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Yoga Exercise at Home – Relaxation & Flexibility Stretches 15 Minute Yoga Workout

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hey guys I’m Kenzie Hart and I’m a new instructor from Colorado that’s currently in LA and I’m just going to take you guys to a quick little 15 minute yoga series that will help you get limber and stronger and just like start your day off really great so as you can see I am starting splits but I’m a former dancer and gymnast so kind of kept this for a while but I know that Yoga has been a huge part in helping me maintain my flexibility and all that stuff so I want to help you guys get more flexible and be able to eventually you know do this once ah and be more limber just all over so we’re going to start off sitting up and then the yoga breath is just through the nose so you’re not really doing any you know exhales through the mouth so it’s all just which is a little bit hard to get used to at first but once you get into the flow but it’s really really good and it’s really good for your respiratory system and it keeps you focused on the breath and just on the practice so start to breathe here and then we’re going to start in child’s clothes so bring your toes out hit with this is apart and then we’re going to fall forward and reach our hands out all the way and just stretch out here I believe oil when you’re next in the other going to come up to a tabletop position breathe and make sure that you’re stacked completely with your shoulders over your wrists now here we’re just going to stretch out the spine a little bit and do some cats and cows so inhale cap and arch your back and look up to the sky exhale fold all the way forward tuck your chin to your chest that helps get your upper back up more and suck in that tongue exhale cat inhale cow the next exhale comes from the neutral spine breathe and we’re just going to reach our left hand out forward and take our right foot all the way back so they’re stretching from opposite directions you want this hand to feel like it’s being pulled this way well this leg and foot is being pulled this way so you can elongate breathe here reach up just go to a place that’s comfortable for you keep reaching and set it down in here we’re going to do the opposite side so reach that right hand forward and the left leg all the way back breathe balance here the stuff if you want exhale piss it all down now we’re going to go up into the first downward dog of the class and we in the little routine but this is a really really good posture and it helps with your flexibility in your shoulders and your legs and we’re going to do it a lot throughout class and it is a lot of weight on your shoulders so if you ever get tired always come back to just that child’s clothes that we did at the beginning of the routine so here we go down our facing dog you’re going to tuck your toes under and lift your hips all the way high up to the sky press your palms firmly into the mat and stretch back and if you can’t get your heels all the way to the ground you can definitely just bend your knees here and then work to one making your heels all the way to the ground push back and you want to push your tailbone out and up on your next exhale we’re going to jump or float or just step to the top of our mat and bring our big toes to touch and then keep a little sliver between our ankles movement inhale and come up to a halfway lift and again make sure you have a completely flat back and almost act if there’s any strain on your head for work forwards and then a string from your tailbone pulling it back so you can elongate your spine exhale bring it down and now we’re going to come into ragdoll so grab your opposite elbows you can side sway from side to side if you can’t get all the way down straight legs don’t worry about it just bend your knees a little bit and stretch over your legs this is a huge release for your hamstrings and then shake it out no yes from that now we’re going to rise tall all the way up to Mountain Pose Tadasana roll your pinkies in reach tall tall tall now bring your hands to heart center and this is one of the most important aspects of yoga and of the routine this is where we set our intention for the routine and it can just be you know a little saying that you know or they love or any positive affirmation that you have in you know can set that as your intention for the class and carry that with you through the rest of the practice so second tension here close your eyes slightly open your own and come all the way back down to a forward fold now we can flow so inhale halfway lift exhale hands to the ground jump or step back to a high plank position exhale chaturanga come down lift up on your toes and come down so you make a perfect 90 degree angle with your arms and if you can’t do that you can always modify and come down like this but what we want is that your elbows step straight over your wrists instead of going out this way or out back this way we want a straight line so let’s do that again chaturanga flip the toes inhale upward facing dog so we great stretch for that core exhale flip the toes come back to the downward facing dog and notice if you feel a little bit looser even on the second downward dog your body is just warming up and it gets a little bit easier to stretch those muscles you’re next exhale step or jump to the top of that in y’all halfway lift exhale down now inhale we’re going to come to chair pose so bring your arms up overhead and act like you’re sitting in a chair look forward tall spine hold here breathe this is really warming up those legs give you a really strong foundation exhale back down forward fold inhale halfway lift exhale back to plank and chaturanga inhale upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog so your body should definitely be warm by now especially with that chair pose in there all right exhale we’re going to jump to the top firm wrap and inhale half we left we’re going to start to speed things up a little bit here so just follow along as best you can exhale down inhale chair pose squat low it’s over your hands are up sitter good inhale halfway lift exhale step or jump those off back your mat exhale chaturanga inhale upward facing dog exhale toes downward facing dog now inhale your left leg high keep your hips aligned exhale bring it through to low lunge inhale Crescent lunge exhale warrior two inhale you’re going to go out all the way over and stretch exhale will your hands down if your shoulders are starting to feel tired from all those tone around us definitely go to your knees and you know up roof facing dog exhale downward facing dog inhale that right leg high exhale step it through lunch in here Crescent lunge exhale you know up and over and stretch up my body exhale cartwheel the hands down down tom inhale updog breathe exhale downward facing dog breathe here now we’re going to inhale that left leg high we’re going to bring it through all the way through a little engineer come up to present we’re here – and now we’re going to get into some doop stretches so we’re going to go to triangle pose so we’re going to straighten this leg but keep this foot pointing out but this is really going to stretch this inner hamstring here then we’re going to exhale come all the way over to the side bring your hand down and maybe triangles away reach up through this arm and feel that we really do stretch through your left hand breathe inhale back up down into a warrior yeah here stretch exhale bringing down any flow inhale that right leg high let’s go down inhale up to present let’s go warrior to inhale up straight let’s go over down feel a lot stretch breathe inhale up and then again let’s go back it over next little down last channel of the class so make it a good one exhale downward-facing dog nice dog beds breathe here and feel the difference of this downward dog who paired to the very first one that we did see if you can go a little bit deeper and push yourself a little bit further next inhale bring your head your knees down and we’re going to go back to that pose that we did at the beginning so reach your left hand out free flyer to the front with your opposite leg back and now we’re going to work our hips a little bit so bring that left hand out to the side as you bring your right foot over if you shake here a little bit it’s okay it’s a lot of hip work let’s heal bring it back stretch elongate bring it down and switch sides always the side stay strong to the center lift come down sit back on your heels this is kind of the opposite of Child’s Pose just to end so bring your feet wide and sit between your heels and then lower all the way down it’s a great stretch and if you are flexible enough to go all the way to the ground and bring your arms up overhead you breathe and stay here as long as you’d like where he can come up come back to a tabletop we’re going to come up to downward facing dog the last one and step or jump or feet all the way through and then we’re back to those stretches so inhale reach up exhale fall forward watch out those hamstrings inhale back pop you would roll one vertebrae at a time all the way down to our final close to asana you can lay here for as long as you like and meditate and remember that intention that you set at the beginning of class so thanks so much for doing that routine with me and once again it’s a great little warm-up for anyone to do in the morning and there’s tons of different modifications if you don’t feel quite as strong to you know go all the way down and chaturanga go on your knees or if you’re not as flexible you know a downward facing dog definitely better knees um it’s just a great little routine to be today going and have a great kind of positive mindset for the rest of the day

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