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Yoga Burn is a yoga program create by Zoe Bray Cotton for all women. Another name for the program is called (“Yoga. Secrets”), this yoga program is a 12-week program creates and design for every woman who wants to lose weight. Yoga Burn is used to burn calories and fats, the technique use for this program is called dynamic sequencing technique. The program is based on how to promote healthy and important how to weight loss.

About The Author

zoe-bray-cottonZoe Bray Cotton is a great yoga instructor, personal trainer and also a trainer in transforming and reconstructing woman’s body to lose weight and achieve their goals of attending the program. She is a teacher with great experience teaching every woman about yoga relaxation and her personal work as a trainer as helped a lot of women by toning their body to lose weight in an easy way. Zoe Bray Cotton use two main goals of offering yoga program for every woman, this goals base on how to reduce stress in to lose weight.

What Is Yoga Burn?

Before applying for the program you need to know the meaning of the program. Yoga Burn can describe as great program creates and design who want to lose weight. As a woman, the tone of the program helps to change your body to lose weight while participating in a peaceful and relaxing yoga. All this process does not require any serious cardio exercise. The Yoga Burn program includes nine videos of about forty-five minutes. All the videos are split into three stages, they are Mastery Flow, Transitional Flow, and Foundational Flow, and each of the DVD contains three videos each.

The Benefits of the Yoga Burn Program

toned-in-ten-what-you-need-to-know-Zoe Bray Cotton claims her program as a unique program because of its benefit:

  1. Yoga Burn is created and design for every woman who want to lose weight. Zoe also explains more about generic classes, she explains that the generic classes don’t adapt to physical abilities and individual goals.
  2. Yoga Burn helps in producing relaxation and reducing the level of stress in the body system, this process make it great than other programs. She also explain that participation in regular yoga classes can increase the level of cortisol (“stress hormone”) in the body, which make the body to produce more fat.
  3. When using the Yoga Burn, the program can improve your body routine abilities to transform and to lose weight in an easy way. Zoe the founder of Yoga Burn also explains that, for you to get a great result, you need to improve yourself by doing specific routines and also by improving your yoga postures to active your suitable goals for attending the program, doing all this will surely lead to dynamic sequencing.

What You Need To Understand About Dynamic Sequence?

Yoga-burn3The Dynamic Sequence is a great and unique approach to yoga that helps in correcting body posture, sequence, and duration that will assist you to improve from start to finish. It will encourage you more to develop a great female shape and also how to avoid workout plateau. Zoe Bray Cotton split the Yoga Burn program System into three different stages for every woman with great instructional videos that help you study the sequences and poses that will increase the great benefit of attending the yoga program.

 Phase 1 – Core Flow

Fundamental phase flow is the first phase here; this phase is meant for new arrivals in this program. Training at this phase is much easier, safer and more effective. Yoga Burn is one of the best programs in the world; it is fit for every woman who to lose weight without having any previous yoga experience. Every phase Strategic training in this program will improve your metabolism. There have been many great reviews from Sever users about the Yoga Burn results at the end of each phase after completing the task. This has encouraged many other women who want to lose weight and have a good shape. It also helps to avoid workout plateau.

Phase 2 – Transitional Flow

The second phase is the transition of Yoga Burn system. This phase includes three new training sessions with an introductory video. All those videos focus on the transitions of the program just as the title of the phrase

Zoe Bray explains more in this second phase about the participants how to link the yoga movements in the Fundamental Flux in Core Flow the first phase, how it produces a perfect transition using series between each stance. Zoe uses a Transitional flow phase during each routine to reduce stress since many people are very familiar with the basics of the Transitional Flow phase of the Yoga Burn review course.

This phase makes many participants feel comfortable and much happier during training and their lifetime.

Stage 3: Mastery Flow

Before the ninth week of the program, participants should be fit and also be ready to move to the final phase of Yoga Burna, this stage combines the first just as the second Phase of the Zoe training. In Mastery Flow, you will be taught how to activate your metabolism, build definition and transform your body system. You will also be taught how to do multiple repetitions of each position to strengthen each muscle; all this process will enable you to learn yoga easily. But it is also the toughest part of Yoga Burn phase; it works very fast to transform women body

The program system combines four additional videos as an extra bonus that includes tools and tips and Yoga Pose training creates to help and to guide you to have a successfully ended Yoga Burna. Yoga Burn Yoga online classes are very easier to access and you can also download the training tutors on websites for free. It possible you might have tried a lot of medications and some certain exercises to lose weight but none if it works out for you, then this is a great think solution for you.

Honestly, before I do not recommend Zoe’s Yoga Burn at all, but now the truth is that this system has been receiving enthusiastic reviews of different people all around the world. Hundreds thousands of women are now happy because the program has helped them to accomplish their dream lean and also strengthen their body in a healthily way. Finally, we all know that day-to-day yoga is a great way to live a healthy life.

What is The Yoga Burn Set-Up?

Each phase contain 3 training sessions in. It gives you 9 videos (more bonuses). Each training takes up to 15 minutes but plays three times in the loop for about 45 minutes, and it takes 4 weeks to complete each phase. You need to work hard to complete 3 training sessions once a week, with the second phase. It will give you a result within the 4 days of yoga.

yoga-burn-videosFor example, this is how the program goes every week

  • Monday: Training day
  • Tuesday: Walk outside
  • Wednesday: Training day
  • Thursday: Do nothing!
  • Friday: Training 3
  • Saturday: Walk outside
  • Sunday: Tranquility Flow

After you repeat this program 4 times in Phase 1 (4 weeks total), you are now able to move to Phase 2 with a similar pattern.

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Pros and Cons 

There many advantages and disadvantages of Yoga Burn that I noticed, just as the experiences of many of my friend i introduce the program to.

pros and cons vegetarian diet


  • Adapts to fitness of every women: settings of the poses are set from the easiest to the hardest way to avoid any serious injury or discomfort. There are instructions for each exercise to ease or intimidate an attitude, depending on your level and fitness abilities.
  • Very Easy to understand: the instructions are so clear and very easy to understand that you don’t need many tutors and it very easy to follows the steps.
  • Focus on the Results: Yoga Burn program System is always great base on the opportunities develop for progression as sequences while you are doing the program. This avoids the height of the training and will surely show the results as you continue to push your body in each training session.
  • Convenient: when you start the yoga courses you don’t need to pay a fee for the course even the transport is free. There are one-off charges to receive all benefits. In addition, you can also start your training at your own comfort in your private home any special equipment.
  • Bonus: The tranquility flow phrase is an audio course. It is absolutely free of charge using Zoe Bray’s Yoga Burn Secrets. This entire audio course is all completely useful.
  • Yoga Burn Discount: Zoe Bray’s Yoga Burn offers a great discount for those people wants to register for her program. She offers 2 DVDs for just $57. Woo this is great it far lesser than the Yoga Burn price of $37 for one. Take your copy here.
  • Warranty of 2 months. If you do not satisfy with the program or you dislike program for any reason, you will be compensated just within two month. Yoga Burn is the best program to lose weight; with the program you are absolutely safe.


  • Results vary by individual: Yoga new exercise routine results vary from individual as a new exercise. Although the Yoga Burn training is very useful to anyone who wants to try the program, but sometimes it takes some people longer to see the results since we have different body system.
  • Some may be too easy: For people accustomed to advanced yoga exercises and high-intensity, these Yoga Burn videos may not be heavy enough to practices.
  • Digital edition only: When you registered the program, you will be asked to buy DVD videos where you will receive your program. There are some people that are not very motivated, and this will be useless unless they are in the middle class, this may be a shortage.

Best Of All: 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

60 vdays money backYoga Burn offers 100% satisfaction or you get your money back, no questions asked.

That is a proof of the confidence in its potency.


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Final Verdict: Is Yoga Burn Worth It?

Answer: Yes!

thumbs-upThe course is guaranteed to make every woman look sexier, lighter and happier. By mixing yogic elements that can burn fat, eliminate stress, tone muscles, and make you feel happier with yourselves and your body bodies in just nine and forty-five-minute videos, try this program and you will never regret because the program remains faithful to all its promises. When you attend such an advanced program, you will have the full guaranteed to lose fat and lose weight. I hope you will this great review very useful. You are free to make your comment below, and you will receive your answer in a few hours.

4 stars
4 out of 5 Stars

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What People Are Saying

“I have been doing the Yoga Burn workouts for 4 weeks now. My height is 168 cm. I started from a weight of 132 lbs and now I am at 122 lbs. The progress is slow but quite obvious. I feel better and more energized from day 1!”  by Julianne Kertz

“I’m only in week one. While I find it a great idea, I’ll have to wait until further in the program to say whether or not it works. My major complaint is that they claim that beginners can use this program with ease. This is not entirely true: Zoe does not explain the positions thoroughly enough for a beginner and the positions are definitely not beginner level. With that being said, using common sense of knowing your abilities and utilizing yoga blocks, you will be able to follow along with her without too much of a problem. I recommend you watch the first 15 minutes of each workout before starting. This way, you know the positions that are coming and then you won’t feel lost. I will come back and give another review in about a month.” by Lisa

“If you’re like me and just looking for a low-moderate intensity workout you can do from home every day to stay fit, I think you will like this. I didn’t find anything unusual or unique about it, though. It’s like a good traditional yoga class.” by Marina

How To Purchase

Are you are ready to buy the Yoga Burn? You can download and purchase the Yoga Burn program and you will have the advantage of 60-day money back guarantee from here.

Plus the shipping fee the cost is from $37 to $57 but it depends on your purchase package. When you purchase using the above link, you have the opportunity to receive all future bonuses that are later released or added to the program. Also, you need to be very cautious about fake links and do not link your credit card information to an unknown service provider.

For those people looking for this program on Amazon, you cannot purchase the program on Amazon. Do not mistake this program with Rodney Yee program. Yoga Burna program available in a DVD collection, it can be download in a digital format form the website after signing up. But there is no chance of saving the ship by download copies (no DVDs): both packages are packed.


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