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Weightloss tips and tricks! (with old pictures)

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hey guys so first of all I did not plan on filming today so I have no idea how this video is going to turn out so basically I got a question on my Azkaban from a girl or a boy I’m not quite sure he or she asked me to do so more videos about my weight loss so since my weight loss videos are basically my most popular and beauty leo’s on my channel I just figured like why not so I’m just going to be telling you guys some tips and tricks on how I lost all that weight I lost 65 pounds if you didn’t know or if you like new here I’m also going to include some more pictures because you guys always ask for pictures like old pictures of me so I’m just gonna roll some pictures or videos on this video so you can see the difference between now and then and yeah I hope this video will be a success so my first tip is something that I have already talked about in another weight loss video I think and it is to have a motivational picture or a motivational quote around your room and on your phone on your laptop like everywhere for example I used to have a motivational picture as my lock screen on my phone and I used to put some notes on my mirrors and on my laptop and stuff like that just something that really motivated me to exercise and be healthy and I always used to have pictures of like girls in their bikinis or sportswear and that had like really nice bodies and basically just bodies that I really want to have so I think that is a really good idea for some of you like it works for me so maybe it will for you so the next tip is smoothie I did not like smoothies at all when I was younger I don’t like bananas and strawberries and smoothies and stuff like that smoothies are actually something that is really healthy especially when you just make them at home it also just keeps you really full and it’s really fun to make smoothies if you want me to do a whole video about like my favorite smoothies and how I make them and stuff like that you can ask for that in the description or the comments because I have a lot of recipes and my favorite one right now is just some apples lemon and mangos those three together are the best smoothie combo in the world but anyway so yes smoothies are a awesome a meal idea when you’re on a diet or a weight-loss and they are delicious so why not another tip is to make your portions or like your food portions a bit smaller like I’m not saying that you have to starve yourself at all but like if you’re eating and say that you are breakfast or something then instead of eating two bowls of your cereal just eat one because one should be enough and like drink water with your food because when you drink water while you’re eating you’re like stomach gets fuller if you make your portion smaller and smaller then you will eat less like I used to eat a lot like if I went to subway I always had to eat two Subway’s like that is a lot and now I can only eat like half half a subway because my stomach gets full really fast right now once again not trying to let you guys starve yourself because that does not work I’m just saying and make your portions a bit smaller and then your stomach can eat less like you get it you get it guys another tip is to get your parents involved and ask them if they can help like if you’re trying to be healthy and eating a little bit more healthy and clean then you can maybe ask your parents to change the groceries of a bit like instead of buying white rice they can buy brown rice and that way all your family are involved I would not have been able to do all of this without my parents like they were so supportive when me and my brother decided to be more healthy actually both of my parents have lost a lot of weight as well so that’s really nice and so definitely ask your parents if it’s okay to like change the dinner maybe skip some pizza days or something and just ask them to maybe make some healthier dinner dinner to make healthier dinner and yeah so that can change a lot because your diet is basically the most important thing when you’re on a weight loss or just being healthy another thing is exercising it’s really it’s a really good idea to get a exercise buddy and my exercise buddy was of course my brother and also I have a couple of friends who are always ready to go to the gym with me so you can just ask one of your friends or your family member if they want to help you or if they want to go to the journey with you that just makes going to the gym way more fun because I know the gym sucks and there are a lot of scary and muscular people over there and you feel really intimidated is that just me I hope not also another tip because this video is all about tips and tricks and I follow a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram and they always post videos of workout ideas and stuff like that and I will have a list of Instagram accounts right here that you can check out and they are really inspirational and motivational stuff like the same thing more is just me they show some really awesome workout routines so go follow them if you have any Instagram they have helped me out a lot so check it out and more tips by the way I did not plan this video so I just I’ve no idea what I’m gonna say so I’m basically just rambling and coming up with things in my head so I hope this video is going to be like okay also if you’re a girl or a boy like you can be a boy or a guy and buy some cute workout clothes like if you buy something really cute to wear at the gym that kind of makes you want to go to the gym and show off your cute like outfit I know that’s really silly but that actually helped me choose clothes in the gym are just awesome that just makes you feel really good about yourself so that’s that’s another tip so for my last tip so if you have an iPhone or just a notebook you can download a like secret diary on your phone or you can just write down in your diary and like all the food you’re eating and just write down all the dates and you can also weigh yourself in and just write down how much you weigh like once a month then you can really see results and then you may be at the gym and you think about the numbers and you think about the next time you’re going to write in your diary or your notebook and that maybe motivates you to do something more at the gym or run faster lift more still doing it today but I’m not like trying to lose weight and actually try to gain some muscles right now and I think that is all of these tips and tricks I have for today if you have any more requests please tell me I will also have some information and questions in their description so please go check that out thank you guys very much for Rox laughs for watching this video I’m very tired I’m really sorry and yeah please follow me on Twitter and Instagram and you can ask me questions on ask fm and yeah I love you guys and

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