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The Keto Diet Review | Does The Keto Diet Work? | My Experience 2017

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everyone and welcome back to my Channel today I am reviewing the keto diet book by Liana Vogel this is the book that I have been using my whole entire keto journey I had heard about keto back I think in December and it was the normal way that people eat ketogenic where it’s a lot of dairy it’s a lot of processed meats or meat in general feel like they just like they keep their carbs like below 20 grams of carbs and you can’t go above that and so a lot of them don’t really eat a lot of vegetables and I don’t know it just seemed very very strict for me and it didn’t seem that my paleo lifestyle at the time would be able to fit or adjust to eating keto without me kind of having to disbelieve what I had believed in the last few years where you know like eating Whole Foods and eating things that aren’t processed and eating a lot of vegetables and things like that in embark on the keto journey right away but what I was doing I was eating paleo and I had been doing like whole 30s every few months if you don’t know what the whole thirty is I’ll link the website below basically it’s like an elimination diet and so the first time that I did a whole 30 was back in like 2013 or 2014 maybe something like that I had gotten really good results like I had lost like nine of my like last stubborn pounds I’m really really great and so every few months I was like well I’ll just do a whole 30 and I’ll just feel great again and so I’m not sure if it was because when I first was a whole thirty they didn’t let you eat like white potatoes and I didn’t like sweet potatoes at that time so I think I was hardly eating any carbs but then last December when both my husband and I actually we did a whole 30 starting in January and you know we both had like he had like 20 pounds to lose I probably had yeah like 15 or so pounds to lose and we did this whole 30 and I made exactly the same food for both him and for myself so we weren’t eating anything different but we were eating a lot of like plantains white potatoes because those were allowed now and sweet potato like fries that I made all the time he ended up losing 17 pounds and I was even working out and my weight did not even budge like I looked exactly the same from when I started from 30 days later time I just saw that like something wasn’t working in my body I wasn’t exactly sure what it was that is very upsetting when you know you think that something is going to work and you have like 15 pounds to lose and it’s after the holidays and you know you’re like okay I’m gonna do everything right and then you do it all right and then like nothing worked like blew my mind so I was like okay I really need to start looking into this keto diet it’s a back story about me is my husband and I we got married over two years ago it was two years in August and I’ve always wanted a big family and so we’ve been trying to get pregnant for two years on something was wrong like you know we’re not getting pregnant what’s going on so we were gonna go start getting checked and we made an appointment for June and I actually started this keto diet in May and when Juden rolled around I actually canceled my appointment because I found out that I was pregnant I feel like I owe it all to the keto diet for getting pregnant I think that might have fix something with my hormones unfortunately after I got pregnant I didn’t stick with the keto diet and I just went back to like eating whatever I wanted I think that was a bad idea I did miscarry the baby at nine weeks and back to the beginning of trying to get pregnant again so I do think that my hormones must be off especially since I have a lot of symptoms with my hormones being off and I think that’s one of the reasons why it was hard for me to lose weight even just eating paleo when I was eating so many carbs I think that my hormones were just out of whack and I wasn’t eating enough fat with all that in I think it was April I heard about the keto diet by Liane Vogel and how it was different where hers was like paleo based it was still high fat and it was still lower carb but that it specifically made for women as my husband had such good results with the whole 30 and I was eating the same thing and I didn’t I was like well yeah it must be because I’m a woman like there’s something off and so this book has been it is filled with information her website is filled with information and she even has two ebooks that I also have one is called the Quito beginning and the other is called fat fueled and so if you have any kind of like hormone imbalances or thyroid him but imbalances or anything like that I would really encourage you she even has a podcast called the keto diet podcast I mean loads of information about women and how to lose weight or even body positivity love us just care so much about getting skinny we’re actually not caring about our moans and our health feel like the whole of society it just always is like Oh calories and calories out Oh what do you look like in a bikini like things like that and it’s really encouraging actually that you know she doesn’t think that way that it’s not just something it’s not a quick fix it’s not something that we can always control if when humans are out of balance the first time that I did this before I got pregnant I did lose about maybe six pounds or so I was following her meal plans in here then I got pregnant and I kind of gained all that back and some and so I’ve been trying to lose that weight since I miscarried but it’s actually been pretty hard I think that my hormones have been out of whack even more so things that are different from this compared to a regular keto diet she has you eating way more calories than anybody else would ever tell you to eat like most of the time it’s like oh you know you know only need to eat 1200 calories but with me even trying to lose weight I am eating 1,900 calories sometimes 2,100 if I’m working out it is amazing you need to listen to her podcast about calories and calories out where it talks about how like if you are only eating a little bit of calories that you’re slowing down your metabolism and eventually your body is just going to stop losing weight yes it works in the beginning but your body will stop losing weight it’s one thing that’s different is you get to eat a lot of calories with this her meal plans are dairy-free and paleo base I usually make everything dairy-free I did go dairy-free again just last month and I started now adding a heavy cream to my coffee but I try not to go too far to the extreme of just eating cheese all the time so I find that my body kind of has a lot of information when I eat a lot of dairy one of the other things that she does is she practises carbs which is essential for women most of the time she has plenty of information in this book she has a couple different plans classic keto would be pretty much the typical keto diet that you would normally eat and then she has ones for higher protein and she has ones for carb ups and so I usually do the classic keto which is you know you keep your carbs pretty low and you eat a lot of fat for about two weeks two weeks to a month whenever you feel like you’re bad adapted or if you’re testing ketone levels you can do that as well I just can tell that I’m not hungry anymore and then I get I don’t get hangry and then I move over to either a full keto which is one carb up a week or an adaptive fat burner which is every couple days or a daily fat burner which is where you carve up every day and that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna go out and eat like tons of pizza she still wants you to eat healthy carbs such as plantains or sweet potatoes or maybe white rice if you can tolerate it and you’re only having a little bit like a quarter gram per body weight and you we eat it at dinnertime it just really helps so that a lot of people say that on keto like their hair will start to fall out or their sleep starts to suffer and it just definitely ensures that that won’t happen to you meal plans are amazing I’m not gonna go into a whole bunch of detail she does have a list of like if you have medical ditions like if you have low thyroid like you should definitely be practicing carb ups because that can help you and will run spending upon what you do and so hers is so it has so much information based on even fasting what your plate should look like how to know you’re in ketosis how to eat more fat is what happens if you get the keto flu what you can do and it’s usually always eating whole foods that she gives you the option for at first it has a part of eating keto what you’re allowed to eat or you’re not allowed to eat and when it comes to vegetables like she says she doesn’t count her kale so she will eat tons of vegetables and still be in ketosis even though she’s eating you know 50 to 80 grams of carbs – how – she has how to make nut milks how long you should soak your nuts for so that it’s easier to digest just how to render fat she also has how to make bone broth in here she has quick meals and then she has a bunch of meal plans and then in back is a whole bunch of amazing recipes and I have made so many of these recipes and I have not been disappointed with any of these like so many of these even my husband loves there’s breakfast recipes there’s snacks there’s dessert there’s bread in here there’s iced coffee and he’s a lemonade and coconut whipped cream and carrot cake almond try truffles like coconut mounds and it’s just it is an amazing book and even or her other books I actually just purchased she has a holiday ebook so I’m going to be trying to do a Kido giving her Quito Christmas she has Quito hump camp I and I have just been really loving following her way of doing it it works for my body I’m not saying that it’s going to work for everybody but it works for me works for my husband he’s been on keto with me and he had lost 15 pounds in one month I just feel so much better like my mind is working better I feel like my mood is a lot better when I’m on keto listening to a lot of the podcasts and listening to doctors and nutritionists that she has like on the podcast I just really think that this is the way to eat with being high fat and moderate low carb or watching your carb intake and making sure you’re eating healthier carbs yeah I really encourage you to either just check out her website I will have all the links down below to her website to her ebooks to this cookbook let me know in the comments if you have gotten her book if you’ve ever heard of her before if you’ve watched her on YouTube or anything like that I would love to hear from you if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and thanks for watching

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