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Yoga Weight Loss Challenge! 20 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout Beginners & Intermediate

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Audio Text:
psyche truth life wisdom hey guys welcome to the joy of yoga I’m Joyce Scola today we are going to be working on part one of our yoga weight loss challenge for beginners this is going to be fun exciting so no excuses join us on your mat so before we get started today I want to tell you guys something very exciting we are actually going to be having a giveaway for this challenge where you can win a beautiful dragonfly outfit similar to one I’m wearing now but actually in black so find out how to enter in this video now go ahead and come to a comfortable seated position on your mat we are going to take our left foot out so it’s parallel with the front of our mat and then stack our right shin on top of our left shin making a nice triangle shape with our legs we’re going to place the tops of our hands lightly onto our knees and start in inhale rising up for cat cow exhaling rounding that spine oh speaking of cat cow breathing in we really want to arch and we’re reaching back with the top Pat back part of our Scout we’re not crunching our neck behind us we’re trying to grow and as we exhale we’re keeping the shoulders planted we’re pulling the belly back inhaling reaching that spine up nice and long exhaling rounding out if you found a little funky this morning or whatever time you’re practicing you can even add a little snake charmer action with your cat cows whatever is fun for you taking nice deep breaths we want to get everything moving and grooving hitting the reset button on our body bringing in all the organs out and on your next inhale comment to sit up nice and tall you can pull the flesh out from underneath the buttocks so that way your sacrum which is your hip bones are nice and grounded and we are going to reach our right arm just out to the side of us taking our left arm up nice and tall exhale reaching out for seeded Hoffman always breathing as we inhale we want to expand that ribcage and exhale really sinking deeper making sure that both of our hips are still squarely on the mat we don’t want to be rising up and if you’re just here this is perfect next if you want to take this a little bit further we can start adding a slight crunch to this again keeping those hips grounded moving with control we can take our right arm behind the back or leave it on the floor and use it for support but we’re exhaling and inhaling with each motion inhaling to rise up exhaling to go alright next inhale come to seated we’re going to scoot that left heel right up by our bottom placing the right heel in front of our knee we’re going to hook our elbow or if you can only reach your hand that’s fine too placing our right arm behind our back and twisting to look back over that right shoulder and if this is too much if you can’t reach your elbow to your knee you can always take the foot that’s planted put it on the outside of the knee that is laying down and then just use your hand so pull on your knee following Tracy mmm I’m so happy to have my best friends with me today and I love that we get to match and have fun so what do you think of our outfits because I’m loving this dragonfly it’s so soft and stretchy they’re so pretty you guys thank you yeah so exciting hmm all right and on your next inhale we’re coming back to sitting now we are going to switch our legs out so our right shin is coming parallel with the top of our mat and our left shin is going to go right on top making that nice triangle placing the hands on the knee cups we’re going to inhale reaching that chest up long keeping the back of the neck nice and long exhale try to make these movements isolated slow them down really use that core use your back make this an action that starts from the ground and works its way up your spine [Music] katie-cat Zeppelin says use your core don’t forget to breathe and on your next inhale go ahead and come up to a nice tall seated position we’re sitting stacked directly over our hips now placing the left hand just out to the side of us reaching that right arm up nice and tall and sliding out on that exhale again keeping that belly pulled in I’m not fussed over here I’m really trying to lengthen my spine still keeping that right hip grounded even if you’re just here slightly to the side that’s great just keep working at it and you’ll get deeper and deeper and then now if we want to take this to the next level we can start our pulses exhaling to reach out inhaling to sit up can even take that arm behind the back or use it to help you Yoga is all about finding what is right for you no two people are the same I’m not your learning curve and on your next inhale coming up to seated we’re now going to tuck that left foot I’m sorry right foot by our hip left foot comes over by the knee again you can take whatever variation works for you but we’re pulling in that bellies zipping it up and taking that left arm behind our back and reaching over keeping the spine nice and long [Music] and inhale coming back to Center okay so next what we’re going to do is some seated twist we’re going to have our goalie arms here and every exhale we’re going to turn to look back over that shoulder and we’re going to inhale to Center and then exhale to look over the opposite shoulder again taking our head with us rabu and exhale really twisting wringing out those organs and inhale back to Center next we’re going to come up for our kneeling Halfmoon go ahead and come to your right knee trailing your foot right back behind you you can step your right hand just out to the side so that way it lands underneath that shoulder keeping that slight bend in your elbow pulling in to the side inhale lifting that foot straight up making sure it’s an alignment with your body activating the belly exhaling we’re gonna crunch forward kind of rounding the spine inhale to straighten out stretch exhale really activating from the core now if this is too much for you you can always come down to your side by scooting your knee down lowering your hip and then bringing your elbow down and then same thing inhaling exhaling to crunch inhale exhale to crunch following along with miss Tracy and one more time inhale exhale crunch and inhale now we’re going to go ahead and do the same thing other side so now I’m switching over to the left knee foot trailing back behind walking that left foot out keeping everything in alignment here inhaling that arm up and foot up exhale crunching in really reaching and extending if you want on your inhales you can even reach back behind exhale to bring that in activating that belly EXO moving at your own pace breathing and inhale back to kneeling alright go ahead and join us on your back with your knees up and feet planted you can take your arms out to the side in a t position or have them bent in the cactus position we’re going to pick our knees up flexing the feet and then we’re going to exhale taking the knees to one side not going farther than what you can do without picking up that opposite elbow exhale other side inhaling to pick back up exhale lower down again keeping both shoulders planted making this an action starting from the tummy if you need to or want to you can take it another level by taking the leg straight up in the air adds a bit more of a challenge really squeezing those inner thighs you can do it I’m shaking storm within calm without inhale back to Center you can go ahead and hug your knees do you want to give them a kiss thank you knees and then same thing putting the arms back out t-position or cactus trying to take them as straight up as you can if you need to have a little bend and out somewhat that’s fine but make sure you’re really pulling in that bellybutton making those toes shake and quiver and on your inhale we’re going to open out exhale bringing up right foot across inhale apart right foot comes behind now exhale taking back up I’m shaking see my toes wiggling squeezing that belly keep pushing the mind gives up before the body does one last one and exhale knees to chest hug it out you can even hold your hands on your knees and kind of pull your shoulders out but pushing your knees forward into your hands pressing those hips around mmm good job way to hang in there me burnin alright now we are going to go into a laying down eagle pose here so we are going to pick up our left knee right leg comes up over and then tuck your right foot under if you can’t reach that right foot all the way around your calf just yet you can follow along with Tracy and you really want to make sure that you are pulling the outside of your calf together so that way your sandwich in it because eventually we want to make it too tucked all the way so then we are going to do opposite arms of our legs so then now my right arm comes in left comes behind wraps under and claps again if you can’t quite get there all the way you can press the backs of your hands together and activating that belly we’re going to inhale extend your legs out and arms up and out and exhale really reaching and pulling open exhaling pulling everything in twisting our way to a smaller belly [Music] bring out those organs and inhale exhale and go ahead and inhale to unwind comfortable oh yeah man let it loose do what you need to yell at me so yes that that’s your actually your IT band and it’s actually getting a really big stretch when you’re pulling on it especially if you’re a desk dweller move DD furloughs oh yes so this will stretch you out while working your core all right let’s go ahead and go for the other side so right leg lifts up making that 90 degree angle left leg wraps over under and squeezing together we want to activate those thighs and flexing my feet now my left elbow comes up right arm reps under and around again if you can only come so far make sure you’re just really squeezing and reaching go ahead and just set yourself here pressing the low back into the floor inhale reaching out long long long exhale bringing your knees to your elbows and yell and if you can only reach so far that’s so fine that’s all good that’s where you are that’s your body no shame in any game yeah just keep working just keep trying iceland and exhale and go ahead and slowly unravel oh good job guys hmm deep breaths here wiggle it out if you want you just let it out what’s that song let it go shake it out shake it out okay no you can go ahead and inhale taking your feet into your hands so I’m reaching through the insides of my legs to grab my heels if you can only reach your calves that’s totally fine or if you have towels or straps by all means use them and here we are going to be activating that belly pulling that belly button in and just reaching to bring our knees to our armpits and if you’re again like I said if you’re just here hanging out and you’re like nose as far as I can go that’s totally fine yeah no that’s awesome I’m all for whatever works for you you find whatever modifications handle you thank you so much for the questions Tracy mmm-hmm curious about life aren’t you and we’re breathing we’re breathing laughing if you want to laugh that’s the best medicine can take live too serious all right so feel free to come down out of your happy baby into shavasana or a comfortable seated position this is where I’m going to tell you how you can win your fabulous new dragonfly outfit what I would like to see is a picture of you falling along to all four parts of this series and take a picture every time you complete one of the videos of you working out to it please tag us on instagram at psyche truth fitness hashtag psyche truth fitness challenge and if you complete all four videos and hashtag us and tag us in your Instagram pictures we will pick one lucky random winner to win the fabulous beautiful black outfit that is similar to what I am wearing and it was so soft and stretchy and I can’t wait to wear this to my next yoga class or lehre class thank you so much for joining and good luck [Music]

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