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hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is Alva and today I’m gonna be talking about weight loss tips and tricks for beginners if you’re not you here then welcome back guys so as some of you guys that might know you guys have been following me I have lost more than 30 pounds in a span of around six months now that I’m moving on to more of a fat loss stage so trying to put on muscle and change my body composition I am a little bit in a different stage right now not so much weight loss focus but I’m still in a deficit deficit meaning that I am eating less calories than my body is burning but when I was more in a weight loss stage of my calories where I like a good deficit and now I’m kind of close to my maintenance and my goal is to just give you a little information my goal is to get more at a maintenance maintenance being that the calories that I will be eating are going to maintain my weight so I’m gonna be losing weight or gaining weight so I’m kind of headed towards maintenance for a while because seven months of dieting has been a little bit long for me and I went ahead and lost thirty pounds which was my initial goal so far what I have taken from me I wanted to give you guys my tips and my tricks for beginners I have a few things written down they are mainly tips not so many like tricks that are like what I would do at the gym or what I will eat these are more of a getting your mind in the right place and giving yourself just really in the right place to start your fitness a lifestyle change your fitness journey whatever you want to call it to just start a lifestyle change because to me if you want to lose weight it should be a lifestyle change therefore you could maintain the weight off three Akuma coming through so the number one thing I have written down is have a plan so it doesn’t have to be a super rigid plan it should be something that starting off as a beginner fits into your lifestyle make a plan write it down on your phone right on the notebook what days do I work what are my available times think it out okay the gym Monday Friday and Saturday alright so I’m gonna go Monday Friday and Saturday for an hour right etc etc just literally having a plan like that starting off with how many times you want to be working out and then what are you going to do for your nutrition to make a change and I say what because there’s a lot of approaches out there that people have you could do flexible dieting that’s what I do that’s what I would recommend I like flexible dieting because it allows me the ability to live nice type of lifestyle that I like I’ve been going out with my friends were going out to dinner with my husband and just honestly go out to eat I would consider myself someone who just likes the general idea for that’s eat I’m picking items out and like having that social moment I’m not so much a foodie I kind of ate the same food over and over again which is really boring but I do like to go out to eat so for me flexible dieting was a really big thing also because I like to fit in sweet things and to be quite honest I like like you know hey will top and protein donuts and protein bars you know all that stuff I could be deemed as unhealthy but I will go ahead and list down below people that I watched I have really informative videos on this topic of flexpa dieting macros also diets that people take on like a lifestyle if you will take on for example some people you know they take on a vegan lifestyle some people take on Pelayo Pelayo I believe it’s just unprocessed eating like 100% unprocessed foods and like grains and stuff there’s keto like there’s a lot of different approaches that people take to their nutrition so inform yourself find something that you feel will work for yourself you could meal prep – that’s approach a lot of people do and just have a set out for the week I would recommend calorie counting you 100% need to be in a deficit a caloric deficit that means you’re eating less calories and your body is burning you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight so having that plan down somewhere where you could see it how many days you’re gonna be working out what you’re gonna be eating or what approach you’re gonna be taking on to eating so that’s my number one tip sorry feels a long one but definitely have a plan write it down put it somewhere where you could see it where you can hold yourself accountable to their plan inform yourself inform yourself please inform yourself please use Google to not be afraid to like go on Instagram and find accounts and go on youtube and watch other youtubers and see the approach they have taken see what they do like I said I do flexible dieting I do the macro approach to my diet my lifestyle but a lot of people do so many different types of things they do play oh they do intuitive eating they do clean eating like there’s a lot of things out there when it comes down to nutrition there’s also so many things out there when it comes down to working to working out and workouts oh my god you guys literally I’m like almost sometimes I almost get mad at myself that I didn’t do this research earlier because literally everything out there all you need to do is put your little fingers to work take the time it’s a really research and get involved I feel like at first no shape to any Fitness youtubers because I love all of you guys but at first it might be if you’re used to watching me tutorials and that’s what you like maybe watching fitness videos it’s not really gonna like be a thing for you you know but you have to see it like in a way of like for example school you want to get an a on your test you might not want to study but you’re going to you’re gonna take the time to read it if you want to get that aid I don’t know right you know what I’m saying that’s how I saw it in the beginning I was kind of like what are you talking about what are they doing I would never do something like that I couldn’t even imagine me putting the bar on my back for squats I was like I’m a fall like in the beginning it was kind of awkward for me and I just kind of would hear and watch but I got the hang of it and I started off like that and I would go on even Pinterest and I would look up like leg workouts and like save the Pinterest and then go to Planet Fitness and like look at my phone before I did something and then try it out or tried it out at home before I left at the gym and you know just really there’s so much information on the Internet and you really have to take the time to actually hear and read even in types or that might that might not be interesting to you if you want it bad enough I would really utilize the internet a lot of people ask me while I work out plans you guys I watch a lot of videos and I’ll literally be like okay I like this workout and then I’ll take that workout and I’ll do it the next day or I’ll take something from that workout that I like and I mix it with this other person’s workout oh I want to try that and then they take that and I write it down or I’ll keep photos of it and I’ll go ahead and I’ll practice that at the gym or whatever there’s a lot of information out there there’s a lot of different opinions out there you have to remember that don’t be afraid to kind of test the waters and see what works out for you just be careful what’s going to extreme oh there’s a lot of apps out there I use life’s time to count my macros so I know a lot of people use my fitness pal moving on to tip number three is be realistic by being realistic I mean don’t expect to wake up every day feeling like karate okay like some days you’re gonna wake up you’re not gonna feel great you’re not gonna want to go to the gym you’re not gonna want to eat your food like you’re not gonna want to do these things you’re probably gonna want to eat whatever the hell you want and not be accountable and not go to the gym so you have to understand that you’re going to have these days where you don’t feel great that’s part of being realistic I think a lot of people expect to be motivated the entire time do you know how hard it would be to stay motivated the seven months that I have gone with lifestyle change so far can you guys imagine other people who have been on the lifestyle change who wanted to be healthier long term I’m sure there’s days are like they’re not 100% do not rely on your motivation do not rely on your feelings do not you need to rely on your discipline your hard work and just simply your actions I want to eat the five cookies but I’m just not I’m just gonna go upstairs and I’m gonna go on mindfulness what I do or I’m gonna have some water instead I’m gonna have some tea or I’ll have a little just healthier alternatives hey little top right if we relied solely on motivation I feel like a lot of us humans would have not gotten to the places where we have gotten to and we would have not met our goals like we wanted to if you could if you’re the type of person that could drop like 20 pounds in a week and your goal was just to lose like 50 pounds or something and you went to like extreme measures to lose those 20 pounds chances are it’s gonna be kind of hard to keep them on so don’t it’s when you see it in the sense of okay the faster that I want to see this result the more chances I’m gonna have I like rebounding type of thing or the trances I’m gonna have at this being more difficult when it’s all said and done like when you lose the weight now what you know like are you just gonna go back to eating the way you used to because chances are if you do it’s not like it’s not gonna work out it’s gonna be a circle right so you have to see it in that type of way and understand that if you do it in a sustainable way it’s going to be better for you in the long term and also understand that being realistic means there might be a week where you lose five pounds in the next week you don’t lose any weight that 100% happens there was weeks where I would lose like 3 or 4 pounds like max and then another week for like 2 weeks I wouldn’t lose anyway even right now I’m kind of like oh II understand that weight loss you kind of do look at the scale but when it comes out to fat loss and body recomposition you don’t always have to look at the scale if that makes sense and for that I’ll go ahead and link my friend and someone that I work with and I do my macro plant-based she does it for me she’s great she’s an amazing coach that is Christine from gage real training she preaches a lot of all I’m not looking at the scale and that’s an other thing there’s a lot of ways to look at your progress obviously the skill is there and it is a helpful tool and I feel like for me that was something that I used a lot but there’s the mirror and there’s progress photos and there’s and those things do not lie my fourth tip is eat boots you like that is a simple one you guys just if lose you like I know maybe if you’re not like a protein person as far as like you don’t really like finishing you don’t really like chicken just try and find things recipes really take the time to look at recipes on Pinterest really take the time to UM look find recipes online on YouTube that will just give you foods that you like for example I’m a big sweet person I love chocolate I love ice cream like it’s my all the time so I found like halo top I found Kodiak cakes which these things are things that allow me to stay within my macros any tools I like and I like chicken and I like fish and I like a lot of hot sauce and I like a lot of like pepper so I make these meals that I like I pretty much always see foods that I like some of these things might not be considered how do you like for example I made the change of like I drop soda even on days where I’m allowing myself some room I don’t have sodas because I have found diet so this and I know it’s just not as good but it it’s a change and it’ll kind of help you get to your goals and it just over helps you keep the weight off and just help which in terms which in result helps you to just kind of be healthier if a lot of people you know say oh he’ll top it’s like chemicals and sugar alcohols etc okay but it’s sustainable it is sustainable in my diet and it’s not gonna like completely throw me off track tip number five is do not been lying on other people and I say this because I feel like sometimes like for example Ruben has lost weight in this time too right and he is my husband I love him so much but I don’t rely on him to be like my like fitness partner Ruben does not count macro so he’s able to cut out some things and play basketball for like two hours a day right and there’s been weekend’s really we go somewhere and this man will go on like kilvo crazy he’ll have like sodas on sodas you’ll have like candy literally eats whatever his heart desires he could do that I can’t but I don’t rely on like I’ll judge them a little bit I’ll be like oh my god you’re really gonna eat that but I don’t rely on that on him to keep me and check with my stuff do you know what I mean so I think that’s a really big thing don’t rely on other people to help you stay on track you really have to understand that this is like a personal thing dial in and be in zone with yourself and really like I guess check in with yourself and you could talk to people that you trust about this and your process and like your progress and they can help you stay accountable but you can’t expect them to like be an example for you even people on the internet you guys we all up like the fitness you know model that is like you’re in school I get it I love looking at people for inspiration and admiration I think it’s wonderful but you need to understand that like everyone has their slip-ups and your journey it’s your journey it is personal it is your journey so six is just do it like Nike says literally just do it as I’m telling you there’s gonna be days where you don’t want to go to the gym where you don’t want to go workout when you don’t want to eat your chicken and rice oh that sounds really good there’s gonna be days where you want to eat all these chips ahoy me my problem believe me there’s gonna be these days that’s why I’m saying you just have to do it there’s days or I don’t want to go to the gym but let me tell you I have never regretted a workout even if it’s a crappy workout I have never regretted a workout ever honestly the more you like something the more really won’t be a problem for you to do it so find something you like I like to wait train I don’t really care for cardio that much but I like to wait train so that’s something that I try and do because even on days where I don’t feel like doing it it makes it easier for the process to do I try and find things that I like on days that I don’t feel like doing it don’t be afraid to try new things like if you’re ever getting bored of something you’re just not feeling it you don’t want to do it don’t be afraid to try new things I actually want to try I want to try like the classes that my gym offers I have to like really you know actually go through and do it my seventh tip is something really simple and that is keep a journal mine is actually on my phone and I just log I don’t want daily but I probably log every three day sometimes I do long till they just pens I’ll just write in their bow blah this Humphrey label a lot of sort of aim bottles a little block and it just kind of really helps you stay accountable and stay in a good place with your lifestyle change because you have to understand that it is a change if you were used to just eating whatever you want it and that’s kind of why you gain weight which is what happened with me you have to understand that like you’re not gonna be able to go back to eating like that and it’s okay because it’s going to be for a better if you not only talking about physical appearance under a statics of a body we’re talking about a better you for your body for the way you feel for your health for a longer life for a better life is kind of what I’m trying to say changing the way I eat and losing weight I just feel like my body and just as a person I feel a lot better going back to those journals and like writing just really helps it kind of like clear out my head if I’m feeling stressed out or whatever it is if I want to log you know measurements or if I want to log whatever it is I kind of like let it flow and let my change my lifestyle change my nutrition my workouts whatever how I’m feeling and number eight is what I kind of was talking about understand that it has changed for the better and do your best to enjoy it like yeah it could be hard sometimes I feel like I’m not gonna be able to eat hamburgers chicken nuggets I mean technically you could if you want you can all serve everybody you definitely could do whatever you want you know but for me or whatever all I can’t eat pizza chicken nuggets and a burger and cake and cookies and ice cream all in the same day like but understanding that it is for the better is really makes it worthwhile and is completely like I feel like once you understand that it’s for the better for yourself it just makes it in my opinion easier and just understanding that once you understand that I feel like it’s kind of like an epiphany lastly is just understand your goal have a goal and be pretty clear about your goal you could whatever works best for you could change the goal as you go if you want to start off by okay I want to lose five pounds okay now I want to lose another five pounds all right now I don’t think I want to lose ten pounds whatever it might be right let’s say you’re like 50 pounds overweight and you’d want to start off gradually like that I think that’s a great idea if you want to start off with like I want to lose 50 pounds that’s a great idea – whatever works for you but understand that you have that goal and that is your goal and also understand that it could change for me once I got to a weight or once I got to like a dress size I knew that my goal was going to change so it was okay now we’re gonna move into fat loss body recomposition some muscle building and you could even then have certain goals like okay why don’t I have do the splits I want to hit this way in my squat you know I want to get stronger I want to be able to do a handstand I want to be able to do pull up things like that right like I want to do two or three new healthy meals experiment what did I do when I started working out so I used to do I want to say my cardio first I used to do like 20 minutes of cardio but I stopped as soon as I started to weight train more and then I would do like some body exercises so like kickbacks or just you know on the yoga mat like a lot of bodyweight movements I would do I would do the machines that were I still do the machines that are like kind of ready and a clip to go you kind of just have to either research that beforehand or they literally have a guide there that will kind of show you in a quick way that doesn’t even it’s not that helpful I would say YouTube whatever the machine is called or don’t be afraid to ask an employee or a trainer that works there you don’t want to I totally understand so definitely try and find those machines on the internet what I basically do still as I warm up for life by the ten minutes and then I hit the weights literally for like an hour and a half so that’s pretty much my workout and then at the end I do cardio if I am having more and I do about 20 minutes of cardio sometimes I did more though so it just kind of really depends if I am having more cardio day I’ll do I still do weights but I do it either light weights or I do um a shorter amount and then I’ll do like forty minutes or thirty minutes whatever it may be Cardinal I also sometimes will do pyro metrics or circuit training like the ropes I think that’s TRX there’s just a lot of things that you could do like I like started training for cardio you guys little circuit training and kind of see what that looks like or you tube it I stopped eating out every day because that’s just like in my opinion unnecessary and I do think that if you eat out like all the time you have to be counting your macros in my opinion or else you can get lost in the sauce of super like calorically dense foods meaning something tiny they’ll have like 200 calories I wanted to make sure that I could still eat out like on the weekends or maybe like twice a week with my husband so I made it a lifestyle change into where I learned about macro huge macronutrients and that allowed me to UM really be flexible and do things like go to the movies and to things like hang out with friends get frozen yogurt you can get ice cream get coffee go to Starbucks things like that alright guys so those were my tips and tricks I really hope that this video was at least a little bit helpful to you guys if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and if you would like to see more videos on this topic maybe talk about more specific things let me know it down below in the comments and make sure okay you like the video so that I know you guys liked it if you’re not subscribed and you would like to be you’d like to see some moe go ahead and subscribe thank you so much for watching this video I really appreciate it and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of day or night [Music]

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