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Audio Text:
[Music] hey guys welcome to Puerto Viejo we on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and I’ve got another yoga workout class for you today at this yoga workout class is going to be focused on your legs we’re going to be working through different Pilates exercises infused with yoga postures to give you a nice strengthening and lengthening class [Music] now for those of you that are looking for a little bit longer workout today go ahead and combine this video with my Ukrainian lower body workout videos to give you exactly what you need otherwise if you ready double mat a water let’s do it [Music] all right you guys we’re going to begin today in a seated position on your mat starting by simply rounding the spine tucking the chin and then arching the back right up inhale again rounding the spine and then exhale arch and open the upper back hold a year for a few seconds and then coming into neutral position reaching the arms forward scooping everything in hollow the belly round the spine come down about halfway shoulders down single leg it hold extending your left leg and just holding this position breathe engaging through your quadricep shoulders staying down [Music] and exhale go ahead and reach for that leg either the knee or the ankle wherever you’re comfortable hold and see how far you can bring it up towards your body until you slowly release all the way down with your back taking this time to stretch out the hamstring a little bit feel free to massage the leg and mentally prepare yourself for our next exercise which is going to be your single leg of bridge limbs so to start arms up go ahead and lift the pelvis and then take it down that’s one lift and two we’re doing eight of these and three lift and four good job you guys and five [Music] seven good job last one hold it up eight hold it here don’t drop the leg lift the bottom heel off before your tiptoe bridge lift all we’re doing here is just holding that leg up engaging through the hamstring the calf muscle deep breath in slowly from here you’re going to release the heel then the left knee give me baby pulses sixteen two three four five keep going eight more you guys eight seven six three two one awesome hold grab that you pull it into your chest as you release the hips down extend your right leg let’s take a second just to stretch out the hip flexor pull the leg in and then feel free to rock it gently side to side massaging that hip joint and then opening into your open knee stretch here just breathe think about pulling the knee right up towards your shoulder and then switching into your spinal twist looking over your left shoulder deep breath thing [Music] and then coming back to Center going right into our straight single leg stretch extending the left leg pull yourself up as high as you can to think forehead to knee and then lift the bottom leg slightly above the ground hold in here for a moment Bri pull that leg in as much as possible feel the hamstring focusing on the breathing inhale into your nose exhale from here we’re going to bend that left knee into your chest going into bicycle switches sixteen two three four good job seven keep going eight don’t rush it eight seven six three two and one wonderful releasing the leg and then reaching the arms over your head big stretch rolling yourself up to our seated forward fold inhale and exhale take your body forward remembering to fold from your hips not the lumbar spine if you need to slightly bend your knees please do [Music] allowing yourself to sink a little deeper with each exhale now feel free to stay here or you can go a little bit further by trying to grab your big toes if you can and then pulling your body forward if that’s too hard continue to hold onto the ankles or behind the knees [Music] awesome releasing the legs arms up straight back and releasing the arms let’s take a reversed upward flank lifting the pelvis throwing the head back squeezing the gluts and just holding this position exhale out slowly make your way down now we’re going to reverse the whole sequence on the other leg so first reaching the arms scoop the belly round the spine stop at the center shoulders down extending your right leg engaging through that quadricep hold squeeze the knees together engage the leg inhale into your nose exhale reach for that leg wherever you’re comfortable pull it up as high as you can and then slowly with control we’re going to make our way all the way down to the floor so you can bend the knee or keep it straight and then as soon as you get down on your back go ahead and extend the leg give it a nice stretch when you’re ready go ahead and point your toes arms up a bridge lift inhale exhale lift for one and two and three [Music] five good job you guys keep going lifting as high as you can with those hips squeezing the glutes last one you can hold it here lift breathe lift that back heel off your mats on your tippy toe hold engage and breathe lifting as high as you can towards the sky and when you’re ready we’re going to bend that top leg into your chest you’re going to drop the heel to the floor give me baby pulses two three four eight more eight seven six [Music] three-two-one awesome you guys slowly take it down grab that right knee pull it into your chest extend your left leg stretch it out adding a gentle rock up the knee that feels good it’s not just hold it here and then whenever you’re ready opening into your open knee stretch hug that right and you pull it out to the side [Music] thumb deep breath in exhale out one more inhale into your nose and then exhale from here we’re going to take our spinal twist right knee across right arm opens looking over your right shoulder and just breathing here [Music] inhale into your nose as you exhale let go of any tension or negativity maybe feeling in your body anything you know needs to be let go of slowly when you’re ready we are going to come back to Center and go ahead with our single legged stretch extending that right leg pulling it as close to your body as possible lifting that other leg off the mat and just holding this position first thinking about forehead reaching towards the knee now we’re going to prepare ourselves for straight single legged switches so just like the bicycle switches except the knees are straight inhale 16 exhale 2 3 4 very nice 5 got 8 more if you want to modify this you can always drop the head down keep going and to one awesome grab your legs hold and then releasing the body all the way down reaching over your head exhale roll up arms up and take your seated head to toe forward fold wonderful job just take a moment here again to breathe now this time sitting goal a little bit further than the first again you guys I cannot stress this enough do not fold from your back make sure we keep those backs healthy keep your knees bent if you have to but we want to make sure we fold from the hips only reach the arms up inhale exhale arms to the side and then from here we’re going to come into our seated position with your feet crossed big breath arms reaching over your head then exhale big side stretch making sure both sit bones are grounded on your mat reaching as far as you can to the side feel that nice gentle stretch focusing on the breath inhaling into your nose exhaling gently through your mouth [Music] inhale exhale out [Music] continuing to reach and then slowly coming to Center and switch to the other side same thing make sure you’re grounded holding this position and just feeling that nice stretch on the side [Music] we let go of any tension in the body [Music] inhale into your nose exhale seething go a little bit further awesome come back to Center inhale arms reaching up to the sky arms forward now hollow the belly rounding the spine come Center and coming into both posture if you want to make this easier feel free to bring the hands to the floor now we’re going to move into our toe touch simply tap the toe and bring your back tap and back three four five [Music] eight good job keep going we’re doing 12 here and last one hold three holding up of posture allowing the shoulders to relax away from the ears breathe keep those feet up and then when you’re ready let’s come over to our hands and knees position we’re going to come into our cat cow first rounding the spine and then exhale arching the back letting go of any tension in the spine here round and arch rounding the spine and then allowing the belly to sink down tuck your toes and when you’re ready we’re slowly gonna come up into our downward facing dog and take the time here to release any tension in the body and the hips and the hamstrings and the shoulders wherever you may feel tension [Music] deep breath into your nose and then exhale begin to walk your feet a little closer together we’re going to go into our next movement here rounding through each vertebra of your spine into your plank position Isis low shoulders over the wrists hold the position pull the belly button right into your spine and then slowly push back into that downward facing dog then the next exercise we’re going to round through into plank and then take four push-ups chaturanga push-ups take it down and up again you can come down to the knees if you want to modify that’s two you got two more three last one now from here take a flow chaturanga dandasana upward facing dog hold relax the shoulders [Music] and then exhale push back into the downward-facing dog beautiful lock it out and then reaching the right leg up to the sky hold for a moment bending the right knee and then coming into our next exercise where we come into plank and touch your right knee to that right elbow first and then extend all the way up and you’re going to touch your left elbow so you get across it over awesome and up repeating three more times like that touching the elbow extending up touching the left elbow extend beautiful two more [Music] last one touch the right elbow reach touch the left elbow reach up and hold release the foot rounding through to plank flow it out upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog beautiful you guys you got one more side to do here other leg reaches up hold for a moment and then as soon as you’re ready bending that top knee deep breath in exhale come to plank touching one elbow reach it up touching the opposite elbow and reach I get it come to plank and touch the elbow reach across and reach two more times [Music] wonderful last time you guys inhale exhale touch that left elbow bring it up and touch the right elbow bring it up and hold exhale release the foot downward dog round forward to plank chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog and then again walk out your downward dog for any tension releasing right leg reaches up again this time we’re going to stretch it out in our pigeon pose right knee to your right thumb find your center square off your hips and then come on down with your body awesome this is a great time to release any tension to slow down the heart rate [Music] inhaling into your nose exhaling out of your mouth allowing yourself to surrender to the floor [Music] [Music] inhale into your nose exhale lift your body tuck your toes come back up into downward facing dog and taking your flow hair chaturanga upward facing dog on your inhale exhale downward facing dog beautiful job let’s take it to the other side other leg reaches up bending the knee and then that knee comes over towards the thumb hips are square you guys can always use a little support here if you feel like you’re too high with your hips take a pillow or a yoga block and place it underneath the left hip again taking the time here to let go of any tension in your body exhale allow the weight of your body to melt into the ground [Music] ah inhale into your nose exhale let it go slowly lift your body and then from here go ahead and step back into that downward facing dog one last time deep breath into your nose really open up through the shoulders and then come on down to your knees into your child’s pose [Music] taking a deep breath in exhale let it go slowly roll yourself up to seated taking a breath and then coming over to your seated position on your mat with your feet crossed in front of you rest your hands on the knees and just a big head roll to one side letting go of any tension in the neck and then the other side wonderful inhale arms reaching up to the ceiling or the sky and then exhale hands down to your heart and bowing down to your heart and thanking yourself but your wonderful practice today thank you guys so much for joining me for a yoga workout I hope you have the most amazing rest of your day namaste [Music] you [Music] [Music]

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