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my salut my first wave is this meeting when July 31st there’s the day you’re to see it till our servicemen scale okay so the scale says 208 until 8.4 at home just documenting the journey okay so we’ll see how far I get and what I do this is just a diary okay I remember feeling heavy like seriously heavy overweight I was happy with my mental mind state but I wasn’t happy with the reflection that I was seeing in the mirror and I remember thinking to myself I want to change I want something different for my body for my lifestyle I want to do something really really drastic and I want to feel the doughnut and I knew that I was a type that if I didn’t adopt a lifestyle that I can stick to long term it wouldn’t last because I don’t like doing something that I don’t like to do period so I was already vegan and I decided if I clean it up and just do all Whole Foods and work out that something that I can stick to and I did and I’m doing it and I’m happy doing it two months into my journey I can remember looking at the mirror thinking to myself yes who is this woman that I’m seeing in the mirror the weight was falling up I was going to my closet and be able to put on clothes that I would never be able to fit before my weight-loss journey started I remember looking back at videos that I have recorded while editing and thinking to myself yes that face is deflating each time more and more you can see it’s like a lifeless just radiating off of my face something happened and what happened was health health happened then you can just see it all in my face the healthy foods that I was eating was reflecting what you see when you look at me and the thing is the thing about health is is it’s not just for me it’s not just for one person health doesn’t discriminate it can be me or your mom or your grandma for you or your kid it doesn’t just have to be for one person and the thing is I’m still dwelling on the fact that this happened to my body 90 pounds 90 pounds I do remember posting before and afters and you guys will slug me with the portal Instagram even feel to this day even here on YouTube so thank you guys it’s crazy it’s amazing to go from being 208 pounds to be 118 pounds I am so elated so excited just beyond just beyond you guys [Music] and the thing is I stayed focused throughout this whole time I stayed focused because I know if I stay focused nothing else can get in our way another thing I did was I stayed dedicated I was dedicated to my health I was dedicated to me and I knew I wanted to change and I say determined determination is everything I woke up every morning knowing what I wanted to do knowing the results I wanted to see and I stayed patient I know that if I stay patient something what happens in it did and I’m happy thank you guys for watching subscribe if you haven’t already and follow me on Instagram if you want to add Keesha plus for I love you guys so much see you on the next video

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