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hi guys and welcome to my channel today I’m gonna be sharing with you some weird weight-loss hacks that can help you lose weight really really fast these weight-loss hacks definitely wouldn’t be something that you would use if you wanted like long-term weight loss or if you had a lot of weight to list this is definitely something that you would use if you just had a couple pounds to lose or if you were going to a big photo shoot or maybe your wedding was in a couple of days or you had a big event because most of these hacks are actually just losing water weight but let me go ahead and share these hacks with you the very first weight loss hack that I have for you is getting a deep tissue massage you may have heard of this before but when you get a deep tissue massage you are releasing a lot of toxins that are trapped and stored inside your muscles and when you release the toxins you release water weight as well that’s all that’s why you eat here a lot of people with a massage your muscles the miss I think they call them masseuses maybe that’s right I don’t know if I’m wrong let me know but um you the masseuse is well down that’s you they’ll tell you to drink a lot of extra water after getting massages because of dehydration and the amount of water weight that Joel is some people can lose like a pound or two pounds some people can lose as much as five pounds after a deep tissue massage so that is my first weird weight loss hack the next weird weight loss hack that I have for you is actually ice therapy this concept that was the first time I ever heard it was from Tim Ferriss is for our body if you’ve ever heard of 4-hour body let me know let me know that I’m not the only one but um I actually heard about this concept and there’s two different variations but actually heard us about this concept and when I heard about it I was like wow you’re crazy and the only reason that I actually tested it was because I wanted to prove the guy wrong I was like that is so crazy there’s no way but when I went to go ahead and prove this guy wrong I found out that he was actually right so what it means is you can do the ice therapy or the ice baths and they kind of had the same purpose but ones like getting extreme results and ones like more it takes a couple more days for a therapy what you would do is maybe there’s a spot on your body that have a little bit of extra fat I know a lot of people say that you cannot target fat but when it comes to a therapy they have scientifically proven that you can target fat so what will you do let’s say let’s use for example let’s say the lower abdominals let’s say that you have a little layer of fat you just want gone and what you would do for maybe 20 minutes a day while you’re watching a program where you’re just reading a book or relaxing it you would just put like an ice pack or a bag of ice on your tummy and since it’s so cold it would cause your cells to heat up and burn a lot of ATP and burn calories which would in return burst start burning fat so that is the concept and then if you do the ice bath your whole body’s emerged so your whole body is generating more heat and trying to warm back up so you’re born in even more calories this mechanism wouldn’t be something that you would lose weight like if the second you did it it wouldn’t be as instant gratification but you would see results in there I think it’s in like a five day period is what Tim Ferriss says but you would have to check out that book for sure but what you do is you kind of add it on so you would add that little weight-loss hack on to whatever you’re doing so if you’re eating clean and you’re working out and you added that on to the area that you’re troubled or the having tricky time it would increase your weight loss significantly and then it also helped that target area go away a lot quicker which is really weird when you think about it because I’ve just never thought of anyone that I know when they’re losing weight like sit around with ice packs or sitting an ice bath yeah the concept in general like when I stop and sit and think about it is just sound so forth but that is my next weight-loss hack another weight locks hack that I have for you it’s actually an Epsom salt bath I usually do these once a month Epsom salt baths have been used for a really long time to actually help with like healing your body if you’re really really sick a lot of people will take it up to the salt baths and it will pull out the toxins just like the tissue massage but instead is in a and you don’t have to do the massage part and you look at the box and figure out what ratio you want to do different detoxes different plans to different amounts and you would just after the bath you’re literally whenever I do them I’m usually two to three pounds later and then in the morning and like I said it is definitely water weight because it’s pulling from your skin and I usually like to hydrant myself after I do them because I don’t want to see the number go down because I do know that it’s water weak but if you do want to lose a couple pounds that is another hack another thing that you can do for a weight loss hack is actually have a tablespoon of coconut in the morning I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this concept but a lot of people talk about like implementing healthy fats can help you lose weight but when you implement healthy foods especially like early in the morning or adding fats like having avocado or having a tablespoon of coconut oil your body recognizes that you already have fat in your storage so it’s okay with releasing other fat body fat so it’s kind of like a test for a task okay I have enough stored away you’re feeding me fat so I’m okay with getting rid of you know your extra body fat so it’s kind of that concept and it actually does work like I said this is not another one that’s gonna be insert gratification but over time you’re definitely gonna see some results the last weight-loss hack that I have for you is not actually helping you lose weight but it’s in the process of helping you lose weight and it is including cinnamon – like maybe your smoothies or maybe – your breakfast in it really if you know about cinnamon you know that cinnamon has some really cool properties in it but one of the weight loss properties that it has is it actually decreases your appetite significantly so if you are a person that has a lot of cravings and you are not good with controlling your cravings cinnamon can definitely help decrease your appetite and just kind of control your overall food intake so those are all my weird weight-loss hacks let me know in the comments below if you think any of these are absolutely crazy and if you have ever tried any weight loss hacks that have actually worked let me know in the comments below or if you’ve heard of something like oh my gosh I’ve heard of this this and this and I’ve never tried it but sorry I’ve heard of it let me know in the comments below – because I love hearing about like whether it be like dietary plans whether it be weight-loss hacks I love hearing about that stuff I think it’s so fascinating so let me know in the comments below if you have any interesting things that maybe I didn’t know though also if you like this video give it a thumbs up and if you are new to my channel and the subscribe button is rutted down there make sure you click it make sure that you become a subscriber alright friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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