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[Music] what’s up guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be on my top 10 tips tricks hacks on weight loss so this is pretty much what I’ve learned throughout my weight loss journey and just things that have really worked for me that hopefully work for you so I’m going to try to get through these as quickly as possible if you are new to my channel click that subscribe button right now if you do enjoy this video or you find it helpful don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and follow me on my Instagram and my snapchat and let’s get right on to the video my number one tip would be to stop worrying about the number on the scale so this was something I struggled with right off the bat in my weight loss journey because I was literally so excited that I was weigh myself every single morning to see if I had lost any weight but the problem is that there is a lot of things that can go into that and you can be gaining water weight you can be gaining muscle mass which weighs more than fat while still burning and losing fat and you can weight more than you did before so it can be very discouraging and your motivation levels will go down if you start seeing the number on the scale go up so instead I’ve always recommended that you guys use a measuring tape but I also came across this new gadget that vanity planet actually reached out to me to see if I wanted to try it out and I absolutely have been loving it this is the body analyzer by vanity planet this body analyzer will not only measure your weight but the most important part is that it will give you your body fat percentage your muscle mass your bone density and also the water weight that is currently in your body since it does take into account your age your gender your height your activity levels and your body fat and muscle mass and all of that it’s gonna give you much more real and accurate results that are going to show you like that you are losing weight or that you are gaining muscle whatever your goals may be I definitely think that sometimes a scale is necessary because you kind of just want to know where all your hard work is going so this would definitely be a great alternative to the basic regular scale which I would just say throw out your balcony because I’ve literally cried stepping on a scale before so if you are interested in this body analyzer make sure to check the description box below where I will have a link or code for you guys to get 60% off your body analyzers so it’s going to have a lot of great information much more than a regular scale and you guys will get it very really really good price so make sure you check that in the description box and my tip number two is to replace any process or refined foods with high fiber foods or whole foods these foods are very high in fiber which is going to fill you up and also keep you fuller for longer while also helping with your digestive system because they are very easy to digest so these foods include like oats legumes fruits and vegetables and pretty much anything that is high in fiber so my tip number three is probably one of the most unnoticed weight loss mistakes so if you are a big soda and fruit juice drinker even Gatorade what you’re not noticing is that you’re consuming anywhere from a hundred to four hundred calories per drink and around 50 grams of carbs and sugars in those drinks so right there if you ask me I much rather have like a chocolate bar or some gummies and eat my sugars rather than drink my sugars so stay away from sodas completely and fruit juices like super sugary fruit juices and swap them out for of course water because you can’t beat water you can also have a kind of tea and you can also have lemon or fruit infused waters so sometimes I like to add a little bit of that carbonated water and it gives me that like really bubbly taste and then I just add some lime or lemon or even some cucumbers strawberries blackberries to my water and it tastes like fruit water and a little bit sweet but you’re not consuming all those sugars and processed additives that they add to those sodas and along with that I would recommend having one glass of water before every meal so when I say before I mean anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes before your meal I wouldn’t say right before because you can mess around with that acidity in your stomach and your stomach needs those acids to break down those foods so if you would drink a lot of water right before your meal or during your meal then you’re only kind of slowing down that breakdown process so try to drink it 20 to 30 minutes before and always keep a water bottle around you so my tip number 4 is to hit the gym and hit those weights so don’t go and become a cardio bunny and just sit at the elliptical for two hours because right there you’re just burning out but I’m saying do bodyweight exercises or just simple weights if you’re just starting off if you begin to lift weights and do strength exercises you’re going to build more muscle mass which is going to help increase your metabolism and burn a lot more fat even if you’re just at a resting state so therefore whatever you do if you have more muscle you’re going to be burning a lot more calories and a lot more fat so remember to hit those weights they’re not going to make you bulky they’re not going to make you manly if you eat the right stuff now tip number five is to create cutoff times as far as meals and foods so for example I like to cut off fruits and high carb foods by 3:00 p.m. most of the time unless I’m doing like a very heavy leg day and I want to just go really high on my carbs but I like to cut them out because most likely after 3 p.m. I’m going to be more calm and probably on my house just hanging out because I already worked out in the morning and I’m not going to be able to burn all those calories and carbs and sugars by the end of the day so I like to have them in the morning so that they feel me for my workout or for pretty much my entire day and I like to have them either for breakfast and lunch and then by 3:00 p.m. cut them off and I like to also have a pretty early dinner so try to do dinner around anywhere from 6 to 8 the latest depending on how let you go to sleep and what works with your schedule but try to not eat anything after 8 p.m. tip number six is to always stock up on healthy snacks so I’m somebody who’s always home because I pretty much work from home and I’m always editing videos on the computer or doing schoolwork on the computer or even filming so the fact that I have my kitchen just a few steps away from me is a problem because I always want to be snacking so make sure that when those cravings kick in and you just want to have something you have something healthy to get that craving out some healthy snacks that I like to have our cucumbers with lime some carrots you can even have a little bit of hummus sometimes I also make myself a salad with a lot of veggies or even some fruits like strawberries or berry something not too high in sugars and also if you are talking about a much much worse craving for like chocolate just swap it out for some dark chocolate and make sure that it’s like a real dark chocolate that it’s not like super processed so tip number seven would be to stop eating out and start buying your own food and cooking it at home this is going to be essential for your weight loss journey because if you’re eating out as healthy as a place may seem you don’t know exactly what they are putting into your food so they can say grilled chicken but they can be adding a lot of stuff to that chicken as far as seasoning oils or just the way that they cook it or even where they get their chicken you really just don’t know so it’s better if you just cook it at home it helped me a lot when I started meal prepping so just keep that in mind and I know that it’s not possible to like never eat out and I personally eat out pretty often but when I do I make sure I modify whatever it is that I’m eating so for example when I go to a taco place most of the time at this taco place I just get the bowl that they have it’s a salad bowl so it’s pretty much the same chicken that they would put in the taco but they put it on top of a spring mix salad and they still add the avocado cilantro tomatoes onions and everything it just doesn’t have the tortilla and well the fried tortilla which it’s kind of the most fatty and carb full part of the taco so just ask for modifications restaurants are pretty lenient about this so if you see that they have a fried chicken just ask for it grilled or if you want to get a salad make sure you don’t get any Caesar blue cheese or ranch dressings even some vinaigrettes can be very high in carbs so just make sure that you ask for no dressing and you just ask for some balsamic vinegar or a little bit of olive oil and lemon and that way you’re not consuming all of your calories in a dressing tip number eight is to continue to learn and educate yourselves this is what helped me the mole because everything that I am telling you guys through my videos I’ve learned on my own through my fitness journey and also through everything that I’ve researched and the books that I’ve read and just from personal experience because you always have to keep educating yourself whether that is through a fitness magazine or a diet or fitness blog there’s people on YouTube who are also certified and have a lot of great information just take a notepad and start writing it down some like good points that you don’t want to forget and even just Google like anything that I don’t know effort I just Google Google will give you a great answer you can’t believe everything that you read but for the most part it’s always good to know like as much information as possible about the things that you’re eating and just really educate and become more knowledgeable about the food that you’re going to be consuming for the rest of your life because if you can have a healthy body and you can feel good like to me there’s no better gift in life than that so take care of your body and just be more knowledgeable about the foods that you’re consuming so tip number nine is to stay occupied this is something that I am so guilty of because since I’m always home I always want to be eating so when I’m home I always try to just do like a random spa day or um I decide to paint my nails paint my toes or do a hair treatment whatever it is that’s going to keep you occupied do it because if you are distracted and you’re occupied doing something chances are you’re not going to be worried about eating especially because sometimes I have like the hungriest of days and I literally just can’t stop eating I just grab Olli put his leash on and I go for a walk and I sit at the dog park and I’m like I’m going to sit here for an hour because this hunger is gonna make me literally binge eat everything in my sight so just make sure that you’re always doing something pick up a hobby knitting a drawing painting doing your nails whatever it is that you need to do but stay occupied and my tip number 10 would be to join a gym so this can be any kind of gym you can go to a boot camp class type of gym a boxing gym Pilates yoga whatever it is that keeps you motivated and that you enjoy doing join this helps because when you get a membership most likely it’s going to be for like a year and if you pay for it with your hard-earned money chances are you’re gonna go whether you want to or not you’re gonna go because you don’t want that money to go to waste so working out is great for weight loss and for me personally when I joined the gym it just helped me out so much because it keeps my schedule on track so for me I go to Legacy fit in Wynwood in Miami which I have spoken to you guys for the longest time about I’ve been going there for almost two years and I absolutely love it why because there’s classes from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at night so whatever my schedule might be that day I know if I can’t make it in the morning which is when I normally go I will make it in the afternoon no matter what there’s a class for me and there’s a class for anybody because no matter what time you work chances are you’re going to be able to make it to one of those classes so for me it’s very important to have a schedule and kind of set goals for myself for the week and because I don’t work outside of my house I don’t have like a time that I need to get to work or a time that I need to get to school because I’m doing online and I’m working from home so for me my workouts are what get me up in the morning so I could choose to wake up at 11 or 12 p.m. because I don’t really have to start working at any time of the day but because my bootcamp class is at 9:00 a.m. I make sure I wake up at 7:30 every morning and I get to my workout class and my day is started right there no matter if I get 2 hours of sleep 6 hours of sleep or 10 hours of sleep I’m there at the class and that just kind of keeps a routine and a balanced lifestyle and I make sure that no matter what I have going on during the day if I get just one hour of my day to get to the gym I got it out of the way and then I can do whatever I want with my date like that’s pretty much a must for me and when you join a gym membership I feel like it helps you do that especially if it’s like a group class like the boot camp that I go to because the people will just motivate you or you can make friends or you can go with friends you can go with family anything that you want but just it’s a good environment for anybody that’s trying to like keep themselves motivated and I just absolutely love it so if you do live in the Miami area I even think they have one in South Carolina I’m not sure so I need people in South Carolina and I know they just open one in Dubai which is crazy but I will leave all the information to my gym here because I absolutely love it and it’s just amazing it’s called Legacy fit you can find them on Instagram at no days off and yes we actually have classes from Monday through Sunday so literally no days off and I just love it if you guys are in the area try it out your first class is free and if you want to go and you live in Miami just let me know and I’ll be super happy to go with you if it’s your first time whatever it is come with your girlfriends and we’ll all do the class together it’s super fun I love it and you’re gonna get a great workout alright guys so that’s it for this video these are all my ten tips tricks hacks for weight loss I literally have used this in my weight loss training myself and it worked for me there literally I sat down and I thought about the 10 top things that I could recommend to you guys that had helped me out and these were it so I hope you guys found this video helpful I know how hard losing weight can be and just sticking to your fitness journey but if you did find it helpful don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up leave me any requests of videos that you guys want to see in the future and if you’re not subscribed to my channel like always don’t forget to click that subscribe button and follow me on my Instagram and my snapchat and until next time I’ll see you guys later I [Music]

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