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[Music] hi everyone it’s cured with rifted living and thank you so much for tuning in to my channel but today I would like to share with you a video that I’ve been wanting to share for quite a while I’m so excited to be able to start this process and to be able to start sharing this process with all of you and so today I would like to share a video with you about thrifting after weight loss and really finding a wardrobe after weight loss if you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I have been doing Weight Watchers since October and I’ve lost about 15 pounds and I’m so happy with my progress and I just feel really comfortable in my skin and it’s just a really good feeling so I have been thrifting for probably the past month or so specifically thinking about items to wear that will flatter my body and flatter my new size really kind of trying to go outside of my comfort zone to be able to find different articles of clothing that might be a little more flattering than others that I have been wearing before you’re new to my channel welcome I am an elementary English as a new language teacher and here on my youtube channel I love to share videos about thrifting and crafting and DIY education upcycling just to name a few topic so if any of those topics uninteresting to you please make sure you hit the subscribe button below so you don’t miss my next video and give this video a thumbs up liking my videos really helps support my channel and it helps my channel grow so I would really appreciate it if you could give this video a thumbs up so this is only going to be part one of my wardrobe journey and really changing my wardrobe to suit my new body and my new size so what I would like to do for this video is to share with you guys everything that I’ve been finding and then as I share it with you I’ll just pop it on and I will give you like a try on as well so it’ll be part thrift haul part Tryon so without further ado let’s just jump right into the home so as I said this isn’t a complete wardrobe I’m not done yet and what I would also like to do is if you guys have any suggestions or any styling tips that you would like to share with me in the comments below that would be greatly appreciated I know that I tried to go thrifting several times and I thought I had like a style in mind and nothing just really fit me right so I would love your advice and your suggestions and I also have a Pinterest page where I will have a page dedicated to like wardrobe like weight loss wardrobe so if you guys would like to share any Styles would be on there feel free to go over to my Pinterest page which is thrifted living that’s my Pinterest page and give me any advice that you might have there so the first piece that I would like to with you and everything that I got was half off I really tried to stay within that high off range because if it doesn’t really work its way into my wardrobe it’s not like a huge loss so this is the first piece this is a long dress it’s a form-fitting dress and it is really fun now I picked this up it’s in Navy I picked this up because I love to layer things and I think that layering can be done right and it can be done in a way that’s flattering but this could also like if I was feeling very adventurous this could also just be worn on its own and it has like a cutout in the back which I really love it was $7.99 half off and the brand o is American Apparel no way I’ve actually never purchased anything from American Apparel love the collar I think it’ll be really cute with other pieces over it at least for me and my comfort level this next piece is something that I found when I was thrifting probably like the second or third time I went thrifting to try to find pieces for my new wardrobe this is a fun piece this is forever 21 and it’s this red really pretty like sweater dress now I really like this because for a couple reasons the one one reason I like it is that has like a cut like a turtleneck but it doesn’t have a seam on it which I thought was kind of nice like just like is like elongating it doesn’t like cut you here you know um but I also really liked the color and it was actually really flattering on me which I was surprised I didn’t think it would be it was $5.99 half off so I thought that was a really good deal only three bucks for this piece the next thing I picked up is this top it’s like a tunic dress this the tag has been cut out of it but it’s really cool so it has like this sheer panel right there and it’s like a peplum II type tunic top but it also has the sheer paneling and the arms and also along the bottom which I thought was really cool I don’t know I just think it’s a really cool piece and I’m excited to wear it with jeans and just look super chic I’m really excited that I found this I like pieces that have interest to them like you might notice a lot of times I find I wear things that are like peplums I’ll wear things that are like have like ruffles on them or lace I like those added details I’m really really drawn to that look and I don’t think I’ll ever not be drawn to that look so this kind of feels like um like a dance costume a little bit but I don’t care I’m gonna wear it and so that was $7.99 half off made it only four bucks excited to wear that with jeans the next piece is something definitely for spring or summer but it is this maroon red bodysuit like yes please and thank you I love body suits yeah this is probably not actually meant for what I’m gonna be wearing it for but I’ll definitely wear this with jeans doesn’t have a brand and it was five dollars half off as I said this isn’t a complete wardrobe yet I plan on doing more videos like this to kind of keep you guys informed as to how the whole process what the whole process is like um restyling my wardrobe but this next piece is definitely a brighter color than I usually get and it is this Arizona top was $5.99 half or $4.99 half off but I picked it mainly because of the color it’s not really picking up on camera but is this really pretty Coralie peach color and as I said earlier the lace design really sold me on it I like pieces that have added interest to them it’s I’m really drawn to that and I really think this little lace pattern is so sweet it’s really simple but really pretty so in Arizona I think is Walmart so yay for Walmart making a cute shirt so I picked that up it’ll be a good spring/summer transition piece or like a cold summer night piece the next thing I picked up is this top I’m actually planning on wearing this to yoga I think this would be good for yoga came from Marshalls it was $15 so at Marshall’s not at the thrift store it was $8 at the thrift store half off and I really like it because it is like a slouchy cozy top but again there’s that added little piece of interest in the back I’ve also picked up a scarf I really like the scarfs that I find at the thrift store I have really good luck with them I found this gray infinity scarf it’s nothing fancy I really liked the knit of it but I like it I like it a lot and I’m hoping that I don’t wear this out too quickly it was $2.99 half off so it was about 15 I think this might be something that I want to wear this is Lauren Taylor Wow I got some good finds I didn’t even look at the tag um the next piece I picked up is from Lord & Taylor design lab and again I think this would be something that I wear to yoga or to the gym or with jeans it could go either way but it is this really pretty gray knit top with a sheer panel underneath and as you guys can see I’m really obsessed with that like multiple layers different pieces different types of fabrics combined like this has cutouts on the side I just really like that extra interest into what I choose to wear so this is a ledger piece and as I said I really like wearing stuff like this to yoga just as like an extra layer or if it’s just cold on the day you know what I meant when I’m at the gym I don’t mind wearing that um during like yoga not during like a cardio class and this one was three ninety-nine half off so this was only two bucks flirting Taylor two bucks maybe if I don’t it doesn’t work on my wardrobe I’ll pop it on Poshmark this next piece isn’t going to be one of those pieces that really is like oh it’s form-fitting in it really flatters your body nope that’s not what this next piece is for this next piece is for in future Disney trip whenever we can go back to Disney who knows when that is going to be but tada just a plain Mickey sweatshirt I think it’s really cute you guys know I like Disney World like graphic tees and I’m hoping maybe the next time you go it could be during like a colder weather because um it’s really hot going in this summer so I picked that up for $4.99 half off made it to 50 now this next piece I just made sure how I feel about this next piece but I thought it was interesting and I’m going to try and wear it and see how it looks and see what people think of it it is this pink floral e dressed thing it’s definitely like a jumper it definitely needs something underneath it Oh where’s that where is that thing please let this be perfection oh snap guys I think I might have just made an outfit I think I might have just made an outfit whoo I could wear this red thing underneath it it would look amazing I wish I could have had this at Valentines Day I’d be so cute but it’s like just this plain flour jumper type thing and um yeah your guys are gonna love it or hate it I kinda don’t want to show Kili that’s because I think she’s gonna hate it but like look that is the exact same color I’m so excited but I like how it has like pleats at the bottom I don’t know this is like on the outside of my comfort zone but there was something I just really liked about it I don’t know what it was is now that I’m looking at it again but whatever I’m gonna try it and again if I don’t like it it’ll go back to where it came from I want to show this to you next it is this skirt from the brand three flags California dryclean only and it’s this really pretty like satin skirt it’s long it’ll be probably mid-shin on me but I really like it oh praise and it has like a crinoline you know some tulle and stuff underneath it I could even work for like a Halloween costume or wear it for like a fitzy event which I never go to so this was six dollars half off the next piece I’m really excited about this next piece is a legitimate thing and I could definitely wear it so it was $9.99 half off it is from the brand be sue be sue Michelle Bob Bob ed bah bah a beast to be sue it’s this really pretty black dress this is definitely like an evening dress type thing I wish it was in a different color but there’s definitely an occasion to wear a black dress but I like it because it has little spaghetti straps has a little bit of a flow or your top and then from the waist down it has like pleating I know if you guys can really see it um I think that this would be really pretty for like something in the summer at night I just really liked it and for I thought for 5 bucks it was a really good deal this next thing I found I’m really excited about I think I said earlier I don’t really find jewelry that much but I found this necklace and I thought it would be really pretty with so many different pieces and it is this like blue and brown necklace and it has like I almost want to call it like Beatles like it looks like the shells of Beatles I’ll definitely get a little closer so you guys can see it was 399 and half off so the next thing I found was this bag it was three dollars half off but I thought this was just a really interesting bag it’s this grey bag has these metal handles it has like a little gold feet on the bottom it’s not very structured at all but I thought it could be fun like when I go to I could probably fit my computer in this I might not though because it doesn’t feel very strong I’m going to like Panera to get work done or something for school I could even you know pop my like notebook and stuff like that in here it can handle stuff like that I would say but I really liked the handles and I thought the handles were interesting and for three dollars half off you can’t beat that I found this coat it was $7.99 half off I believe it was half off this is something where I can show you it up close but like you’re gonna just have to see it on to get the real appreciation of it it just has these really cool sleeves on the side where it’s not actual sleeve it’s in between a cloak and a coat I’m going to have to have it dryclean because it does have a couple spots on it I picked that up and for 350 no four dollars definitely a good deal now I will share with you the shoes only two pairs but one of them I’m super excited about so the first pair these are definitely this is definitely something we’re going to wear in the spring it’s from the brand Cupid which this is actually the second pair of shoes that I found from the brand Cupid within the past a couple weeks I think but I really like them these are more like I feel like more professional than the shoes I usually get they were $4.99 and a half off size six and a half and the last pair of shoes that I want to share with you we’re like you know those moments at the thrift store when you see something and you’re like my gosh like please let that be in my size or like that’s here because it was meant for us to find each other like those types of moments I had that moment with these shoes and it was wonderful so let me share them with you these are my absolute this might be one of my favorite finds ever oh my gosh okay it’s not really picking up oh there you go these are navy bamboo shoes that’s the brand bamboo and they’re like velvet heels with like a simple little toe strap right there and they’re just absolute perfection I’m so excited about these shoes they’re just so pretty like I definitely have to find the right outfit to wear would them and in any other color I would have said mm I might have said yes in any other color but like Navy this shoe is just like my everything so cute I just have to find the right outfit to wear it with and these were only $5.99 and I believe they were half off but they actually might have been full price actually know what I think they were full price because I was debating like do I get these or do I not get them I have to get them and that’s it for this thrift haul in Tryon video I hope that you enjoy seeing everything that I’ve been finding at the thrift store for my new body and for my new wardrobe that I’m working eyes are just the first couple videos in a series that I would like to share with you as I said in the video if you have any ideas as to how I can style these pieces or any other ideas of styles that you think would look good on somebody who is losing weight please share them with me on Instagram or on Pinterest I would love to talk with you guys more about it because I definitely need some more inspiration and some more guidance when it comes to this don’t forget to check out my blog at thrifty living blog comm please follow me on instagram at thrift of living and if you don’t have an Instagram but would like to stay up-to-date with what I’m doing you can follow me on facebook at 1st of living page please like subscribe and share thank you so much for watching bye [Music]

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