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Lose weight WITHOUT dieting! Ft. Katie Austin!

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[Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel today I’m here with I’m Kati Austin we’re we’re doing a collab video for you guys today and I came up with this idea and I thought you guys would really like it and Katie liked it as well and it’s how to lose weight without actually diving so we’re gonna show you some tips on how to do this Kjartan Zweig the tip number one is all about portion size so even if you are going to have a cheat meal or you’re eating something really healthy it’s still important to eat the right amount of food in the right portion for your body size so katie has a good tip to kind of show you know you’re not using measuring cups or anything specific she’s going to show you a quick tip on how to portion out your food so I like to eat five smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big ones also when I go to eat my meals I like grabbing a smaller plate rather than a bigger place so it’s tricking my mind into eating more when you grab a bigger plate and you have your food on there it doesn’t look like you’re eating that much but we’ve got a smaller plate and you put your meal on there it looks like your plate is full okay so my next tip is one of my personal favorites that I do all the time and I’ve gotten Jared to do it and that’s to have a big glass of water before every meal so I don’t really do this with like snack food stuff just because I’ll have a snap and on the go but for breakfast lunch and dinner have a full glass of water and what it does is it actually fills up your stomach so if you don’t want to over eat or like we were just talking about portion sizes you have this and you’re going to feel full and water it’s also essential to keeping off the weight so really make sure you’re always staying hydrated and you’re drinking at least eight glasses of water a day make sure you drink a lot of water before you work out and our you work out the next tip is to make working out fun if it’s a chore if you don’t want to do it if it sucks you’re not going to do it you’re going to skip your workout so definitely did a buddy workout so you can do it here Bessie yes that’s up on my channel so check that out you guys and I love working out with a buddy because a girlfriend keeps you accountable you know if you have a workout date set up you can’t really miss it because someone’s there waiting for you to workout next tip make sure you’re getting a fiber in your diet so fiber is really important because it makes us feel full for longer my favorite ingredient put my meals that has a lot of fiber is being specifically lentils Colonel Carla Pope row know what is really good I put it in salads you could put it in spaghetti you can seriously put it with any vegetable it’s a great source of fiber lentils okay so it’s important to have fiber in your big meals like breakfast lunch and dinner and lentils like Katie said but what about 4-5 hours ago it’s important to have fiber on the go so that you can feel full and like we talked about on Mondays video to stay regular you guys know what I’m talking about so my favorite source of fiber on the Gotham something quick you know if you’re leaving the gym or you’re leaving school is a protein bar so this one is actually my favorite flavor and it’s white chocolate pretzel so good it just tastes like a dessert and there is so much fiber in it so it’s a nice healthy snack you’re getting your protein you’re getting your fiber you’re getting a good amount of calories and yeah it’s just something that could hold you over in between meals and he’s really good so another quick tip is to watch your sugar intake I know we talk about this all the time on my channel but it really is so important like really one of my favorite tips ever once I started reducing the sugar out of my diet I saw major changes so anytime that you can op something you know you’re going to have a really sugary drink have the water instead you know you can add a little lemon juice and make it more funky and plug off that video just switching out sugary drink for water little things like that really do add up throughout your dad definitely and you make all those small changes and then you’re like BAM you’re like this healthy person you don’t want to go all the way along yeah there’s not these huge changes that you need to make you smell little changes throughout the day that will really help you and our last tip is to get enough sleep what about your like eight hours yeah I’m a girl who needs eight hours say definitely but we’re just gonna take a quick nap so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to check out his channel and subscribe you will love for videos if you’re in college show somebody the college tips I love that about you guys soon and I’ll see you in my next video bye bye


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5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes – Improve Your Weight Loss Success

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3 Weight Loss Tips EVERYONE Can Use

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a weight-loss endeavor can be tricky with all the information out there especially with the deferring information contingent on your fitness level gender lifestyle and everything in between but there are a handful of fundamentals that regardless of one’s background should be addressed in this video we’re gonna look at three fundamental weight loss tips that everyone can and should apply to their weight loss goals number one lift weights and do cardio weight training and cardio are often prescribed for different goals cardio tends to be the one prescribed most for losing weights the truth is a combination of both might be the best answer one study in 2012 found that resistance and aerobic training combined was able to increase fat loss more so than aerobic cardio alone the combination also resulted in a gain of lean mass such as muscle while cardio alone resulted in a loss this is especially true for beginners muscles higher metabolic cost also means more calories burned the significance of it however is still up for debate but it’s still better than holding more fats anyway if we do choose to do both do them on separate days so they don’t affect the performance of each other but if you have to do them within the same workout then you should lift weights first and then cardio as there is less carryover fatigue you can check out my video on the topic here if you want more details number two choose a diet you can stick to seems easy and logical enough but it’s much more difficult and confusing when you’re not sure where to start intuition tends to lead us to follow the advice of others especially those that already have the results you want however what might work for them doesn’t mean it will work for you it really boils down to one factor adherence a 2014 meta-analysis looked at 48 studies that followed numerous popular diets lasting three months or longer the first thing we found was that having any type of diet is better than none at all a structured approach should certainly beat out just winging it they also found that restrictive low carb or low fat diets were associated with the greatest weight loss but not significantly different to every other calorie reduced diets as long as the diet’s were maintained that led them to conclude that their findings support practice of recommending any diets that the individual will adhere to in order to lose weight in practice this means testing out different plans that suits your preferences that could be Quito high carb or even intermittent fasting or anything else adherence and calorie reduction are the biggest factors fortunately if you followed the first tip of lifting weights and cardio then you should be burning a solid number of calories thus have some buffer room for a larger food calorie intake and before we get to the third tip a quick shout out to my merch store if you’re enjoying these videos and want to support and rock the picture fit brand come take a look at all the cool apparel selections I have up on teespring also for a limited time use the link in the description below to get 15% off your purchase and number three to no surprise to my regular viewers get your protein although the previous meta-analysis did not focus on protein intake I wouldn’t be surprised if protein was high or remained largely unchanged in the diets considering much of the focus was on carbs and fats regardless the benefits of protein during weight loss has been well documented to benefits being proteins increased effects on satiation making you feel full quicker and say tidy making you feel full longer compared to the other two macronutrients carbs and fats such an effect will translate to fewer calories consumed per meal and longer periods before eating again to new ones problems commonly haunting weight loss endeavors one study even found that increasing protein intake from fifteen to thirty percent of total macronutrient intake was able to spontaneously reduce calorie intake by 441 calories and then there’s also thermic effect in short protein requires more energy for your digestive tract to process for every 100 calories of protein consumed about 35 calories are used to process it carbs and fats conversely take a meager 5 to 15 calories and of course proteins to recognition to muscle growth and preservation a common misunderstanding is that when you lose weight you’re only losing water and fats in reality you’re also losing muscle mass having more protein not only attenuates this issue it can also lead to an increase in lean mass when paired with lifting weights again especially true for beginners that benefit from something known as yupi canes to me it’s a no-brainer to eat more protein when you’re trying to lose weight as far as how much one gram of protein per pound is a good starting points but some studies do show a benefit to more to get a better understanding on the matter feel free to check out any of my protein videos or frankly check out any of my videos if you simply want more good ole Fitness information share some tips you might have that can benefit everyone in the comments below again feel free to check out my merch store to get some dope picture fit apparel and for a limited time use the first link in the description to get 15% off your order as always thank you for watching and get your protein