sauce in it when you’re eating a sandwich take one slice of the bread off so it’s kind of an open-faced sandwich and when I’m deciding which bread to flip off from the sandwich I always make sure I keep the side of the bread that is soaked with the yummy sauces like whether it’s light mayo or honey mustard or something like that I just keep that side on just throw the rest of the carbs away they’re very subtle changes but gradually they’re going to help you wean off the carbs and just be a lot more healthy number 3 remix your meals that means that recipes aren’t confined to what it says on the paper or what already comes into your meal remember you can modify your recipes you can add things in you can take things out for an example instant noodles are one of my favorite meals it’s you know just kind of a staple if you’re a college student when I do with my noodles is that I break off what I break off half the noodles so I’m just using one half and then I’ll pour everything in on a you know but I’ll add zucchini I’ll add broccoli all it’s spinach kale tofu just anything to add more nutrients to my meal all that veggies and fiber is just gonna fill you up faster so you realize that you don’t really need all the so although you’re eating a sodium packed meal my personal thing is I just try to avoid carbs and that’s what worked for me whatever mediocre meal I’m cooking that night I’ll just add some broccoli on the side or some steamed veggies it just makes the components of your meal just a lot healthier and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself seeing some color a mate your meals and it’s just those baby steps that are gonna help you don’t really worry about the calories I never count calories I used to count calories in high school and that’s when I was the biggest it was so bizarre focus on what kind of nutrition you’re eating it just makes everything a lot smoother and easier for water is your best friend I’ve had this canteen for probably a year now it’s kind of my safety blanket it’s always around with 24/7 it’s always next to me when I’m filming at school next to my bed stand when I wake up you know I get thirst in the night and I’ll just start chugging the water try to sip water maybe three to four times an hour and you’ll realize that most time when you’re hungry you’re either just thirsty or you’re just bored so water can be your best friend ditch the soda ditch the juice I stopped drinking soda probably in high school and that helped a lot you might as well just eat the actual fruit because although juice some juices have vitamins in it you lose all the fiber which is what burns the calories when you’re digesting it juice is essentially just liquefied sugar so if you’re looking for the vitamins or the nutrients I would say just to eat the actual fruit because then you get filled up and you get the vitamins and it’s just nice to chew on something rather than just you know shoveling it and let it drizzle down your mouth I prefer chewing it five exercise of course you need it I’ve heard somewhere I don’t remember where that losing weight is 80% of your diet and 20% of exercise I think exercise is important if you want to have like a toned sexy body if I’m not gonna do cardio I’ll just stay indoors and do Blogilates which is my one of my favorite youtubers her name is Kathy Howe and she has great workout videos that are around five to nineteen minutes long some of them and I just did on my room and I I do that probably four to five times a week and that’s for strength training and I absolutely love her she has this vivacious and bubbly energy and she doesn’t work out with you and she talks with you the entire way and she’s just I just love her I think she’s the one who keeps me going to exercise so if you’re ever watching this cassie I want to say thank you for molding my body to what it is right now I used to do cardio in the summer and that’s when I was using Ozzy’s the treadmill all the time I would run maybe two to three miles three to four times a week but I stopped doing that because it’s just so cool to go outside to the gym I know it’s a stupid excuse but I think the holidays really kind of fatten me up and made me a little bit more lazy now I probably gonna get back into the groove of it once the weather warms up but I find that music listen to music and exercising didn’t really help me at all music just wasn’t enough of a distraction to me that’s how much I hate working out I would usually just put a youtube playlist on my smartphone and I’ll just watch YouTube videos as I’m working out another trick is to walk everywhere if you park your car somewhere forget the parking spot that’s right next to the CVS go Park all the way to the end where the trees are a word I don’t know some giant Cal plantation is just Park as far as you can and walk to the drugstore every step counts it’s all about gradual buildup usually if I’m craving something I’ll either work out I’ll start painting my nails or something I’ll I’ll do my homework I’ll pound a really long sip of water I think your body is always playing tricks on you I think it’s always saying that oh you’re so hungry you want this cupcake no you don’t need that cupcake you aren’t roll on your own body and if you want to lose ten pounds you can do it you know how to lose weight no one wants to hear it but it’s essentially the same thing you got to change your diet and you got to exercise those are the main two things and these are the little small changes that I made to my life and I don’t saying that I did these BAM overnight I think I started developing each rule around I don’t know five to six months apart if you mess up one day it’s okay it’s okay to mess up I you know you’re you’re a human and you have me and cravings but just don’t give up every meal is another chance to you know fix your diet I suppose if you have any diet tips down below feel free to let us know and remember if you don’t agree with something I’m saying I’m saying to you guys that I’m not a dietician I’m not a doctor I’m not a physician I’m just a normal girl who did these things to lose weight who if you have an Instagram my username is I’m your name you can follow me if you would like so I’ll talk to my next video and see you later bye