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Top 5 Keto Tips | What I Wish I Knew When I Started

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hey guys it’s ashli and today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about my five top tips for starting keto and how you can make the experience a little smoother and a little better maybe because often times it’s a little uncomfortable when you first begin so I thought I’d give you a couple tips to help you out so my first tip is be prepared to be a little tired and not feel quite so awesome and one great thing to do is pick up a bunch of electrolytes make sure your water is readily available also maybe pick up a few supplements that might help you kind of get through the initial hard part which is really just the first three or four days so when you first switch to keto they have what you call the keto flu or the carb flu and what that basically means is that your body is adjusting from running solely on carbs to running on fats so you’re burning off all the carbs that were in your body beforehand and then all of a sudden your body’s like well crap like there’s nothing left for energy for me and you kind of get that tired and rundown and sluggish feeling a lot like if you had a traditional flu but what it is is it’s your body realizing okay I can’t burn anything else off of carbohydrates and I’m going to have to switch to fat and sometimes that transition takes not only a few days but also kind of takes a toll on your body so I think that’s the point where a lot of people kind of start to question why they’re doing this and you start to feel sort of like oh like this is never going to get better and but it does and so the first tip is really just to make sure that you have a lot of electrolytes available and if you’re like me and you do more of a Whole Foods keto I stayed away from sports drinks or you know Powerade or anything like that even the diet versions because I don’t really eat a lot of fake sugars so to speak and instead I stocked up on some magnesium supplements which really helped I was taking 500 milligrams at night and I added a pink Himalayan sea salt to my water and I made a pretty salty like I have a 16 ounce glass I’ll show you guys and I added quite a few cranks in there just like it kind of tasted I knew that I was replenishing my electrolytes that way and the other thing that I did was I got a just kind of a cheap potassium supplement from Target I think it was 200 milligrams or something like that and I I took one of those at night before I went to sleep and that kind of seemed to help me kick out of that carb flu a little bit faster I’ll probably do an entirely different video what just on the carb flu but wanted to touch on that because definitely those three supplements and drinking a lot of water is my first tip on on the keto diet so my second tip is to kind of rid the house of everything that isn’t compliant with what you’re doing and I know this can be hard if you have significant others or children or and people in your household that aren’t doing the same diet that you’re doing for instance my husband and eats whatever I make for dinner so it’s kind of half keto but he also eats you know more carb heavy stuff and I didn’t throw it away I’m obviously not a proponent of wasting food but if you’re somebody who’s easily tempted it might be worth it to just put it in a drawer or stick it on top of the fridge or something where maybe only that person can grab it and you’re not just staring at it all day because it can be pretty easy to cheat sometimes I think especially in the beginning my third tip for when you’re starting keto is don’t be worried really about how much you’re eating I see that a lot with people when they first start talking about keto is and I did the same thing you know I came from tracking macros from an if it fits your diet kind of flexible dieting and eating plan right before this and then I kind of switched over to keto and at first I started thinking you know oh my gosh I’m eating so many you know nuts and cheeses and meat and I’m adding oil to everything and I just kind of had this panic moment of I know how many calories I typically eat a day and I just felt like I was eating so much more than that and I it freaked me out I didn’t want to gain a whole bunch of weight from switching my eating style and I hadn’t yet done enough research on it to really sort of feel confident in that I wasn’t going to put a whole bunch of weight on and but it’s definitely too distracting your first couple of weeks to try to track your macros macros while also doing keto for the first time and I found you know everybody talked about not being hungry the first you know few days on keto whereas for me I felt like I was starving all the time because I was no longer having carbs in my diet so it really helped me to just say okay you can have whatever you want to have you know make yourself full it just has to be on this keto plan and so I really the first couple of weeks just ate however much I wanted to if I was hungry at night I had some cheese or some nuts I’m also hot or pepperoni or I lunched me you know non process no wheat I had nothing added lunch meat or leftovers from dinner and I just kind of went with the flow on that and it only took me you know maybe like a week and a half before I finally kind of started to feel okay that hunger is going away a little bit and and now I am back to kind of watching my macros in addition to doing keto and um it’s just not as hard for some reason after the first week the first week was horrible I could never like track my macros and do keto and the same way it would just be too hard and I probably would have gotten off of it so third tip is definitely don’t worry about tracking your first week you will probably lose a bunch of water weight anyway and it’s important that your body has all the fat it needs when it’s looking for it as it starts to burn it for fuel my fourth tip from when you first start keto is to do your research I mean this is a whole different lifestyle change your family and friends are probably going to be wondering what you’re doing or maybe your co-workers if all of a sudden you’re packing just meat and cheese and nuts and olives and oils for lunch when you’re used to you know grabbing fast food with them and and it’s really good I think to you know know why you’re doing it if it’s and I may not be on more than just losing weight you know like we all have a goal and but they’re the reason that you’re doing keto you know might be for something physical initially but once you start doing research on the diet you’ll learn that it really has a lot of health benefits and I think knowing those and kind of being able to talk to what about what you’re doing if you choose to gives you good fuel and keeps you from being too frustrated when people say like oh you have to have carbs to live and I could never be on that restricted of a diet and you know for me it’s easier for me to just say gosh you know I did a ton of research and this is kind of what I believe is the healthiest way of eating for me and I really don’t feel that deprived like and that’s me being honest I think you can make anything keto and and you know still reap the benefits of not having a bunch of carbs and sugar in your diet so but it’s good to have a you know some type of explanation of what you’re doing because people will be curious and at the same time it’s good for you to do the research and figure out you know for yourself is this the type of lifestyle I want to lead and what are the benefits of this and those that research kind of helps you through the hard times too and when you might be feeling a little less motivated it’s helpful to know the back of your head more of the science behind it and why it works so well and and why you’re choosing to do this my fifth tip is to try to make the process as fun as possible and for me I like cooking and baking and so when I decided to try the keto diet I pulled up a bunch of recipes that I wanted to try and make and some different new things that maybe we hadn’t made before or or new takes on things that my husband and I like to eat a lot so we’re like we always have tacos you know so figuring out a way to keto thigh that and and and give yourself something to look forward to I think when you start thinking about the restriction portion of it you know all the stuff you can’t have you forget about a lot of the stuff that you can have you probably haven’t had for a long time like for me I you know used to stay away from cheese because when I was doing if it fits your macros my fat macros were lower than my full really low and I had pretty high carb macros so I tended to eat a lot more of those like carb heavy foods and stayed away from sort of the more fatty fatty foods and so for me it was kind of a treat to get to say like oh I can have all the cheese I want or I’m gonna put extra cheese on this or you know not going to overboard and obviously but or things like nuts and peanut or not peanut butter because peanut butter is not really Quito but almond butter and sunflower seed butter and I have a little bit of dark chocolate now at night which I never used to be able to fit into my macros because my fats were so low so you got to kind of look at the the pluses of it like what what new stuff do you get to eat that you weren’t really eating before or if you were eating everything before and you know what are some new things that you haven’t tried in a long time or you know what’s a good way to kind of queue to Phi your favorite food and I think those you know having some fun with it can make things more enjoyable too and then obviously as you get further into it you’ll start to see results and that’s very motivating as well okay well thanks for joining me those were my five keto tips subscribe to my channel if you want to hear more about the keto diet or I’m planning on doing some you know healthy living lifestyle stuff I like to incorporate a lot of natural products into my you know beauty regiment and I like I love grocery shopping so I like going to store and finding kind of new and exciting food options and um and workouts as well I have kind of a little garage gym so I’ll probably be taping a few of those and Dad thanks so much for joining me I really look forward to having you again soon

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