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Ketogenic Diet: Top 3 Ketosis Tips for Results: Thomas DeLauer

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here’s three of the most eye-opening Tips & Tricks you can use when you’re on a ketogenic diet these are three tips that I’ve learned over the years that can help you feel better help you get the most out of ketosis and also make sure that you don’t burn up too much muscle while you’re in ketosis or so we think all right so the first tip is simple you need to be getting in enough salt let me explain how this works you think when we are actually in a carbohydrate fueled mode when we’re consuming glucose and we’re heating cards right we have what’s called muscle glycogen most of you probably know what glycogen is okay glycogen is the stored form of carbohydrates that’s in our muscles and in our liver but what a lot of people don’t know is that glycogen is transported in a liquid form which means that for every one gram of carbohydrate that you consume you hold between 3 to 4 grams of water 3.7 grams of water to be precise and you hold that water in the glycogen stores so you’re holding it in your muscle well you start thinking about it when we’re in ketosis and we’re depriving ourselves of glucose and we’re utilizing ketones as a source of fuel we don’t have nearly as much glycogen so we don’t have nearly as much glycogen well then we’re losing that excess water that might kind of make sense why when a lot of people first go on a ketogenic diet they drop a lot of weight right in the first couple of days usually it has to do with the water that they’re losing through the glycogen that they’re depleting now when we lose water we also lose salt so what ends up happening is as we’re excreting all this extra water out every bit of water that we take in is generally going right through us because don’t have the glycogen to help us absorb it we’re losing the minerals along with it and salt is obviously a very important mineral so when we don’t have salt we don’t have the thirst actuation we don’t actually have that triggering to become thirsty the more salt that you have in your body the more it triggers your body to become thirsty so without the salt you’re simply not thirsty you don’t drink as much plus when you do drink the water you’re not retaining it so by adding a little bit of salt to the diet you’re sort of manufacturing that response you’re manipulating the body a little bit into thinking you’re a little bit more thirsty so you can sue more water and then the salt is also going to allow you to retain or water within your body itself a little bit within the soft tissue a little bit within the muscle and of course some within the blood supply itself there’s one other factor we have to talk about when it comes to salt though and that’s how insulin and salt work together you see when we consume carbohydrates we have a high presence of insulin insulin tells the kidneys to hold on to salt now when we don’t have carbohydrates in the system our insulin levels are low so that insulin communicates to the kidneys until the kidneys to expel as much sodium as possible simply because there’s that correlation and that linear relationship between the two so you have two reasons why you need to be adding extra salt to your food don’t worry too much about the hypertensive aspect especially when you’re in ketosis because you don’t have the carbohydrates that are holding more water so you don’t usually have to deal with as much of that issue ok the next tip is consume a lot of straight MCT oil now I’m a big fan of coconut oil you all know that I’m talking about in all my videos but I’m a fan of coconut oil more so because of the lauric acid and the small amounts of MCTS when you’re in ketosis straight medium-chain triglycerides are usually the better way to go now believe it or not if you’re on a ketogenic diet and you’re getting most of your fats from long-chain fatty acid sources okay I’m talking about the things you shouldn’t necessarily be eating a lot of things like the cheese’s things like that super high saturated fats left like that you’re going to require 80 to 90 percent of your energy to be coming from fat simply becomes harder for your body to break it down so you need more of it but if your energy is coming from MCTS you only need 60 to 70% of your total daily calories to come from fat so you need less fat because your body’s more efficient at utilizing it medium chain triglycerides bypass the liver okay so they have this entirely different system when they enter into the body they are immediately converted into a ketone body whereas long-chain fatty acids actually have to go through a process before they’re ever converted into energy so in essence when you’re in ketosis and you consume a straight medium chain triglyceride that’s extracted from coconut oil you are essentially giving yourself an immediate source of fuel you’re basically getting your body to operate like it’s on carbohydrates with being on carbohydrates now keep in mind coconut oil is great too but there’s some things that you should know about it before you just dive into just a coconut oil coconut oil is 35% long-chain fatty acid 50% lauric acid and 15% medium chain triglycerides so it’s still as the MC T’s in there just not nearly as much as if you were to go with a straight MC t what’s my third tip my third tip is eat less protein and all the fitness people out there all the guys that are trying to build muscle are probably turning off the You Tube channel right now saying that they’re going to just ignore me and not listen to me and that’s fine you guys can stay blind but I’m going to explain the science to you see a lot of people think you need to have at minimum one gram of protein per pound of body weight I’ve been telling people that this was incorrect for years but now there’s finally some studies that totally back it up and especially when you’re in ketosis because when you’re in ketosis if you have too much protein you go into what’s called gluconeogenesis and think about it like this when your body is utilizing cards the source of fuel it’s happy because it has glucose but when you start pulling the glucose out and you run on ketones it’s still always kind of seeking some glucose well if you have too much protein your body will convert that into glucose and your body will thrive on it and therefore it’ll run on that as the source of fuel instead of the fats therefore kicking you out of ketosis and you’re losing the benefit of being in a ketogenic state now there’s a study that I want a reference that allows us all that it makes sense and allows us to accept that we can cut down to 20% of our calorie intake coming from protein what this one particular study looked at was two groups of individuals okay all of them were resistance trained people people that were used to working out one group they gave 0.61 grams per pound of bodyweight of protein the other group they gave 1.19 grams per pound of bodyweight of protein well what they found after four weeks was that there was zero change in body composition and strength zero change nothing between the two and what they found is by testing nitrogen balance is that the ideal amount is between 0.65 and point 8 grams per pound of body weight and when you’re in ketosis it might even be lower because you have levels of beta hydro ughter eight and you have levels of other hormones that are protecting your muscle even more so you may be able to get away with literally even a half a gram per pound of body weight which seems like so little you think you’re going to waste away but you’re not so there you have it 3 simple tips to making sure that you get the most out of ketosis that you can wrap your head around the science and not just jump on the bandwagon with everyone else it’s just telling you to eat a bunch of meat and cheese and get on with your day there is some science behind it there are some tips and tricks and if you harness those you can truly capture all the benefits there are to get of ketosis you don’t have to oxidize your body with a bunch of crap food you can do it right I’ll see you in the next video


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Keto Chicken Parmesan | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

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horns up and welcome to a brand new episode of head bangers kitchen we are your one-stop shop for everything with the keto diet we’ve got recipes we’ve got vlogs and all that jazz well actually all that heavy metal anyway if you’re new consider subscribing to the YouTube channel and you can click the bell icon and get notifications every time we upload a brand new video now about today’s recipe I wanted to do a classic dish and I wanted to make it keto and I wanted to take it to the next level and you know what came to my mind chicken parm oh yeah now you must be thinking I’ve already shown you guys how to make a marinara sauce and I’ve also shown you guys how to make keto breadcrumbs and do a keto fried chicken which I could just combine those two recipes and give you keto pump but no no I want to do more than that I want to take this recipe to the next level so today we’re not going to use any keto breadcrumbs we’re going to use Parmesan cheese and parsley oh yeah and we’re going to make that tomato sauce from scratch as well anyway enough jibber-jabber you can click here and watch the keto marinara sauce recipe and the fried chicken recipe as well and put it together if you like but for now enough jibber-jabber let’s go and make my new version of keto chicken parm so the first thing we’re going to do for our keto chicken parmesan is butterfly our chicken breast put a little bit of cling film over that and then you wanna well beat that breast you want to beat it nice and flat don’t beat it too much but yeah just beat it till it’s nice and thin and even now I didn’t do such a great job with the first one so well I did a second one and I figured I might as well cook it as well slightly better job but I did an even better job off-camera on the third chicken breast anyway the next thing we’re going to do is season our chicken with salt and pepper on both sides now you do not want to be too generous with the salt because it is a rather thin chicken breast but you want to season it on both sides now it’s time to make the keto breading for our chicken palm and I’m going to take one egg for the egg wash and I’m gonna add some Italian seasoning to that this is just a very generic Italian herb mix dried hook-and-eye give that all a good mix well beat the eggs actually and i iguana’s ready now for the actual breadcrumbs I’m going to grate about two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese and use the good stuff guys it makes a whole lot of difference to the taste and then I’m going to chop up some parsley and you want to chop this up really fine like it needs to be like parsley dust almost then in a plate I’m going to take that grated Parmesan and I’m going to add in the parsley to it and then I’m going to mix it all together and create a parsley and Parmesan breadcrumb which is not really bread crumbs but it’s well awesome now once that’s done it’s time to bring our chicken and we are going to dip that chicken very thoroughly in the egg mixture and then in the parmesan and parsley breadcrumb and then that’s it time to fry the chicken now to fry the chicken I’m going to heat up some olive oil in a non-stick pan and I’m also going to add some butter to that for a little additional flavor then once the pan is nice and hot I am going to fry that chicken in it now remember the chicken is beaten quite thin so it’s going to take hardly any time to cook maybe about a minute or a minute and a half on each side and once that’s done on one side flip it over now you also need to be a little careful because the parmesan might stick to the bottom of the pan in case it does don’t panic that’s going to be used to make our tomato sauce so chill out anyway once the first chicken breast is fried I’m going to fry the next one and well let it cook for a minute on one side flip it over and whoo yeah it looks good and don’t forget this will cook in a matter of minutes because it is really thinly beaten out and also chicken breast cooks really fast anyway once that’s done it’s time to make the sauce in the same pan with all the same oil that is in I’m going to add in some garlic and let that garlic brown now while that’s happening I’m just gonna chop two tomatoes very roughly and I’m going to puree it in my blender anyway once the garlic has brown we’re going to just pouring that Amadou sauce well that tomato puree that we pureed just a few seconds ago give that a good seasoning with salt because there’s no salt in the puree and then I’m going to add some chili flakes and some dried oregano and just give that all a good mix I’m also going to throw in a knob of butter for a more buttery flavor and then just cover it and let it cook for five minutes anyway after five minutes open up your pan give it all a good mix and taste your sauce for seasoning and then to finish our tomato sauce I’m going to chop up some basil and add that to the sauce and this is going to give it a lovely fresh flavor now it’s time to finish the chicken parm and I’m going to layer our tomato sauce in a cast-iron oven like dish I don’t know what this is actually called but any oven proof dish will do then I’m going to layer on our fried chicken [Music] and then I’m gonna slice up some fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and put that on top of our chicken and then this goes in your oven with the broiler setting on at the highest temperature to brown and melt the cheese on top now this shouldn’t take more than seven to eight minutes at the most ten minutes because remember your chicken is still going to continue to cook so you do not want to overcook it and that’s it oh yeah that’s out of the oven and I’m gonna finish it off with some more fresh new chopped basil and oh yeah look at that chicken parm it looks delicious mmm I’m just salivating watching a young young young anyway I’m gonna cut a little piece and show it to you yeah that looks so good anyway enough jibber-jabber time to taste alright folks so it’s time to taste the chicken parm and I can’t wait to dig in this is looking absolutely delectable I’m salivating cheesy chicken give me a minute Wow guys I have to let you in on a little secret this is the first time in my life that I’m actually eating chicken parm I have watched videos I have eaten things that are probably similar but I have never actually made a chicken parm and eaten it and I have to say that this is spot-on I mean there are a couple of pressure points while doing this recipe one of them as you may have noticed is that you could have some of the coating the palm actually stick to the pan so you want to just let it sort of crisp up and then it’ll sort of release itself from the pan it’s ideal to do this on a nonstick pan and what else I want to tell you definitely do not overcook the chicken because my chicken is cooked perfectly literally a minute and a half on each side and then in the oven it will cook the chicken all the way through because chicken breast tends to dry out really really quickly and you’ve got to make sure you don’t overcook it so yeah that’s my two little tips and tricks to keep in mind also oh my god this tomato sauce you know when I made the keto marinara sauce I think I had used canned tomatoes and for this sauce I used fresh tomatoes as you saw Wow I mean the it’s so vibrant and delicious I’m out of words I’m really happy with this I hope all of you are going to make this recipe at home take pictures tag headbangers kitchen on instagram I really want to see what you guys are going to do with this dish and you know what enough jibber-jabber I’m gonna see you on the next episode of headbangers kitchen Cheers and keep cooking whilst I go back to eating this delicious chicken parm hey folks I hope you enjoyed that recipe if you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat chicken click here and watch my eggplant parmesan recipe or if you want to listen to some of my music here’s a song that you can enjoy otherwise I hope you enjoyed the videos do follow me on insta Twitter and Facebook and I will see you on the next episode and Bank each other keep poking [Music]