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hey guys welcome back to my channel
thank you so much for tuning in again I thank you thank you thank you thank you so today in the video we have weight loss stuff I know you guys love this stuff I love this stuff I’m like why not bring more of it so basically you know how in the summer you’re going on vacation but you kind of forget to do exercises and lose weight throughout the whole year so you’re like down to like five days one week maybe two weeks it’s your lucky three weeks if you’re real lucky three weeks or say it’s not vacation say you’re coming on up on a wedding and you want to look good you just want to forget look good and it’s last minute you need to lose extra five pounds ten pounds like whatever or cut out the beginning of school I know everybody starting school and you want to like look so snatched you want to look so lit for the beginning of school well this is what you’re gonna need to do okay so I’m just going to give you three of my top things right now for you to lose weight like right now like emergency like overnight and over the next like three days just lose weight and right now now disclaimer I don’t really believe in diet this is not for a long term they’re not going to do this for a week and then be skinny for your whole entire life okay you’re going to have to do this it’s going to have to be a lifestyle change okay so just understand that I know that and I want you to know that this is not for a lifestyle change this is for my people they need to lose weight right now for like a specific reason or like for a specific evening okay no that’s okay so now over here in the light way so the first thing to do is you need to lose weight right right now is ditch all of your drinks okay all your carbonated drinks so that means all your sodas all your juices or your energy drinks all your anything that is not water digit digital okay digital because that’s sugar and with too much sugar you get insulin resistance with insulin Reserve ticket can you keep it hungry you just keep on eating and you keep on getting better so throw those out right now okay throw those out all you need to be drinking for these next couple of days to lose all the way the chanita lose is water okay just water right now that’s it don’t worry about anything else just water right now if you have to juice throw it out okay or let somebody owes drink it because right now it’s not for you okay okay so for the next one you’re going to need to eat clean okay so no meat okay nobody and it’s going to be hard no meat no dairy that’s the hardest one for me I think dairy is the hardest one no different okay cut that out cut it no meat no dairy what else pretty much just first two just vegetables and nuts and berries like literally that’s it that’s all you need this are you going to eat these in a couple of days if you want to lose all this weight I know it’s going to be hard but if we want to drop it right now and I mean right now drop all that stuff and eat clean so for the next one you’re going to need to move around okay you’re going to need to move around you’re going to need to do some type of exercise or something okay I’m not a big fan of exercise but actually I have a big F something coming up but I’m going to be doing exercise okay you’re going to need to do this if you want to drop that weight right now you’re going to have to move your body around so you’re burning those calories you’re burning the fat okay I suggest doing something that is not going to waste your time so I am NOT going to sit around and do push-ups and sit-ups and crunches okay do a full body workout okay you need to do your low on time so do something that you’re going to do it right now and you’re going to workout your entire body alright so something like running okay you’re working out your arm because you’re pumping you’re working out with your foot you’re working out your legs and your thighs okay I have to pick up summer she still looks sick she’s so sad so my guys she’s almost one look in her shoe boom okay so anyway so back to exercise okay so you’re going to want to do something that is going to work out your entire body looking for something like running and then maybe bare but very cold I want to put that in your life bear crawl if you haven’t heard of it go ahead and Google that okay that’s going to be like a full-body workout okay if you do climbing like rock climb and stuff like that I would not suggest walking okay a break walk isn’t going to get it for you a little walk that’s not going to drop anything for you if you’re doing like a little baby if you’re doing speed walking maybe they’re right did it for you but that’s just a meet I don’t know but those are my three things if you have anything else that you feel it’s going to help you for a life minute weight loss let me know write it down below and I’ll do another video but these things I assure you 100% you’re going to see a difference in 24 hours for short but if you do like a whole week’s you definitely have to see a difference don’t expect to be 10 pounds lighter overnight okay don’t expect that but you’ll see a difference okay look again have a wonderful wonderful beautiful day I saw my baby and I’m excited

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