Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine

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hello everyone and welcome to psyche truth its Anela here today the flow is going to be beginners for weight loss it’s one of the best exercises to do to build string to overall get to know the body and the movement and everything that comes along in this flow it’s going to really help you drop the belly fat and build a strength in the body so go ahead and let’s begin so the first one is going to be we’re going to come all fours here in here in your all fours make sure that your arms come directly down from your shoulders just like that and then have your knees open hip apart so it’s not everything is stacked on top of each other here and then from here we’re going to take a deep inhale and then you’re going to talk your tail bone in as your suck your stomach in towards your spine and the last thing is tuck your chin in this is your cat keep your core really tight here just bringing all that fire in there and then gently release into your cat here again your tailbone is going towards the ceiling push your shoulders back and then look towards the ceiling here – we’re going to do five of these inhale deep cat here hold and then gently exhale Enel cat exhale maybe wiggle your tailbone in here just a little bit one more time deep inhale cat really keep that stomach really tight and suck it in as hard as you can in here tuck your chin in exhale good job all right from here maybe move your arms just a little bit just to kind of move it around and release some tension if you have a wrist issues here perfect now from here we’re going to move into what’s called final balance now you can hold it right here and you’re going to extend your right hand in front of your left leg is going to go back just like that you’re going to take one deep breath exhale release and we’re going to switch the sides we’re going to do six of these take a deep breath exhale go in your own pace here keeping your core tight everything is engaged here breathe let go switch switch just like that nice one more time good job now from here you’re going to come all the way down onto your elbows just like this then you can extend that left leg back and then from here we’re just going to do five pulses here so just like this one keep your glutes engaged two three breathe here four five good job switch sides here same thing extend that right leg take your time be gentle with your body listen to your body here and let’s go ahead and begin one two breathe three four almost there and by good coming back down go ahead and move into Child’s Pose here take one deep breath here nice and from here we’re going to go ahead and lay all the way down on our back gently coming down all right now from here what are we going to be doing we’re going to be focusing on your lower abdominals so what you’re going to do you’re going to lift your tailbone up as you suck your stomach in your bellybutton is going to be going towards your spine here just like this really keep it tight and then release it back down let’s do five of those just like this this is going to really help you strengthen your lower back and your abdominal going pretty much your entire core here it’s going to really help you advance your practice and it’s going to help you be able to handle most stress especially when we are trying to lose weight it’s really important to keep the body moving and sweaty sweat you have to sweat in order for you to lose the way you have to sweat a little bit so push yourself I know you can do this so from here we’re going to lift your tailbone off the ground just a little bit as you as your belly button goes towards your spine here really keeping your lower abdominals nice and strong and engaged and then release it back down just like that and then do it again so this is going to really help you strengthen your lower abdominals and pretty much your entire core and bring that awareness and what it really means to tuck your tailbone in here we work in the pelvis area as well here so don’t be afraid if it’s a little bit challenging but really squeeze your core really feel that activation in your abdominals here to bring that fire in there and exhale release it back down and let’s do two more here sit down one more last one and let’s hold here 5 4 3 2 1 release it back down good job now from here let’s get back up again nice and gently again going your own pace here and I know that this is a definitely a beginner’s flow alright let’s come back up cat and cow again again make sure those arms come directly down really be engaged with your body and really notice in each muscle activation and really noticing what’s happening with your body right now go ahead tuck your tailbone and suck your stomach in tuck your chin and hold here and exhale release inhale deep exhale and this is what I mean tucking your tailbone in right here noticing that activation here as I suck my stomach here and tuck my stomach in push it my belly towards my spine here and exhale release having no judgment just being here now and just knowing that no you already on your way to lose weight to achieve your goal and just overall be healthy feel good about yourself and stay consistent with these practices in order for us to see results we have to stay consistent don’t give up all right okay let’s move into that spinal balance here just like this and hold here and switch sides again move with your breath here we’re going to speed it up just a little bit to bring that in intensity here one more time on each side here switch nice alright let’s come down onto our elbows here and extend that left leg and let’s kick it one nice and gentle to go as high as you can here three Reed four five nice and gentle coming back down switch sides here here goes right side and one two three good job four and five and we’re coming back to Center go ahead and move into that Child’s Pose here take a nice deep breath you nice let’s come back all the way down again don’t hold your breath here really allow yourself to let it go don’t hold it express yourself through your breath allow your muscles to relax and breathe breath here it goes you’re gonna again are you gonna trust those hips up as you tuck your stomach in and release it back down nice and gently and breathe you can really feel how strong my stomach is right now and yours should be just as hard as mine is here just like that so you can really feel that activation in your abdominals again let’s do two more here last one let’s hold here smile is you feeling tension in your lower abdominals don’t give up hold hold five four three two one exhale you can notice the difference right you can feel when you release that you were really activating those abdominals and you work in your pelvis area as well and you’re strengthening that midsection the midsection is really important to have it nice and strong because it’s going to really help you advance your practice and be able to handle more stress and things like that when you are trying to go a little bit harder with your training or your yoga practice and things like that alright let’s go back into that cat and cow here exhale maybe just quieting your thoughts here and just really listening to your own breath here one we time dbl Thanks good job alright again shake your hands a little bit this is some pressure off of your wrists nice and then go ahead lets you into that spine your balance here just like that if you feel like you want to push yourself a little bit further lift that left leg up just like that and then switch sides you can do this you can do it together let’s do it lift your right leg up nice little breath here and switch again listen to your body if it feels comfortable for you to hold it right they do it so if you want to push yourself a little bit challenge yourself a little bit less bad leg up and switch sides I really like the spinal balance here because you are working on you know she’s not making the spine nice and strong you working those arms you work in your core your entire body is engaged here so you’re definitely going to feel a little tension here and you’re feel each muscle activation here that’s going to really allow the body to start burning the calories and being more activated here and switch sides last one here I’m definitely feeling it in my arms here so all right coming down to our elbows stand on left leg here and kick if you can go a little bit higher in this one to challenge yourself a little bit go ahead do it with me one more all right let’s switch sides here same thing extending that right leg and then go as high as you can here again to really feel the activation in your glutes that’s one of your biggest muscles in your body so it’s definitely going to force the body to start using more energy start burning more calories here by doing so Haga and you’re working your lower back here too so like I said overall this flow is really good to give you a nice kick to begin your journey to losing weight or getting stronger getting more toner body this floor is definitely for you so go ahead take a deep breath here I just want to stay here now but you’re going to go ahead and go back down and I keep working that midsection here especially for us women we have a really hard time dropping that belly fat so it’s really important to get that midsection stronger nice and strong so that way when we really want to go to the next level it starts wetting and pushing ourselves to the limits past our comfort zone the body is going to be strong and it be able to handle more stress and more pressure it’s like that alright go ahead thank you tailbone and lift it off your mouth here suck your stomach in and gently place it back down I did something out of my comfort zone this weekend I did kickboxing boxing and it was awesome I’m definitely feeling my body really sore but it’s well worth it I’m always looking a new way to challenge myself and push myself you know it really helps to not only that you get physically strong but you also get yourself mentally prepared for this journey because you’re constantly pushing yourself past limits let’s do one more here nice let’s turn around and go back all right let’s get back to cat and cow all right and tuck your tailbone in suck your stomach in here exhale release into cow and sometimes these flows look kind of easy but really they’re pretty hard and intense and same time very effective I like this one too because it stretches the upper back as well and stretches the spine cat and cow really drop in your belly down towards your mat here and you got I mean in your cow let’s do two more here one more nice shake those arms a little bit alright let’s move into that final balance right here again push your shoulders back so the spine is nice and long and let’s go ahead lift your left leg here a little bit more advanced but even if you just lift it off the ground even if it’s one inch do so challenge yourself push yourself get out of the comfort zone switch sides here let’s speed it up just a little bit bring more intensity here keep your core tight if you’re really ready to change your life and and get stronger and healthier take yourself seriously bring this to your make this part of your lifestyle and I promise you you’re going to start to see difference in your life physically mentally spiritually whatever it is that you are trying to achieve go for it and let nothing stop you from that let’s do one more time on each side here switch and I’m feeling that burn in my arms what about you whoo here he goes right here and let’s beat it up right here and one two kick it as hard as high as you can here push yourself here there you go working the glutes here I said and working your lower back here let’s do one more here nice and gently switch sides here and he goes you I can feel my heart rate is going up as well last one woohoo alright let’s move into that Child’s Pose here I get in your child’s pose have your big toes touch each other and then placing your your glute all the way down onto a feat he extending those arms nice and long in front of you here take a deep breath and exhale all right let’s turn around here man my body is definitely starting to feel a little more stickier and sweaty err from this flow so that’s a really good sign you know when you are feeling the burn and you are starting to sweat you know the exercises are being effective if you’re not sweating you’re not feeling the burn hmm maybe try a little bit harder alright he goes this is one of my favorites because it really allows me to work my lower abdominals here and as I type in my tailbone as you can see all my core here is engaged so it’s really working this whole midsection and building a lot of strengths here strengthen your midsection like I said it’s really important to have that midsection nice and strong because you can it will be able to handle more attention when you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone let’s do two more here sometimes I even curve my like that like just to kind of notice how this whole posture works this movement just like that if you want a little bit see it oh my gosh this feels good one more I’m starting to shake exhale all right good night just get it all right let’s come back up all right that was awesome I feel good I feel strong I feel I broke a little sweat here it’s really nice again guys if you want to see the difference in your body stay consistent with this flow eat good eat healthy be active you know take a charge of your life take a charge of the things that you want to achieve and being and just go for don’t let nothing stop you again thank you so much for doing this challenge with me and for more videos subscribe to psyche truth make sure to favor this video and thank you again and we’ll see you in the next video namaste

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