The BEST Keto Diet Tips | Episode #1

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[Music] so I had absolutely no intention of vlogging at all today I brought the camera strictly so that I could film the Kenneth playing volleyball or at her tournament we are in the finals right now and we have the longest break ever right now we got done playing at 9 and it is now 12 p.m. and we still haven’t even played our second game so yeah anyways I thought that it would be a good opportunity since I’m getting ready to eat to show you what I am gonna have as my first meal I thought that it was a good example of eating keto on the go people seem to make people seem to want to make eating keto a lot more difficult than it has to be but it it’s so so easy and after a little while it just it becomes second nature like oh I you know I’ll have this and I’ll have that and I didn’t even pack a full meal today so I was under the impression because we’re seated third that we’d be able to go out and have our traditional meal you know after the tournament and it would be early enough and I would have to pack a meal but clearly that’s not the case and so I am thankful that I did pack a little something just to hold me over until we head to probably islands again one of the brilliant things about Quito is that you just don’t get hungry like I don’t want to say like hungry but you don’t get hangry where you’re about to like kill somebody in between your meals like people you know people will have breakfast that say 8:00 you know 9:00 a.m. or something like that and then by 10 11 o’clock they are so hungry they’re about to rip somebody’s head off it just it does not happen on keto it’s it’s amazing like I I can’t even describe it I will definitely be eating all of my calories as I do every single day so don’t think that because I’m doing keto I’m just I’m not eating I’m eating I just eat my calories later on in the day but in between those periods I just I’m not hungry I never feel like I have to kill somebody like I did you know before I did keto and then eating is just so much easier like it just becomes second nature like thinking about what you’re going to eat it’s like I’m going to have a protein and a fat something with minimal carbs and that’s it it’s just so nice and refreshing to not have to think about food all the time to not worry about you know when your next meal is and how fast you’re going to be able to grab some food it just you you don’t have to think about it it just becomes so effortless and the whole idea about like eating it’s just for me it’s just it’s fuel that’s it and so when I feel like I’m running out of fuel and I need something I eat if I don’t feel like I need fuel then I don’t eat and I think a big part of the reason why I’ve been so successful on keto is that I’m not I’m not eating a bunch of crap like I just again fuel for energy but also just fuel for my body I just overall I just feel so much better now I’ve never had any kind of four relationship with food never had any eating disorders or anything like that but I feel like on keto you just it might be a good option for people who have struggled with those kind of things just because you begin to think about food differently and you begin to think about it less because you’re so satiated between meals and just all throughout the day you just you you begin to not think about food in the same way the relationship with food is just different so I’m going to go ahead and show you what I packed and what I’m going to whip up real quick and there you go all right guys here we go easiest quickest keto meal ever I got everything ready last night and this is literally all I brought today for the tournament to eat I got avocado and a lime which I slice last night and then just put in this bag I got a I have a can of tuna this is from Trader Joe’s I brought a bowl so that I could mix it all up and then I’ve brought some vegetables I’ll open it up and show you what I have and then I have a drink all right protein in the macros on this would be for two servings total carbs zero protein would be 26 and 16 grams effects then I just take the avocado that I brought and I sliced it last night just in case I couldn’t find a knife today so you just put your avocado in and what I actually normally do is mash the avocado up first but I didn’t do that today so you just mix all that together and I also add some pink salt [Music] and some of the line again I also pre-sliced this so you just squeeze on some lime I use the avocado in place of mayo just because I’m not really a huge fan of mayonnaise unless I’m making it myself and I definitely can’t have any mayo that’s at restaurants or you know that you would buy somewhere else just because it has most of them have soy in it and I have a severe intolerance to soy so the avocado makes it super creamy and then the lime like you have to do this with lime you have to it is a must the other must have is Tajin stuff is so good it’s um chili lime like seasoning and then just mix it all together and there you go protein fat minimal carbs and really in avocado all you have is then you have the fat you have a little bit of protein and then the carbs you’re mainly fiber so super super easy nutrient dense teto meal clearly this is not a glamorous meal it’s not fancy it didn’t take me a ton of time to make but it gets the job done and this will easily hold me over for at least a couple hours actually normally put it on a salad but clearly today I don’t have a salad with me so I can either eat it just like this or I can just use the vegetables that I packed I have snap peas here I also have some cucumbers and in the last little container here I have bell peppers so there you go so easy effortless don’t over complicate this simple way of eating don’t overthink your food choices eat sufficient protein to support your lean body mass keep your carbs anywhere probably 20 to 30 grams net especially if you’re just starting out with keto and then depending on your goals whether it be for fat loss maintenance gaining weight that’s where you’re going to be able to use fat as a lever if you’re trying to lose weight then you’re going to want to keep your dietary fat lower if you’re in maintenance or trying to gain weight that’s when you’re going to be able to add more fats in go for nutrient-dense foods foods that are going to fuel your body and load up on as many vegetables as you can just as long as you’re staying within that keto carb range so again under 30 grams net for most people is going to work once you’ve been doing keto for a while you’ll be able to adjust carves a little bit more that’s it that’s key to easy-peasy [Music] you

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